Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Grimson : seeker of truth from darkness

*cip cip screen open up with the bright blue sky as the pigeon flies away across the sky*Bookmark here

*The view crossed down into modern japan city, namely tokyo as the view zooming in down even further ahead into a certain all girl's academy*Bookmark here

*Within the academy, lot's kind of girls student are walking around the academy ground, chatting,greeting and laughing together in the early morningBookmark here

*The screen then was cutted away by an incoming black long limousine car coming closer into the academy and arrives right at its entrance as it stoppedBookmark here

*All the other girls nearing the academy entrance pondering and whispering to each other of who it might be, until the car driver coming down from the car and open the door behind him*Bookmark here

Uniform driver : this way, young missBookmark here

*Right after the driver open the door, a certain slender white leg with black shoes coming stepping down out from the car followed by the full view of the girl*Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Blue haired girl : thank you, mr. ArsonBookmark here

*The very moment the blue haired girl coming out from the car, her whole gesture was sparkling, her hair is shining like a sapphire, her body is well endowed, her face is beautiful like a fairy, and last not least a bright brilliant smile of hers that sparkling much more radiant than even the Brightest jewel to exist all while retaining her very matured like woman auraBookmark here

*Name below the screen : Crystalized Aori G'haffordBookmark here

*As aori walking across the view, passing though all of the other academy girl's, the other girl's immediately went crazy like a fan girl is*Bookmark here

Girl student's : KYAAAA!!!! AORI-SAMA!!!!!! <3Bookmark here

Aori : *smiling back to them while she waving her hand as sign for her reply while kept walking*Bookmark here

Girl student 1 : KYAAA!!! DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT!!?? AORI-SAMA JUST WAVING TO ME!!!Bookmark here

Girl student 2 : Idiot, it was obvious that aori-sama is waving to me!!Bookmark here

Girl student 3 : no!! ME!!!Bookmark here

Girl student 4 : ME!!!Bookmark here

Girl student 1 : ME!!!Bookmark here

*Soon all the girls quarrelling to each other as none of them giving in without aori realized and just continue to walking away while kept greeting everyone calling and greeting her*Bookmark here

*Until a certain another girl then coming in closer to her and walk alongside herBookmark here

Bookmark here

Short blonde haired girl : Good morning, captain!!!
Bookmark here

Aori : ? *Looking to her left* ah, good morning too, chi *smiling*
Bookmark here

Chi : sigh.. I thought i was going to be late again today... Yokkatta~ Bookmark here

*Named under the screen : Chihayafuru SakurabaBookmark here

Aori : there, what did i told you about staying up all night again ? And more likely try to avoid calling me captain when we not on dutyBookmark here

Chi : but! It was all but fun! I just cant stopped watching!Bookmark here

Aori : you do remember who we are, right ? What would happen if we were too late to come when needed ?Bookmark here

Aori : we will bring a shame upon litch name you know not to mention other might have lost their lifeBookmark here

Chi : dont worry dont worry! As long we got captain we're going to be alright!Bookmark here

Aori : you clearly didnt listening to what i just said didnt you ? *TeardropBookmark here

*Teng teng teng..the sound of the bells as aori and chi is getting inside the academy where the screen then sliding away above to the roof of the academyBookmark here

*Within her classroom, aori can be seen sat on the the most front seat as she listening and paying attention to the class the most*Bookmark here

Teacher : alright, anyone want to try to solve and answer these questions ?Bookmark here

Aori : *raise her hand as high as she can*Bookmark here

Teacher : yes, miss G'hafford, go aheadBookmark here

Aori : the equation is x-8 = 0Bookmark here

Teacher : correct! As expected from miss G'haffordBookmark here

*As the teacher confirm's aori answer as correct, all the other students girls within the room were shrieking like a fan girl they are and applausing furiouslyBookmark here

Student girl 1 : AS EXPECTED!!!! AORI-SAMA!!!! <3Bookmark here

Student girl 2 : AORI-SAMA!!!!!Bookmark here

Aori : *looking to her surrounding while teardroping* cmon now, everyoneBookmark here

Aori : its nothing big, reallyBookmark here

Aori : you all dont need to make it so big Bookmark here

*But despite her plea for everyone to calmed down, the whole entire class still amazed by hers resulting the class to be even more chaoticBookmark here

