Chapter 1:

The Rock

Ball Ain't Life

Left, right.Bookmark here

Left, right.
Bookmark here

Left, right.Bookmark here

I bounce the ball in that exact pattern. Bookmark here

I march it up the court. The sounds of the crowd chanting were harrowing. Their feet slamming against the bleachers’ echo could be heard around the city. I have no time to think, it's only a few more seconds before the clock hits zero. I pick up the pace and glance at the time. Bookmark here

24 seconds, down 1. No more timeouts.Bookmark here

The more I think, the faster the clock is. Can't think. Won't think. He reached for it, but I quickly hopped back. I dribble between my legs, fake right, and cut left. He fell for it, leaving me with the split second I have to drive to the basket. I dribble fast and launch forward for the game-winning layup. At the same time, the star center jumps with me. He was bigger, stronger. Screw him, it's my time to shine. I duck the ball under his hand and continue the ball's path to the hoop. It goes in as the buzzer sounds. The game was won. I put my hands in the air as the crowd rushes in to crowd me, phones in my face. I was ready for primetime, the gym knew it. Bookmark here

But let's reverse a bit. We gotta go back.Bookmark here

Back to...Bookmark here

N. D. Skordilis
Taylor Victoria
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