Chapter 2:

A Child or Not A Child? That Is The Question.

ReAscension- The Cries That Reached The Heavens

Well for those who still didn’t figure it out, I was mortal.

I was dead. Or at least I thought I was.

My body was in unbearable pain. Every bone in my body was either broken or in the state of breaking.

Then suddenly everything stopped. The pain faded as I opened my eyes.

‘I can’t see crap.’ I thought, ‘Where am I?’

“Oh my,” said a voice, “Who do we have here?”

Where there was total darkness was a faint light. And before me was a rather… bizarre sight.

A pale skinned petite figure was floating before me. She was wearing a black dress and had elvish features. The long ears mostly defined her as an elf. She had silver hair and eyes and had a smug look on her face.

“And who might you be, little girl?”

The girl was clearly annoyed.

“Little girl you ass!” she beamed and flicked my forehead.

Pain filled my head as if a hundred needles were making their way into my skull.

I screamed in pain and bit my tongue to stop myself.

“The hell!?”

“I’m more than three thousand yesterday old and you give me this crap?”

I tilted my head in confusion.

“You?” I asked, laughing while gesturing towards her physique. “You are more than three thousand years old? Right, dream on!”

The girl grunted with frustration, “Fuck you! I hate your guts.”

“Who the hell are you?” I asked, stopping myself from escalating this argument. I couldn’t handle more hate.

“I’m Mina.” she responded, “Goddess of Life and Death.”

I tried to hide my laughter, “So you are a Loli God?”

“Yes I- Wait NO!” she shouted, “I am not!”

I sighed smiling and asked,

“Why am I here?”

“Don’t ask me,” she responded, nonchalantly. “You are neither alive nor dead now. It seems you are a God. Or at least you were…”

She then mumbled something under her breath.

“What was that?”

“O-oh nothing!” she replied with a weary smile. “So what was your title as a God?”

“I am the great God of Infamy. Shareus.” I smiled proudly.

Mina tilted her head in confusion and then she laughed out loud.

“Oh so you are that guy!” she exclaimed, “The ex-God.”

I rolled my eyes, it seemed like news travelled faster than I had anticipated.

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Oh, nothing.” she replied, “It seems even the most annoying guy shares something in common with me.”

“I do?”

“Oh yes,” she replied, “I am an outcast Goddess. You are an ex-God. Almost the same thing if you ask me, right?”

I nodded.

“I’m sorry for earlier,” I said.

Mina laughed, “Even the most insane God has a heart, huh?~”

“Hey!” I retorted.

“Sorry sorry. And apology accepted.”

I smiled, “It’s not that I’m insane y’know. I’m just insane and feel… happy when I do big bad things…”

“And that's a good thing?” Mina asked.

“I don’t know… maybe?”

The Goddess sighed, “I see why Eruer cast you down. You are hopeless.”

I stayed silent. I had nothing to say to that.

“Also,” she continued, “You are not dead.”

I was startled, “I’m sorry, what?”

“Exactly what I said. You ain’t dead. You are just suffering side effects from ‘not being a God anymore’.”

“Ah,” I said.

“You will be waking up in the real world any moment now…” she said,

“I sense a ‘but’ coming.”

“But, something tells me that we are going to meet again.”

“We are?”

“Yep!” she said with a wide grin, “I’ll be waiting. It’s nice to finally have a friendly conversation now and then.”

“Yeah..” I responded. Friendly wasn’t a word that anyone used to describe a conversation with me, much less my personality.

The world slowly started to disappear before me.

“Mina,” I called out.


“When I become a God again, let’s chat sometime. I’ll come to visit.”

In my mind, I thought, ‘What is wrong with me? Why should I visit her? I don’t fucking care!’

Mina had a surprised look on her face.

“You would?”

I smiled wearily, “Yeah I will. It’s a promise.”

And the last thing I saw was Mina sending me off with her childish grin and a wave.

And then I opened my eyes. To something different.