*Teng teng teng....* The bell then rang once again signing break time*Bookmark here

Teacher : alright, everyone, thats it for now, be sure to review what you all learn today later onBookmark here

Student girl's : yes, ma'am!!Bookmark here

Aori : everyone! Stand up!Bookmark here

*The whole classroom then standing up as they all then bowing down and thanking the teacher for her lessonBookmark here

Aori and all other students : thank you for your lesson, ma'am!!Bookmark here

Teacher : *leaving the room after bidding her goodbye too*Bookmark here

Aori : *sitting back on her seat until she then suddenly surrounded by all her classmate*Bookmark here

Student girl 1 : aori-sama!! You're fantastic as usual!!Bookmark here

Aori : thank youBookmark here

Student girl 2 : can you please teach me!? I want to learn more!Bookmark here

Aori : sure, w- *before she could finish her sentence she was cutted by the student girl 3*Bookmark here

Student girl 3 : me too me too!! I am too want to learn from you!Bookmark here

Aori : then- *once again before she could even finish her very first sentence, she was cutted over and over again*Bookmark here

Aori : a-all of you, please calm down, i cant talk if all of you talking to me at once!Bookmark here

*Tok tok suddenly the front door of aori classroom was knocked by a junior looking girl student in search for aoriBookmark here

Junior student girl : e-excuse meBookmark here

All other student girl : *looking to who is it as the junior is walking in into the classroom and stood before aori table*Bookmark here

Junior student girl : u-um.. president.. there are some paperwork i need you to handle..Bookmark here

Aori : ? Ah.. must be regarding about yesterday talk, right ?Bookmark here

Aori : i understand, i be there right awayBookmark here

All student girl's : *shocked reaction as they heard aori going to leave right away* EHHHH!!!??Bookmark here

Aori : i am sorry, everyone but i promise that i will teach you guys later *slowly standing up as she apologizing to all girl's she let down*Bookmark here

Aori : i be taking my leave for now, i see you guys again laterBookmark here

All other student girl's : *half heartly letting her go*Bookmark here

Student girl 1 : b-but its a promise, right!? You promise, aori-sama!Bookmark here

Aori : *kept walking away* hm! *Nod her head while looking behind her* its a promise! I see you all again later!Bookmark here

*Aori took her leave together with the junior student girl as the duo walking away togetherBookmark here

Junior student girl : you sure are popular like usual, president *smiling*Bookmark here

Aori : its sometimes troubling me, if i may honest *tried to smile too although a teardrop can be seen foming on top of her head*Bookmark here

Aori : but its my responsibility as student council president to be an example and motivation for all other student hereBookmark here

Junior student girl : Thats our president!Bookmark here

*Both of them arrived at the student council room as the junior student girl push open the door for aori to come inBookmark here

*Within the room all of the other member already present as they all in mid of workBookmark here

Aori : *kept walking to her table and then sit on her big black seat*Bookmark here

Aori : *spin a little on her seat as she facing the table now with a huge pile of paper*Bookmark here

Student council girl : president, the cooking club just now drop by and deliver their paperBookmark here

Aori : *take one of the paper and look at it* yes, i can see itBookmark here

Student council girl 1 : *stood up and come to aori side while representing the paper for aori* u-um.. president... About this one...Bookmark here

Aori : what is it ? *Look to the paper the student girl 1 hold*Bookmark here

Aori : ah... *Getting what the girl 1 problem is after taking a sight on the paper* its for the incoming event, huhBookmark here

Aori : i understand, come, give it to me *taking the paper from the student council girl 1 hand*Bookmark here

Aori : *looking into the other student council girls within the room* everyone! Listen! There a paper regarding the incoming event! I want you guys to filling in the detail for me and then checking into the other class later on!Bookmark here

Aori : dont miss anything and come to me after you guys done!Bookmark here

All other student council girl : yes, president!Bookmark here

*Aori and the whole student council members are all spending a lot of their time within the students council room before some of them then left the room to do some check and confirm, leaving aori and few other student council member left within the room*Bookmark here

Student council girl 1 : *stretch her body* hrghh... So tired...but i havent even done half of them yet.. *looking at her desk as there still a lot of paper left for her*Bookmark here

