Chapter 0:

The 8th Crusade Begins

The Descension of the Unholy Crusader

My name is Jean Sinclair and what I'm about to tell is a story about true events that transpired 1270 years after the Death of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Resurrection. This is the REAL story behind the infamous 8th Crusade and the defeat that followed it. I am the sole survivor of my company and I am here to tell the tale of horrors that I faced up until I got put here in the prisons down in the 1st Circle of Hell..

I was only 17 years of age when I took up the sword to fight back for the Holy Land and to put an end to the Muslim Expansion over the surrounding territories. I was trained to wield a sword by a man who found me outside in the Slums of France sleeping in the rain and amidst rabble and vermin, like a sick dog amidst trash. This man whom I call my hero took me in and gave me a roof over my head, a meal everyday to nourish myself, and a purpose in this life to keep fighting onwards. He was one of the Holy Crusaders himself and wielded a claymore that slashed through Heretics like butter yet his heart never strayed from the Heavenly Vision. He was truly a man respected and looked up to by many, he was also one of the leading officers of the Crusade, I wished to be just as him, brave and courageous, one who never backed down from a foe. He was a true War Hero and a true mentor until his fall just a few hours ago.. or maybe more..?

I will always remember those peaceful days and I wished from the bottom of my heart that they would return, but of course, that wasn't the case. No I got plummeted into this Hell with nothing else one me other than my Faith and Dignity..

There's one other person with me but it looks like a mummified corpse..? It can barely make sounds and hardly move, I can tell though that it's been here for awhile, I just don't know how long..? I can also barely see it due to the thick darkness that surrounds it but I'm sure that whatever it is, it's not human..

Anyways, back to the story of how I ended up here, I joined the Holy Crusaders and fought alongside the Hero that saved me and we slew many Heretics. I learned to wield a two-handed great sword and proper technique and form. I became an outstanding young lad with great faith and much potential but also much more to learn. My Company of Crusaders were deployed to have a battle against the army of Northwest Africa upon the Mediterranean shores. As we arrived, we fought through and slaughtered many Heretics while losing many of our own in the process. King Louis IX sanctioned this Crusade and we blindly obeyed every word of our King. We had a mission to follow and we had our orders, we marched onwards despite our weary flesh, and we continued to long for home. My company numbered at around 200 able bodied warriors, and we ventured on the direct orders of the King himself. Of course there were much more of us in other companies and platoons, but mine in particular was only 200. We had little casualty and relatively kept our morale high as we fought to gain back our Holy Land and to gain dominion over Europe, we believed our cause was of God and fought to carry on God's Will.... or so we believed...

After much bloodshed and many gruesome battles, we made it to the mainland of Ifriqiya, which was controlled by the Umayyads. The mission itself was simple and clear, take the ground and continue conquering the surrounding areas. Simple right? Well it wasn't as simple as that, we had much trouble getting there as well as keeping ourselves motivated and alive. As I walked, I held firmly to my cross around my neck and prayed that God would guide me during this mission, then I ran forth while proclaiming the Word of the Lord!

"Fight my Holy Crusaders! Fight till every Heretic has be judged!" our Commanding Officer shouted. The sounds of blades clashing and bombs bursting can be heard in all directions and the enemy kept us from moving forward. We were outnumbered, but we had more experience and had the Hand of God moving upon us so we prevailed! I slashed and impaled all those who stood before me without mercy! My teacher, stayed close by and fought alongside me while destroying every puny sinner that challenged him. He fought almost as if he was enjoying it! I kept my mind focused and my goal clear, "I must fulfill God's Work and slay every sinner!"
The enemy had tricks up their sleeves and resorted to cheap tactics to throw us off, but we continued to adapt and fight!
After much bloodshed and fighting, I noticed that both ours and their numbers had began to dwindle. I kept my guard up and continued to hack and slash all that threatened me.
As we gained the upper hand on them, they began to fall back and retreat, we soon pursued after them. My blade was tainted by the blood of sinners and I grew sick as I watched the corpses around me continue to pile up, it was an absolute blood bath!

As we pursued them into the hills, I saw a group of 6 men in the distance who wore dark robes walk in a line towards us. They soon came to a halt, and were a great distance away from us. They all raised their arms in perfect sync and began to chant into the sky, as they chanted, the once clear skies then became darkened with clouds and thunder began, the clouds also started to form a spiral right above the robed men. Soon all my fellow Crusader's stopped dead in their tracks and began to watch the 6 mysterious men chant in an unknown language. Fear became heavy as the sound of Thunder rattled all around us, we began to break our formation and starting losing composure. It was evident that these men were the ones causing this chaos, their sorcery was great and we had no choice but to continue the mission. I ran forward with my crusaders and pressed down all my emotions and feelings, but as I was running forward, a large Earthquake struck and made everyone lose balance and stumble around. Soon large cracks appeared in the ground underneath us and consumed some of us with it. I dropped to the dirt and looked around myself and saw how the ground was opening up and this caused me to cling on hoping I wouldn't be next.

