Chapter 2:

The Empress : Her Beginnings

Captain Kagayaki : Novel Reboot

I hated celebrating my birthday, I was getting older…. I have so many greys from those brats! I never married nor had any children. Growing up I had a very horrible childhood and teenage years.Bookmark here

My father was the most famous and powerful Emperor, my mother was so beautiful, her beauty was what I yearned for growing up, everyone loved her for her beauty and class. My parents had eight children, three daughters and five sons. I was the third youngest daughter in the family. Whenever I disobeyed my parents, I got the worst punishment. There were days where they wouldn’t serve me breakfast or dinner. I just never understand why my parents hated me so much. One day my father asked me to come into his study room and he had a very angry expression when he looked at me. He said to me Bookmark here

“ Mioa, I told you so many times never to go into the battlefield without my permission!” He yelled at me Bookmark here

“ But father…. Some of your soldiers were struggling! I just wanted to help!” I cried to himBookmark here

My father slammed his fist on the desk. He got up quickly and slapped me across the face and grabbed me by the throat, choking me. I kept gasping for air.Bookmark here

“ Don’t you ever disobey me ever again! Rotten brat! “ My father threw me on the ground. I caught my breath and left the study room shaking with tears in my eyes. My father was a very angry man, I don’t think I ever saw him smile at me. He’s been fighting in millions of battles since he was a youth, and some nearly killed him. I just don’t get why he’s so angry with me, he doesn’t get angry with my older brothers or sisters. They all get treated with respect and kindness. I went to bed and started to cry. Hopefully things will get better.Bookmark here

Today is my first day that I get to train the soldiers, especially my first time as The Empress and not being the one trained. My father's right hand soldier Keni walked up towards the soldiers and greeted them.Bookmark here

“ Greetings Soldiers! Welcome to The Empress training camp. Please do your best! Bookmark here

They all bowed at Keni.Bookmark here

Keni walked me over towards the soldiers, they all bowed at me and I did the same to them.Bookmark here

“ Hello Soldiers, I can’t wait to train all of you! Please do your best and never give up! “ I smiled at all of them Bookmark here

Several weeks have gone by and the soldiers were well trained for battles by me. I was very impressed with how most of them could keep up with me and Keni, one of those men caught my eye the most. He was so handsome, his hair blue like the sky, golden skin, and beautiful light green eyes. I was so smitten… I wanted to know this man's name immediately. The man walked over towards me, I started blushing.Bookmark here

“ Your Majesty, the training was very wonderful today.”Bookmark here

“ Thank you Soldier!”Bookmark here

“ My name is Naito Mizu “Bookmark here

“ Very nice to meet you Naito”Bookmark here

“ See you tomorrow your Majesty”Bookmark here

Naito and I began to grow closer and have become one of my good friends. He has also become my right hand man and was also one of my strongest soldiers. Sad news was brought to me in the morning, my mother passed away early this morning. I smirked and was filled with tears at the same time. I couldn’t understand why I was crying? For a woman who got abused by my own father… I was so relieved. They held a small funeral for my mother, many of her friends and other relatives of ours have come. I thought to myself “ They’re finally gone!” Then I started laughing while in bed.Bookmark here

Another six years have passed, I have become the most popular Empress just like my mother once was. My trained soldiers were ready for the war and I prepared them the best I could, we barely won the war until Naito eliminated all of the soldiers and then that’s when we won the war in 788 A.D. , but the look on Naito’s face wasn’t a face that was happy we won the war. Then one day he came into my room and told me he was going to quit being my soldier. He also revealed to me that he was married with two daughters. This news caused me so much pain. I was so madly in love with him, he told me that he didn’t feel the same way. The anger that I had for him leaving really hurt me, I wanted to make that bastard pay!Bookmark here

And I certainly did just that! My soldiers and I made a surprise visit to his house, you should have seen the look on his face…it was like he saw a ghost! I told my soldiers to grab his little brats while I begged Naito to return to the kingdom and become my right hand soldier again. He told me that he quit that life long ago and was happy with his wife and rotten children. Then his annoying wife came out of the house shouting with tears in her eyes and had the nerve to yell at me. I wanted to bash her head on the rocks but that would be too easy. I told my soldiers to kill his wife and him. We threw them into the river and burned their home down. I felt very satisfied with my decision, his daughters are now mine and I was very happy about that.Bookmark here

I smiled to myself. I was finally free of hurt and abuse. I stared at the empty chair across from me and I said Bookmark here

“ My sweet Naito, you could have been here with me celebrating my birthday….it’s such a shame that I killed you on my birthday, you could have celebrated with me that day! This must be a present for myself!” I started to chuckle to myself and played with my food.Bookmark here

“ I also have those rotten daughters, they’ll never leave here! “ Bookmark here

My servant Niko walks over towards me and says to meBookmark here

“ Your Majesty, your bath is ready for you!” Bookmark here

“ Thank you Niko, will you…be joining me this time?” I smile at himBookmark here

“ Of course!” He said in a flirtatious tone Bookmark here

I stand up and my other servants clean up the table and food. I walk upstairs to my room and take down my long blue hair which is mixed in with my grays. I then pour another glass of wine and cheered to myself saying Bookmark here

“ Happy Birthday to me, another year of freedom!” I take a sip of my wine, undress and put on my red silk robe that has yellow flowers on it. I walk into the bathroom seeing Niko waiting for me in the tub. After my bath was done, I went to bed thinking about what I'm going to do with Naito’s rotten daughters. I smirked and then drifted off to bed.Bookmark here

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