Aori : *finish the very last paper on her table as she place it on the top of the 18th pile* then maybe you should tried to put on more focus, that way you could work a lot faster and more efficientBookmark here

Student council girl 1 : *looking at aori finished work* s-sugoi.... All of those paper and...Bookmark here

Student council girl 2 : a-as expected from president...Bookmark here

Aori : *standing up slowly without even breaking a sweat after all those work*Bookmark here

Aori : now then, all thats left is waiting for the other to return- hm ?Bookmark here

Aori : *looking to the windows as without she even notice the time has flies away and its already dusk at outside*Bookmark here

Aori : its already that late ? I didnt notice at all...Bookmark here

*Suddenly the door to the room was opened and chi coming in by herself to aori while yelling, earning the attention of everyone within the roomBookmark here

Chi : captain~~!!! I knew i found you here!!Bookmark here

Aori : chi!?Bookmark here

Chi : lets go out having dinner together!Bookmark here

Aori : hey now!, How many time did i told you about coming in into the student council room while yelling like that ? And dont call me captain when we not on duty!Bookmark here

Chi : ah, but i knew a good place for us to eat! I bet you will be happy! Cmon! Pretty please ? Just for this once! *Didnt listening to what aori say at all as she begging for her to come*Bookmark here

Aori : *sigh* alright, but i am waiting for the other to coming back, could you wait until then ?Bookmark here

Chi : really!? Sure!!!!!! Hehe! *Pip" before chi could celebrate, suddenly a phone ring cut though their conversation on both aori and chi pocket, where both of them then pulling out the said phone, revealing it to be an smartphone and slide it open together and saw the written message they received as it reads : ITS TIME TO WORK*Bookmark here

Aori and chi : *raise their head and look into each other together as their expression change into serious after reading the message and nod their head*Bookmark here

Aori : *looking into the rest of the student council in the room* i am sorry, everyone but i am need to go nowBookmark here

Student council girl 1 : eh!? Whe- could it be..!? *Stopped talking as she got an idea of what happened*Bookmark here

Aori : tell the other to leave the paper on my desk, and going back home *turning away as she taking her leave together with chi*Bookmark here

Student council girl 1 : yes, president!Bookmark here

Student council girl 2 : ganbare!! President!! *Cheering to aori before she taking her leave from the room*Bookmark here

*Screen to the hallways as aori and chi walking together towards the entrance of the academy, where not before long the duo has arrived at the front*Bookmark here

*Brmmm!! Not long after they both arrive at the front, a military army car then coming and stopped right before aori and chi with few soldier coming out and open the door for the duo to coming in*Bookmark here

Soldiers : please come in, captain, liuetenant! *Salute as they standing in line*Bookmark here

Aori and chi : *didnt wasting any time as aori and chi immediately coming in into the car followed by the foot soldier's and the car immediately riding away once again*Bookmark here

Aori : *sitting* how was the condition ?Bookmark here

Litch army soldier : the harbour has been surrounded and the civilian have been evacuated just as magnia-sama ordered, captain!Bookmark here

Litch army soldier : those despicable dark alliance wont be able to escape anymore!Bookmark here

Aori : good, then lets hurry up! We cant afford to waste every single second here!
Bookmark here

Litch army soldier : yes, ma'am!! *Focusing back to the road as he driving the car away even faster by hitting the gas* *brrmmmmmm!*Bookmark here

*Before long the cars then arrived before the entrance of a certain heavly guarded building revealing it to be the very main HQ of litch organization*Bookmark here

Aori and chi : *coming down from the car as their arrival has been waited by the couple litch soldier at the entance*Bookmark here

Litch soldier : *saluting both aori and chi* We been waiting for your arrival! Captain! Liutenant!Bookmark here

Litch soldier : general magnia is waiting for you both at the HQ room!Bookmark here

Aori : understood *Walking passing the couple soldier followed by chi behind her as they making their way in into the building*Bookmark here

*Screen along the way as litch staff aori and chi passed while walking, all giving them both their salute as sign of respect and who they actually are within the organizationBookmark here

*Screen to the HQ room as there a certain woman with red litch uniform standing at the middle of the room while the other staff and operator is working diligentlyBookmark here

