Chapter 12:

Vol. 1 ☆ Afterword

Scarlet Finale! (Demo)

Greetings, this is Stella Procella! ☆

Whether you have been following this story for years since its origins or ever since I started uploading it on this website, thank you for your support, it's really appreciated! To anyone who has been reading every new chapter as it comes out, welcome back. And to anyone who has read everything in one go, welcome! 

This is the first volume and the start of a really long light novel series. I wanted to put emphasis on the fact that Scarlet Finale! is a dual protagonist series. If it were a game, it would be one of those games that lets you choose your protagonist at the very beginning, allowing you to play through two different routes while uncovering the same main story.  

That means that even though the very first chapter started with Faith, it could have started with Wish instead, focusing on her point of view from the events up till that point and it would still work out! 

As a fun fact, this story started up like my attempt to make a manga back in late 2010. I've broken apart everything I had up till then and re-structured it from scratch into what the story is now. However, the main core of the story still remains. That's why I wanted to start the first chapters so that they would closely resemble what was portrayed at the start of that old manga. 

Once the story changed into a novel format, the first half of the story actually started as very tiny weekly updates on another website, which I have consolidated, edited and even added new scenes to! Because of this you may be able to notice that the pace changes dramatically after the arc of the "First Request" with Raiko and Viktor begins. From now on the story may follow a pace closely resembling the one on that arc.  

The main goal of this volume was to introduce the original main cast, as well as to introduce the setting in which everything is taking place. Characters like Elizabelle and Noa didn't get to do much, so you can definitely expect to see more of them from now on. They are very important to the overall story. I wonder what would have happened if Elizabelle wasn't there to rescue Caroline's group and bring them back to the surface...   

And of course, many of the mysteries and questions raised in this volume will be answered as we move along.

Since I started this based off my old manga, it's actually my secondary writing project. Because of this, unlike my main one, you could say that Scarlet Finale! is still on the experimental stages, at least in a few areas. I will keep doing my best in order to make sure Scarlet Finale! remains a really solid story. I already have quite a bit of content planned for a handful of volumes moving forward, so I hope you will be looking forward to it! 

From now on also, updates may vary between once or twice a month.

As you may know, I have also drawn the character designs for all the characters that appeared in Volume 1. As more characters appear through the story, new illustrations for them will go up too! You can find the links to these under the comments of the Prologue and right under the comments of this chapter as well. Eventually, I may make specific illustrations of events that took place during this Volume in order to go along with it!   

Once again, thank you so much for your support and for reading my story. I hope that you enjoy your stay in Glint City. 

If you had to start a new game, which route would you choose? Faith or Wish's? 

- Stella Procella 

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