Chapter 2:

Till We Meet Again「Mitsuki」

Two Points

I ran. I ran with all I had.Bookmark here

I’ve never run like this before, even during my track competitions.Bookmark here

If I stopped for even a moment, if I wasted even a single second—I might not see him again.Bookmark here

That’s why, I had to run.Bookmark here

I might just barely make it to the station like this. Bookmark here

I was breathing heavily. It felt like I was about to pass out at any moment—but I didn’t care. Bookmark here

Run. Run. Run.Bookmark here

“H-huh?”Bookmark here

Before I even noticed it, I tripped face-first into the ground. I quickly tried to stand up once more, nothing seemed to hurt.Bookmark here

I had no time to worry about any injuries. I needed to keep moving forward.Bookmark here

If I hesitate, if I stop, it will all be over. I had no choice but to keep running. Until my consciousness fades, until my legs give out, I will keep running—that’s what I’ve decided.Bookmark here

After running what seemed to be kilometers, I eventually arrived at the station.Bookmark here

However—Bookmark here

The only thing that awaited me was the blaring noises of the train that passed by. The wind it created was strong enough to make my hair flutter in the air. I clenched my fists and bit my lip at this cruel reality.Bookmark here

I was too late.Bookmark here

I dropped to my knees as tears began to stream down my face.Bookmark here

I painfully watched as the train slowly disappeared into the distance. The wind vanished along with it, and eventually—the only thing that remained was me.Bookmark here

There was nothing I could do.Bookmark here

But why?Bookmark here

Why can’t I stop crying? Why won’t the tears stop flowing?Bookmark here

I desperately tried to wipe them off, but they just won’t stop.Bookmark here

Why does my heart ache so?Bookmark here

Then.Bookmark here

That’s when I saw it.Bookmark here

I wasn’t alone.Bookmark here

On the other side of the tracks, he sat alone on the bench. I immediately ran over to him, not even paying any heed to my surroundings. I didn’t care.Bookmark here

“Taiyo-kun!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.Bookmark here

“M-Mitsuki?!”Bookmark here

The sadness that once filled my heart was now gone. Warm feelings of excitement replaced them.Bookmark here

I hugged him tightly as tears flowed.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry...” I sobbed.Bookmark here

“It’s alright. There, there.” He patted the back of my head. Bookmark here

If I could, I would never let go.Bookmark here

“I thought you already left.”Bookmark here

“I was waiting...”Bookmark here

“Waiting?” I asked.Bookmark here

“For you.”Bookmark here

My face turned red, and I headbutted him. I felt a pain in my forehead for a moment.Bookmark here

“Oww… What the hell’s that for?!” he shrieked.Bookmark here

“Idiot...”Bookmark here

Lots of questions floated in my mind, and I don’t think I had much time to ask him the answer for all of them.Bookmark here

“W-what’s wrong, Mitsuki? Why are you… crying?”Bookmark here

“I overslept and… I thought I’d never… get to see you one last time...”Bookmark here

I was a mess as I wept and wept. I was really hopeless.Bookmark here

I wouldn’t blame him if he was disgusted at me. Ugly crying in front of someone you loved, it was embarrassing, but I just couldn’t bring myself to stop.Bookmark here

I longed for him, for his touch—to be able to embrace him one last time.Bookmark here

However, he wasn’t that type of person. He only continued to comfort me, and I was reassured.Bookmark here

It was then that I remembered—the reason why I desperately wanted to see him.Bookmark here

I reached for my purse and tried to find it.Bookmark here

“Mitsuki? What are you looking for?”Bookmark here

Did I drop it when I tripped? Bookmark here

I began to panic as I frantically searched my purse.Bookmark here

I spot a shimmer from the corner of my eyes.Bookmark here

I was able to catch it as it fell. Thank god.Bookmark here

“A-are you alright?!”Bookmark here

I was a bit flustered but—Bookmark here

“I’m fine!” I grinned.Bookmark here

I breathed a deep sigh of relief. Then I tried to calm down to prepare myself for what I had to do next.Bookmark here

As soon as I felt I was ready, I raised my head and looked at Taiyo-kun in the eye.Bookmark here

Don’t mess it up. Don’t mess it up. Don’t mess it up.Bookmark here

“Taiyo-kun...”Bookmark here

“Y-yes?”Bookmark here

“Hold out your left hand.”Bookmark here

“My left hand? O-okay.”Bookmark here

I clutched his left hand with my own. I then took the ring that was on my other hand and put it on his ring finger.Bookmark here