Aori and chi : *coming in though the door opened for them both as they kept walking and face the said woman in red uniform then salute her*Bookmark here

Aori and chi : captain aori crystalized g'hafford and liutenant chihayafuru sakuraba reporting in!Bookmark here

Woman in red litch uniform : *turning away as she facing the duo*
I been waiting for you both, captain, liutenantBookmark here

*Name under the woman in red litch uniform : general of litch and 2nd in command,magnia de payens*Bookmark here

Bookmark here

*Pict for reference*Bookmark here

Aori : please fill us with the detail of the event, magnia-san!Bookmark here

Magnia : as you both already heard *turning back looking back forward into the giant digital map on the hologram screen at the corner of the room*Bookmark here

Magnia : dark alliance has been spotted at the port of nagoya and currently squad A is on their way to holding them downBookmark here

Magnia : but judging from the way its going...Bookmark here

Operator : reporting in! Ma'am! The dark alliance has successfully branching though our 2nd line of defense! At this rate, its only matter of time before squad A is completely defeated!Bookmark here

Aori : *seeing the urgency of the situasion* magnia-san! Let us handle this matter!Bookmark here

Aori : we will surely bring judgement upon the terrorist! Please give us your instruction!Bookmark here

Magnia : very well, you both are assigned for this very mission! You're both mission are to be deployed on the port of nagoya to assist the squad A soldier and punish those dark alliance!Bookmark here

Magnia : bring judgement upon those who distrupting the order and peace of this land!Bookmark here

Aori and chi : yes, ma'am!! *Saluting before the duo then leaving the room and make their way into special room of their own as their uniform already prepared, where aori and chi change their school uniform into their litch uniform and equip the weapon of their own where aori bringing her rapier with her and chi with her metal plate gauntlet*Bookmark here

Aori and chi : *after they done dressing up, they then leave the HQ away and took a lift to going down into an underground basement where aori squadron all have been waiting for both their captain and liutenant to come*Bookmark here

Aori and chi : *getting in into one of the cars and sit tightly*Bookmark here

Aori : GO!Bookmark here

Litch soldier : yes, ma'am!!Bookmark here

*Brmm!!! Aori and her whole squadrons driving away from the basement of litch HQ as total of 10 military cards was sent as backup force to assist the first squad sent before aori and her squad*Bookmark here

*Screen not too long later as aori and her squad arrive at the harbor where the dark alliance is in middle of fire againts the weakned squad A with their gunsBookmark here

Squad A soldier 1 : ugh! At this rate...!Bookmark here

Squad A soldier 2 : h-hey...! Look!! Reinforcement!!!Bookmark here

*Aori and her squad immediately dispatched from their cars as they all storming straight into the battlefield while aori staying behind leading the teamBookmark here

Aori : *standing behind the squadron*
All unit! Give all your support to the squad A! Do not let any of those dark alliance successfully escape from this harbor!Bookmark here

*Jleg jleg jleg"!!! The many numbers of aori squad quickly overwhelmed the dark alliance member in numbers and save the squad A from their inevitable demise*Bookmark here

*Dor dor dor dor dor!*Bookmark here

Squad A soldier 1 : oh!! Thanks! You all a big help!!Bookmark here

Aori : some of you who could still move, carry those who are injured and retreat away from the battlefield! Bookmark here

Aori : get into the medical unit and get your wound treated!Bookmark here

Squad A soldier 3 : h-hey! Did you hear that, kanzaki!? I saved you now! Bookmark here

*That soldier 3 relief and then immediadly carrying his injured friend away with him, followed by many other soldier with similiar or worse injury as they all passing aori one by one while on their way to save either their injured friend or they themselves*Bookmark here

Aori : *watching the battlefield intensely as she responsible to make this operation successful*Bookmark here

Aori : squad A and C! Deter those who tried to escape from the left!Bookmark here

Aori : squae B and D! Continue pressing forward! While the other stay to kept the position hold!Bookmark here

Soldier's : YES, MA'AM!!!Bookmark here

Aori : chi! Can you hear me!? *Bring out her magic communication stone to talking with chi from faraway*Bookmark here

