Chapter 1:

[Volume 1 ❅] Prelude: Rondo of Words and Ink

Words Crossroad

"How boring. How so, so boring."

Whispered a petite girl as she walked towards a chair made of leather.Bookmark here

"Is it even worth it now? Her story was so lame last time, I'm pretty sure whatever I come up with will totally overturn this game. Can anyone please save me from this endless agony?"Bookmark here

As if someone had listened to her prayers, a small e-mail came to her system's inbox.

When the petite girl heard the classic sound of the notification, a very high pitched chime, she turned around and held the mouse to search for said virtual correspondence.

It was for a video camera invitation.

"Well, well... It seems she might want another game?" said the mysterious girl, seeing the sender's name, "Putting that idiot on her place always makes me feel good!"

Instead of denying the invitation, as she always does, the girl pressed the button accepting with delight. A panel opens in another window on her screen, showing an empty seat. In a few seconds, some steps are heard and a new girl sits down.

"Howdy, Teile. How's life treating you?"

The petite girl could clearly see her lifetime's opponent features clearly.

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Light brown eyes, just like a straw of cinnamon. Mahogany colored hair that reached almost to the floor, with two strands of it, tied with tiny ribbons. Her rebellious fringe being held with a small golden pin with the shape of a wing. An extravagant dress decorated with floral designs with long sleeves that didn't allow the petite girl to see her opponent's hands.Bookmark here

The Angelic Princess, Fearna, smiles when she sees that Teile accepted the invitation.
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"Fer, what a miracle," says Teile, trying to sound as sarcastic as possible.

"Oh my gosh, did you miss me? Are things so boring on your demonic side that you finally found it in your heart to answer my call?" 

Even if she was an angel, and was supposed to be a holy being, Teile despised Fearna's double-sided conversation starters.
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"Your story was so lame last time, I managed to finish all my duties here on time." 

Putting both hands under her chin, the little demon was prepared to start bothering her because of their mutual hatred.

"Game over for you, annoying angel."Bookmark here

When she heard those words, Fearna took an expression of seriousness and her eyes became filled with anger.

"You sound confident, Tei..." the angel replied. "However..."
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"I am," interrupting her, Teile pulled closer and closer to the camera, her lips hitting the tiny microphone on top of her round desk. "It is my victory. Yours barely created any effect in this World. Are you sure you're just not wasting ink and our precious resources?"

"So that's what's bothering you?" with that said, Fearna turned her back and then looked at Teile again, "Do you think I've been procrastinating while you read it?"

"Completely," Teile answers boldly, "The only thing you do is to play the princess of the Angel World or however it is called."

Obviously, Fearna was upset by that comment, as a vein was about to explode in her forehead. Still, she did her best to answer calmly.

"Oh, you are so naive my beloved Tei-Tei."

After saying that, the mahogany haired girl extended her hand to move the camera and focus it towards some cells. In them, there were familiar faces for the little demon.

"Hmm, so you've been playing police..."

Ignoring the sarcastic comment, Fearna managed to continue.

"I have the most recent warriors captured... and even made matching pieces for them and incorporate them into the new World I will create soon. What do you have?"

"I have a safe victory," and the petite demon arranged her position on her seat.

"You're unbelievable!" exploding in rage, Fearna opts to continue, believing that Teile's self-esteem would eventually fall. "Did I tell you that I also have...?

With a sigh, Teile knew that she had already played this verbal game before.

"Every time you boast about your captures, I lose a lifespan. Even if you boast and boast, you will not make your desire come true."

"You're one tough cookie!" throwing a tantrum, Fearna gets furious.

"And you are just like a bratty kid," and in the end, Teile adds a smile.

A dark smile.Bookmark here

"You'll see next time! I will completely destroy you, gamemaster!" and to highlight her discomfort, even more, the princess of the angels cut the signal to just show interference.

"Ah, she's a terrible liar. She has no clue I've got the ones she's been boasting about, fufu."

Standing up, the petite demon let her wavy silver hair swipe the dust from the ground while walking barefoot towards a dimly lit wooden desk. 

Her teal eyes shined in the darkness when she held some ink and looked towards a cabinet filled with small dolls. Smiling to herself, she took out the ones she had recently acquired.Bookmark here

Caressing them, black feathered wings grew from her back and she held a deep laugh.

"Shall we let the story begin just in time for round five ♥? My wonderful, wonderful heroes that will finally overturn this catastrophe!"Bookmark here

Taking a deep breath, it began.

"An ni a gheall Dia, cha mheall duine. Am fear nach teagaisg Dia cha teagaisg duine. Bidh gach ni mar is àill le Dia!"

The ink floated, writing words in a neverending rondo. Bookmark here

"Trust me, God, and you shall succeed!"Bookmark here

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