“W-wait a minute, Mitsuki! This is…!”Bookmark here

It fit. Perfectly.Bookmark here

“Please accept it, Taiyo-kun.”Bookmark here

“It’s my… parting gift to you.”Bookmark here

The ring was a spare that my parents gave to me.Bookmark here

“There’s… a moon on it?” he asked.Bookmark here

“Y-yeah… I spent the entire night making it and trying to put it together with the ring.”Bookmark here

“I see... thank you.” He gave me a wide smile. In response, I did the same.Bookmark here

“It’s so that you won’t forget me, and...”Bookmark here


“If you ever feel alone, you can look at the ring and be reminded that, I’m always here.”Bookmark here

I scratched my cheeks. Saying that made me feel a little bit embarrassed.Bookmark here

“I also have something for you...”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

I blinked my eyes repeatedly. Was I hearing things?Bookmark here

He scoured through his large bag.Bookmark here

And he took out a matching ring, no—his had the sun instead of the moon.Bookmark here

“Can I borrow your hand, Mitsuki?”Bookmark here

I didn’t know what to say. I simply stood in silence.Bookmark here

“Mitsuki?”Bookmark here

“Huh? Ah, er… y-yes...”Bookmark here

I felt the gentle touch of Taiyo-kun’s fingertips slowly wrapping around my hand. Then he slowly and carefully put the ring on my finger.Bookmark here

“Now, even during the night, the sun is there. The moon won’t be alone anymore.”Bookmark here

“Thanks...”Bookmark here

I spent some time just looking at the cute ring on my hand. I hadn’t even noticed that my face cracked a goofy smile as I gazed at the ring.Bookmark here

“When is the next train coming?” I asked.Bookmark here

“In a few minutes. My parents allowed me to stay for a bit to wait for you.”Bookmark here

“I’m happy… thank you very much.”Bookmark here

Ah. Speak of the devil. I looked to my left and spotted the train approaching.Bookmark here

“So this is going to be goodbye, huh?” I squinted.Bookmark here

My smile quickly changed into a frown. No matter how much I mentally prepared myself, I could never truly accept it—I could never say goodbye.Bookmark here

“Mitsuki...”Bookmark here

I heard Taiyo-kun call out my name. When I looked to check, his face had become much closer to mine all of a sudden.Bookmark here

“T-Taiy—”Bookmark here

W-w-w-what just happened?Bookmark here

This feeling, this feeling was familiar.Bookmark here

The warmth of Taiyo-kun’s lips.Bookmark here

It was just like last night.Bookmark here

When our lips separated, the train had arrived just behind me.Bookmark here

I didn’t know how to react.Bookmark here

“S-sorry for just doing that out of the blue...”Bookmark here

“No. Thank you.”Bookmark here

I simply smiled.Bookmark here

“Thanks… well, I’ll be going now.”Bookmark here

“I...”Bookmark here

What were the right words for me to say next?Bookmark here

My mind came up blank, and no words came out of my mouth.Bookmark here

“Mitsuki, I won’t ever forget you. Please don’t forget about me too. Our promise, let’s meet and get married in ten years.”Bookmark here

He held out his pinky fingers. I gave mine.Bookmark here

“Pinky promise, if I lie, I will swallow a thousand needles and cut off my pinky.”Bookmark here

Together we sang the short pinky promise song, and with that, it was about to end.Bookmark here

“I will...I will write you letters,” I said awkwardly.Bookmark here

Taiyo-kun smiled and replied, “Yeah, I’ll write you letters too.”Bookmark here

After that awkward exchange, he made his way inside the train.Bookmark here

I couldn’t believe it. It was really about to be goodbye.Bookmark here

And after a few minutes, the train prepared to leave. I never said a word to Taiyo-kun even once after he boarded the train.Bookmark here

Was I really going to let it end just like that?Bookmark here

“TAIYO-KUN!!” I yelled.Bookmark here

Taiyo-kun peeked his head out the window.Bookmark here

“Ittekimasu!” I said.Bookmark here

He took a moment to reply.Bookmark here

“Itterashai.”Bookmark here

A single tear trailed down my cheeks.Bookmark here

The train began to leave.Bookmark here

It was really about to be over.Bookmark here

I watched the train slowly become smaller until it could no longer be seen.Bookmark here

And just like that, Taiyo-kun was gone.Bookmark here

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