Chi : right and clear, captain!!Bookmark here

Aori : i leave the advancing for you!! Can you do it!?Bookmark here

Chi : who do you think you're talking with!? Of course i am, captain!Bookmark here

*Screen to chi side as she leading the advancing unit with her*Bookmark here

Dark alliance terrorist : kuh!! Damn litch!! *Dor""! All of the dark alliance in the sight open their fire againts chi and her squad, but chi jumping away first ahead and slam her feet to the ground as she create a shockwave which knock away all of the evil dark alliance into the air before they all then falling back to the ground* *bruk"!!*Bookmark here

Litch soldier's : *hold and capture all the dark alliance on the ground one by one as they lock their hand together with cuff*Bookmark here

Dark alliance terrorist : ugh! D-dang it..!!Bookmark here

Operator 1 : captain! Squad A and C has successfully deterring the dark alliance from the east side!Bookmark here

Operator 2 : squad B and D too has successfully branching though deeper further inside!Bookmark here

Aori : good! Tell them to kept it up a- *pip pip!! Suddenly a emergency signal was heard loudly from inside the operator car*Bookmark here

Operator 1 : *answering the emergency call* whats wrong!?Bookmark here

Litch soldier? : *Bzt bzt... His voice was unable to be heard clearly as if there a distrubance within the communication line* lp...! ....h....l...! Bookmark here

Operator 1 : hello?! Which squad is it!? Please do inform your status!Bookmark here

Aori : *concerned of the riot she heard coming from the operator side as she walking into the car*Bookmark here

Aori : whats wrong ?Bookmark here

Litch soldier? :! H-he...lp....!Bookmark here

Aori : *heard his plea though the communication and come to the operator side to answer him directly* what's wrong!? What happened!?Bookmark here

Litch soldier? : C......t..n...!! *Bzt...bzt...* O-our...squad...!Bookmark here

Aori : *looking away into of the operators* what are you both doing!? locate the source of the transmission!Bookmark here

Operator's ; h-haik!!! *Quickly snapped away as they immediately tried to locate the source of the transmission*Bookmark here

Aori : *return back to the communication* hello!? Are you still there!? Hang on! Reinforcement is already on their way to help you! Just- !Bookmark here

Litch soldier? : U-UWAHHH!!! *BZT!!!! the communication suddenly abruptly cutted with a loud scream before it then cutted off completely*Bookmark here

Aori : !!?? Hello!? Hello!? *She tried to call for her as much she can hoping for the worst to didnt come and pass at all*Bookmark here

Operator 1 : i-i found the source of the transmission, ma'am!Bookmark here

Operator 1 : i-its coming from squad b and d...!Bookmark here

Aori : !!?? What did you say!?Bookmark here

Operator 2 : c-contacting squad b and d! *Pip pip pip! Tried her best to contact squad b and d who highly likely caught up with a huge trouble*Bookmark here

Operator 2 : i-it failed...! W-we were unable to connect at all with anyone from squad b and d!Bookmark here

Aori : try again! Use the emergency line!Bookmark here

Operator 1 : that too didnt work! W-we completely lost contact with the squad b and d!Bookmark here

Operator 2 : c-captain!! *Calling out to aori in her panic*Bookmark here

Aori : *trying to staying calm as she grab her communication stone and tried to call chi by herself*Bookmark here

*But no matter how much she tried, she couldn't connect to chi at all*Bookmark here

Aori : *worry slowly overwhelmed her as she really afraid something has happened to her squad mainly chi*Bookmark here

Aori : *turning away as she about to leave the car*Bookmark here

Operator 1 : !? C-captain!? Where are you going!?Bookmark here

Operator 2 : captain!!!Bookmark here

Aori : *both of the operator tried their best to call out for her but Aori too focus on her way to save chi and didn't hear their word at all* (hold on, chi! I am on my way now!)Bookmark here

*Tap tap tap! Aori make her way as fast as she can deeper into the harbor to save chi and her whole squad!*Bookmark here

*As aori kept running deeper and deeper, she running away passing a lots of crates and stuff along the way while looking to left and right*Bookmark here

Aori : *running* (where is it...!? Where are they...!?)Bookmark here

*Tap tap suddenly a couple of dark alliance terrorist blocking her ways as they stand right infront of aori*Bookmark here