As they were chanting, I saw one of them draw a large blade and raised it up before Heaven, and in one instant, he pierced himself through his heart as the ones around him kept chanting. I knew at this moment that everything was about to change forever. Soon the next did the same, and another followed. They kept going until there was one left, as the last one drew the sacrificial blade, 2 large Pentagrams appeared in the Thunderous Skies above and also underneath our feet. And then the last sorcerer came forth upon the battlefield, stood before the large Pentagrams and he pierced himself. It was at that very moment that a large black smoke with the stench of death arose from the cracks in the ground and completely submerged us and blinded our vision. I couldn't see a thing for what felt like an eternity and began to choke for air, I honestly thought I was about to die right there, but then the Cloud of Death dissipated and vanished like it was never there. As the Cloud of Death vanished, I was faced with a terrifying sight!
"What in God's name is this!? Where are we!?" I shouted. Soon my other Crusader's became greatly confused and afraid and a great hysteria soon followed my men. We lost our minds..

The area around us wasn't Earth anymore, but what I can only describe as a fiery inferno with many disfigured and dark creatures surrounding. We saw people hanging upside down on crosses, people eating each other alive, people being drowned in black liquid, people falling from the sky like balls of fire and we heard constant screaming and wailing from all directions. The area itself was filled with a putrid smell that made us almost vomit and many fiery corpses began crawling to us saying things like, "Flesh! Must taste flesh", "Save me!!", "Help!! I want to die already!!" and they kept coming.

We all soon began running in all directions and became greatly dismayed! We saw flying demon-like creatures racing towards us from the skies, my Teacher stood his ground and with all confidence, he rallied his men and sounded his voice like a war bugle! Even though we were deeply afraid, we knew that all we could do is fight! We were soon surrounded by hordes of disfigured demon-like creatures and they closed in on us. My teacher raised his voice at the sight of the demons and said, "Come my brothers! Do not fear nor be dismayed! Fear is not of the Lord, have you forgotten why we were fighting!? Have you all lost sight of the Heavenly Vision! We must fight! Hear me my Warriors! Today we will fight in Hell, but Tonight we will dine with our Lord Jesus!!"
As my teacher shouted this, a loud sound of rallying Crusaders was heard and we regained our morale, the demons rushed in towards us and began to clash with us. The sounds of blades and roars can be heard left and right! 

I swung my blade in every direction, and one of the demon creatures came towards me! I readied my blade and raised it towards him. He swung at me and it clashed with my sword sending me staggering back. During my stagger, he bolted in and attempted to stab me but I moved to the side and returned my blade into his torso.... but it was all for naught..

As soon as my blade impacted into his chest, my blade snapped in half and only gave him a scratch. He then stopped, leaned in, and looked deep into my soul. He had the head of a goat but the body of a man, and wings of an eagle, his eyes glowed white and an overwhelming fear poured over me making me fall to the ground. Just how can such a creature exist!? The demon then kicked me in the stomach with such a force that it sent me airborne. I landed a great deal away and had all my air knocked out, I picked myself up and began to crawl away. I looked back at the warzone behind me, and saw something that would leave a scar over my heart forever. I looked at saw my teacher fighting bravely while being surrounded by the demons, then one slashed behind his back, and the next swung across and beheaded him. My whole heart broke and I began to weep bitterly. Rage and hatred entered me and I picked myself up while holding my stomach. As I stood up, all the demons gazes turned towards me in that very moment and they all began walking towards me. I looked around and saw all my fellow crusaders lying in pools of blood, but I never wavered.. 

As they reached me, they formed a circle around me and began to laugh a hideous tone. I rushed towards one in a fit of rage and he returned a punch back at me knocking me unconscious almost instantly...

I woke up just a few minutes ago and noticed shackles around my ankles. The room is dark and I see only one other being near me, although I can't make out anything about them. All I can say is that it's a mummified corpse making slight noises..

That's everything I can remember till now. I'm here now in this cell in the Pit of the Burning Hell, I have no idea how to get home, or if I can even get home.
I can hear the screams and wails of many, and it shakes me to my core. I need to find answers, and keep my faith! The Lord is my shield and strength, and right now I need His Guidance to leave this cursed place. Maybe I can start by asking the thing next to me where I'm at..?
I know I can escape this place, I just need answers! 

This is just the beginning.. Will I make home or will this Inferno become my final resting place!
My name is Jean Sinclair, and this is the beginning of my Descension into the Pit of Hell!Bookmark here

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