Chapter 1:

Prologue: Threnody


At first, it was nothing.

Just like our very own world.

A huge speck of nothing at all.

Until The Creation started; very similar to a ripple effect.

Life forms evolved and perished as many times as the sun settled and the moon shined; Worlds that couldn’t survive due to insufficient or poor management.

A rinse and repeat Universal Project.

Until The Creation started, everything was a ripple effect.

The pebble kept on bouncing endlessly, ripples forming just as worlds being created.

But They never noticed the shadows that lurked beneath.

Of course, without light, darkness cannot exist as well as shadows.

So those Worlds were also demolished.

Centuries and centuries of ripples passed by.

Until The Creation started, They thought the ripple was all they had.

Until The Creation started, They had never considered sending one of their own to see if life could flourish endlessly.

That’s why They never noticed all the Worlds trapped inside the vortex of the Ripple Effect caused by billions of centuries of rinsing and repeating.

Places that don’t know a Where or When, but only a Now.

That’s why They sent one of Them to one of those Worlds.

They saw life. 

They wanted that Life to continue.

But yet, emotions are complex.

They never foresaw the Disaster.

The Tragedy.

Until The Creation started, Celestials  were egocentrically creatures.

Until The Creation started, Celestials  kept on being egocentric creatures.

-- S. R


Ana Fowl
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