Aori : !? *Stopped in mid of her way* wha..?Bookmark here

Dark alliance thug 1 : oh ? Look who actually coming in here by herself, elder brother!Bookmark here

Dark alliance thug 2 : yeah, to think the famous captain aori coming in by herself... Its our lucky day, little brother! HahahaBookmark here

Aori : *feel anger by the way the 2 thug talking and looking while sheathing her rapier out* do tell me...where do you guys kept my subordinate is ?Bookmark here

Aori : do tell me that and i will at least reconsider your punishmentBookmark here

Dark alliance thug 1 : huh ?Bookmark here

Dark alliance thug 2 : like you would actually do any of that! In the end you going to still execute us didn't you!?Bookmark here

Aori : the very least i could make them as painless as possible as i can...Bookmark here

Dark alliance thug 1 : SEE!? YOU ALL LITCH ARE THE SAME!! DIE, CAPTAIN!!!Bookmark here

*Both the dark alliance thug pulling out a pair of iron club to hit and smack aori to her death but aori easly dodging their iron club by kept moving away to side again and again*Bookmark here

*Dhum dhum dhum!*Bookmark here

Dark alliance thug 2 : h-huh!? *Confused as neither he nor the other thug capable to hit her at all as aori already taken her stance to finish them both off*Bookmark here

Aori : *standing elegantly while holding her rapier with both her hand next to her face* reclamation syntax... FROST SPEAR!!!! *BWOSH!!! aori thrust her rapier fiercely forward piercing though both of the thug body with an sharp ice thrust at the same time and finish them off!*Bookmark here

*Skill! : Frost spear*Bookmark here

Both dark alliance thug : *slowly collapsing away backwards as their life is vanishing away*Bookmark here

*Bruk!Bookmark here

Aori : *swing her rapier away to the side as she returning back to her stance slowly while looking back down to the death body of the thug siblings for a moment*Bookmark here

Aori : . . . *Looking back forward as she was about to continue going forward until she was suddenly stopped by a sound of a clapping hand* Bookmark here

*Clap clap clap"*Bookmark here

Middle age man voice : happy birthday,captain! Just as rumoured! you really are strong!Bookmark here

Aori : !? *Looking around her as she completely heard the voice* who is it!?Bookmark here

*Screen coming from infront of her as a certain bizzare looking middle age man in purple tuxedo emerge out from behind the crateBookmark here

Aori : *immediately recognize who that shady man is* you are.... One of dark alliance leader... Joseph!!Bookmark here

Joseph : *chuckling evilly while walking closer to aori*Bookmark here

Joseph : to think the famous captain of litch, aori-sama know my name.. i am truly honoured! Kekeke!Bookmark here

Aori : *took her battle stance once again* you..! What are you doing here...!?Bookmark here

Joseph : me ? I was in a middle of an "errand"...until one of litch guard caught one of my man off and then causing all of these havoc...Bookmark here

Aori : whatever is this errand you meant, i know for certain it isnt for anything goodBookmark here

Aori : i will arrest you here! But before that, answer me of what did you do to my subordinate!?Bookmark here

Joseph : subordinate...? meant those soldier that i meet while on my way here ?Bookmark here

Joseph : "i killed them"... "Every single one of them...."Bookmark here

Aori : !? What...!?Bookmark here

Joseph : oh yes.... I am also remember to seen a rather small child too among them... She was quite handful.... KekekeBookmark here

Aori : *was baited by joseph word as she immediately attacking him out of fury* JOSEPH!!!! *SKILL! : Ice spear!!!*
*Swosh!! Aori ice spear flew straight to joseph but a certain invisible barrier protect him away and deflect her attack away into the surrounding area* *duar!*Bookmark here

Aori : !? What!?Bookmark here

Joseph : kekeke! You gotten way too hot there, captain... How about a little birthday present to cheer you up a little..? *Clap both his hand twice as suddenly around aori feet 4 birthday box was created*Bookmark here

Aori : !? *Saw each of the box near her*Bookmark here

Joseph : happy birthday! Captain!Bookmark here

*Duar"!! All the box suddenly explode trying to kill and drag aori with them!Bookmark here

