Chapter 2:

Wish Hunter

The black wolf and the arctic fox

Damien lies semi-naked on his bed thinking about his life. He feels a vibration in his shorts. It is his cell phone, when he unlocks it, he sees a notification:Bookmark here

“Daria hasn't read your latest messages”Bookmark here

I don't know what to do with her. What wrong did I do to her? I don't recall ever saying or doing anything wrong to him to make her treat me like that.Bookmark here

He checks other notifications and sees another message from his secret admirer.Bookmark here

"That secret admirer again ... I thought about getting rid of her, but she's not a stalker." Rather she has been supporting me through difficult times I think she is a good friend. She has been since my beginnings as an artist.Bookmark here

Damien proceeds to read the message her left:Bookmark here

-Hi Damien. Things are complicated now in my country, we will not be able to speak in the next few days, I hope you understand, I wish you the best in the concert.Bookmark here

-Now she too… -All this makes me feel strange.Bookmark here

Damien closes the notifications and starts reading news. Among the main headlines is the following:Bookmark here

During the next few months there will be an asteroid shower. One comet for every month!Bookmark here

-Let's see this: the next asteroid will be tonight at 10:00 pm.Bookmark here

-There are only 3 hours left for that.Bookmark here

__________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Damien immediately remembers the meteorite he saw as a child, the last time he saw Lerou. He also remembers the last days that he met her. He once he was in the backyard of his house just doing sit-ups. Suddenly she appeared to watch him.Bookmark here

-Hi Damien, why are you exercising again? we already did it in physical education classBookmark here

-Hi Lerou, I want one day to have big muscles and be much stronger.Bookmark here

He stands up and shows him her arms squeezing them to appear to have muscles.Bookmark here

-Great! I also like muscles. -Lerou says grabbing one of his arms.Bookmark here

Damien felt good, he had managed to impress his first love. He was so satisfied that his mind had disconnected from reality.Bookmark here

-Hey Damien! Do you know that a comet will pass tonight?Bookmark here

-No, I hardly see any news, Damien comes to reality.Bookmark here

-They say that you can make a wish if it does not harm any living being.Bookmark here

-Oh great! but I don't know what to ask ... do you have one?Bookmark here

-Yes, I will wish that there is peace between our provinces. I don't want any more conflict between us, these fights are going nowhere and only divide us further. I don't want this to get worse. -Lerou says very worried and sadBookmark here

-Don't worry, it won't get worse if something were to happen, I would protect you. -Responds Damien hugging herBookmark here

-Thank you, I can always trust you.Bookmark here

They both shake hands.Bookmark here

__________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Damien also remembers what happened in the next few days. He along with his family saw a very shocking event on the news:Bookmark here

-The Antarctics have become independent!Bookmark here

The president gives a very angry press conferenceBookmark here

–We will expel all Antarctics from our territory. If they want to be independent, they have nothing to look for here. In addition, we should not have any kind of relationship with them either.Bookmark here

The news had surprised the whole family. The only positive of that day is that at night the comet would pass. After that night Lerou disappeared forever. The next day Damien and Kaira's parents took them to the psychologist to clarify Lerou's nonexistence. They were difficult days, but over the years the memories of her were erased.Bookmark here

__________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Damien very sad locks his cell phone and stares at the window.Bookmark here

- I wish that wish had been real, I wish you had been real.Bookmark here

Cold Fultion
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