Chapter 1:

Bad Day

The black wolf and the arctic fox

The white sky of the southern cone was illuminated by a beautiful blue asteroid crossing the sky. It was a cloudy night in a Patagonian field. Three children look at the sky in amazement: Damien 10-year-old, white with black hair and blue eyes, his twin sister Kaira wearing a black dress, and Lerou a 9-year-old albino girl with red eyes and a traditional white dress. The comet fades into the white sky and leaves a great darkness in the field.Bookmark here

-I have to go it's too late, my parents are waiting for me. -LerouBookmark here

Damien turns away from Kaira and approaches Lerou looking into her eyes.Bookmark here

-"See you tomorrow" -says the girl, smiling.Bookmark here

________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

9 years later.Bookmark here

It's 8 a.m. in the city. Now Damian and Kaira are adults and live together in an apartment. After finishing high school, they have dedicated themselves to being a famous pop duo in their country. Damien in his spare time is dedicated to bodybuilding and has gained a lot of muscles. Also, he is engaged to a singer named Daria.Bookmark here

Damian was dreaming about the last day he saw Lerou until he is awakened by Kaira:Bookmark here

-Hey! wake up! We're going to be late for rehearsal!Bookmark here

-Yes, I know.Bookmark here

Kaira is older for her age. Now she usually wears a black jacket and skirt. Damien gets up to dress and her sister leaves the room to get ready. After a while Damien comes out dressed in black with a rocker jacket and carrying her guitar on his back.Bookmark here

The duo leaves their home and gets on a bus. Damian stays glued to the window thinking:Bookmark here

-I don't know why I had that dream today ... who would have thought that that girl we played with in our childhood never existed. Imaginary friends are a problematic case and more with twins like us. We spent a long time in therapy to forget her, I just can't get her off my mind yet. Her snow-white skin, her silky-smooth hair, and her ruby-red eyes...Bookmark here

Kaira brings it to reality with a nudgeBookmark here

-What happen to you today? You are still sleeping?Bookmark here

Damien is frozen not knowing what to answer. Kaira tries to cheer him up by showing him a video on his cell phoneBookmark here

-Look at this, a group of abnormals fight in disguise.Bookmark here

the video showed two muscular men in underwear fighting in the middle of the street.Bookmark here

-That must be false.Bookmark here

-No, it was on the news, but they still haven't caught or identified the pair of idiots.Bookmark here

A few minutes later they arrive at their destination. They were face to face with the sports stadium, where the concert will take place tomorrow. They walk through the front door and see that most of the place is empty. In one of the corridors, they meet Daria, a 25-year-old white woman, blonde with light blue eyes, she wears a white hoodie and blue jeans. Damien stops and looks at herBookmark here

-Daria!Bookmark here

-Hi DamienBookmark here

She continues on her way as if nothing happened. Damien freezes somewhat confused.Bookmark here

-Did something happen between you? -asks Kaira. Bookmark here

-No, it has been avoiding me for a month, I don't know what happens to her. -did you try to talk to her? Bookmark here

-Yes, but when she decides to answer my messages, she does it with monosyllabs. Bookmark here

-Do you remember having done something wrong that could make her angry?Bookmark here

-No, we have never had a discussion, maybe, she already wants to leave me for another.Bookmark here

-I doubt it, they have lasted 4 years together since high school.Bookmark here

-I hope ... I will try to talk to her alone again.Bookmark here

After a while the duo begins rehearsing in an empty room. Kaira begins to sing her single: "your me and the time that was lost". As Damien plays the guitar while continuing his thoughts of the past.Bookmark here

-I wonder what will happen to the antartics, since they were independent the government omitted any information about them. also, they are not allowed to enter the country or even as tourists. Even if she exists, I could not talk to her. The ignorant population of my country prefers never to talk about this problem because it doesn't concern us. every time I try to talk about the subject, even if it is on the internet, immediately they shut up me ...Bookmark here

-Damien! That is not the music!Bookmark here

-Oh sorryBookmark here

At 5:00 pm. they finish rehearsal and leave the stadium. Near the front door was Kaira walking. Kaira walks away from Damien to talk as a couple.Bookmark here

-Wait Daria!Bookmark here

The woman stops and looks at him. Damien comes over to chat.Bookmark here

- You have avoided me for a long time, I want to know what is happening between us.Bookmark here

-Nothing has happened, nothing important. Now I must go.Bookmark here

When will I be able to talk to you seriously?Bookmark here

-I don't know, now I don't have time.Bookmark here

She walks out fast while Damien is frozen and very worried. Her sister returns to him to see what happened. Bookmark here

-"I guess it's over..." -Damien says confused.Bookmark here

-Don't take it so personal, if he left you alone, accept it. There are many more women out there. We are going to eat something. Bookmark here

The two brothers leave the place to a restaurant. At 8:00 the two return to their apartment. Damien tired and worried enter his room violently. He takes off his clothes and throws his guitar on the floor. To calm down he went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he finished, he returns to his room and lies down on the bed to think about his life.Bookmark here

Golden Boy
Cold Fultion
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