Aori : *was manage to safe herself first before hand as she jumping away from the smoke* *wosh!*Bookmark here

Aori : *srakk!!! Slowly landing herself* kuh! *Injured a little bit as the explosion got her to some extent*Bookmark here

Joseph : kekekeBookmark here

Aori : (just now...magic..? Thats explain of how he could finish off all of the squad b and d..!)Bookmark here

Joseph : careful now, captain, if you not careful you will lose your life you know~Bookmark here

Aori : ..wha..? *Sudden realize something as she then looking underneath her feet as there a birthday box of joseph*Bookmark here

Aori : !? (Since when..!?)Bookmark here

Joseph : kekeke!! happy birthday!!!!Bookmark here

Aori : kuh!! *Drak! Stomp upon the box as she doing it out of reflect for her to attempt to freeze the box away and stop it before it could explode but she was too late and it exploded first* *duar!!!!!*Bookmark here

Aori : *waa caught by the blast as she thrown away backwards and rammed straight into a big metal crater before them slammed back to the ground, badly injured*Bookmark here

Aori : u-ugh..!Bookmark here

Joseph : kekeke! *Walk few step forward to see a clearer view of aori*Bookmark here

Aori : *lying down weakly on the ground*Bookmark here

Joseph : looks like this is the end of the line... Captain... KekekeBookmark here

Aori : u-ugh. . . *Tried her best to move but she couldn't*Bookmark here

Joseph : considering your reaction though the battle..looks like you let your feeling get the better of youBookmark here

Joseph : you really care about your subordinate a lot didnt you ? KekekeBookmark here

Aori : s-say... whatever you want....but do not think that...i..ugh..Bookmark here

Aori : will let you to just scoff around freely...Bookmark here

Aori : i promise that i will get you...and deliver your proper punishment..! *Tried to standing up again but she failed yet again to standing up!* *Bruk!* Ugh!Bookmark here

Joseph : kekeke! Staying tough until the very end... Thats a captain of litch for you!Bookmark here

Joseph : but as i wonder i taking the very last breath of yours.. could you still keeping such expression just the way you are now ?Bookmark here

Joseph : hm~~? KekekekeBookmark here

Aori : u-ugh...!Bookmark here

*Screen return back to the couple operator back at the car*Bookmark here

Operator 1 : *pip..pip..* *hear the noise her detector sensing* h-hm ?Bookmark here

Operator 2 : what is it ?Bookmark here

Operator 1 : t-there something appear on the sensor... *Checking for what could possibly is it though her computer*Bookmark here

Operator 2 : is it the enemy ? Bookmark here

Operator 1 : *continue to typing* no.. judging from the pattern- *pip pip!* *She tried to find out of what it is as she suddenly surprised*Bookmark here

Operator 1 : !? W-what is this!??Bookmark here

Operator 1 : *looking though her sensor as the beeping object it detect is flying away at an extremely fast speed though the detector*Bookmark here

Operator 2 : *looking into the as operator 1* w-what is this!!? Its too fast!Bookmark here

Operator 1 : c-calculating for its route..! Its destination is..! *Continue to typing until the result was in and shocked both of the operator as both of the operator then coming out from the car and right above their head a couple of figure is flying away in high speed!*Bookmark here

Bookmark here

*Refference of one of the mysterious figure as she was but a small child with 6 deep BLOOD red wing emerge from her back and dark red empty eyes, carrying the other mysterious figure with both her arm, flying with her*Bookmark here

Bookmark here

*Refference of the other mysterious figure except having gray hair in contrast to the first mysterious figure which is white as he grabbed on to the first mysterious figure with his right hand while holding a deep red BLOOD blade with him on his left hand*Bookmark here

*The operator duo was manage to see the mysterious figure for a fraction of second before the 2 mysterious figure flying away disappeared from their sight as they were too fast to be seen*Bookmark here

Operator's : *lost word of what to say as they barely seen of what exactly passing them*Bookmark here

Operator 1 : j-just now....Bookmark here

*Screen return back to aori side joseph was going to finish her off for good*Bookmark here

Joseph : kekeke! With you finished... Captain.. all i need to do now is just explode those box and you will be going to meet your comrade again in the other world!!!Bookmark here

Aori : u-ugh...! *Closing her eyes in desperation* (i-is this really it...?)Bookmark here

Aori : (there still a lot more things that i wanted to do...)Bookmark here

Aori : (since my childhood..i always dreaming to become a field marshal someday...thats why i dedicated all of my life to fulfilled that very dream of mine...)Bookmark here

Aori : (but right now.. i couldn't even protect my own subordinate and let chi die!)Bookmark here

Aori : (i am truly pitiful!) *Aori shead a tiny piece of her tear as she crying over her powerlessness and feel a deep guilt of what happened*Bookmark here

Joseph : so long!! Capt-!!! *Syut!! Tring!!! Suddenly from the red moon above the night sky a deep red BLOOD blade is coming straight down and straight pierce though the ground with its sharp edge cutting though joseph line as the blade stab right between joseph and aori*Bookmark here

Aori and joseph : *fell silence as they were surprised by the suddenly out of nowhere distruption*Bookmark here

Jospeh : n-nani ? *Looking into the blade until suddenly a dark shadow coming down from above and grab the blade out from the ground! Revealing the same BLOOD red eyes man from before as the owner of that blade as he stood with his battle stance facing joseph as he staring straight into his soul with his pair of BLOOD red eyes*Bookmark here

*BWOSH!!!!Bookmark here

Mysterious male : . . .Bookmark here

Aori : *widen eyes in surprised as she were to be taken aback by the sudden apperance of someone she didnt recognize at all*Bookmark here

Joseph : ...a young man...? Who in the world are you ? Cant you see t- Bookmark here

Mysterious male : *suddenly cutting though his line* answer me...Bookmark here

Mysterious male : *keeping his battle stance with the BLOOD red blade still on his hand while the red moon light shine upon his shiloutte adding the extremey creepy air coming from this male..*Bookmark here

Mysterious male : are you...the main leader of dark allaince...?Bookmark here

*He asking him like any ordinary person is, but because of the air and aura he emitted, its sounds like threat rather than questionsBookmark here

Joseph : *didnt know of how to answer him either as he could feel the mysterious make stare to him as if he staring deeply straight into his soul and wouldn't mind to rip them apart at any moment*Bookmark here

Joseph : *sweating badly while standing up while the rest of his body slowly trembling with fear and panic*Bookmark here

Mysterious male : . . . Hey... Didnt you heard of why i say....? I would only ask them once.....Bookmark here

Joseph : !? *Snapped back to reality as the mysterious male start speaking again*Bookmark here

Joseph : D-dont be ridiculous...just who in the world do you think you are....? A child like you who coming out from nowhere like that! Do you really think that i will tell you just like- Bookmark here

*sring!!! The mysterious male didn't waste any of his time at all as he cut joseph arm before he could even finish his sentence causing his blood to splattered all over the mid air*Bookmark here

Joseph : . . . Eh...?Bookmark here

Mysterious male : . . .Bookmark here

Aori : *taken completely surprised by what she saw as joseph arm flying away and then falling back to the ground right before her eyes*Bookmark here

*Tluk tluk...Bookmark here

*From joseph cutted arm, pool of blood surrounded his cutted arm followed by Joseph himself as he screaming away in pain as he finally feel the pain of his arm being cutted*Bookmark here

Joseph : GYAAAA!!!!!!!!! M-MY ARM!!!!!!!!!!! UWOGHH!!!! UGHH!!! *Walking away backward as he continues to squirming in pain*Bookmark here

Mysterious male : . . . *Bash his blade away to the side to clean all the dirty blood from his blade*Bookmark here

Joseph : U-UGH!!! AGHH!!!!!!!Bookmark here

*Syut! Flap flap flap!! From above the mysterious girl joining the mysterious male as she slowly landing and standing at the very tip of the male blade is like a bird she is, where together with the mysterious male create even more terror vibe together.... As if they are representative of "DEATH"*Bookmark here

Aori : (a....a... Bookmark here


*DUAR"""!!!!*Bookmark here


*Couldn't finish his sentence as from the smoke, a huge large red BLOOD wing from the mysterious girl protecting the duo mysterious from the explosion*Bookmark here

Joseph : *couldn't believe of what he saw at all as he taking few steps backwards in disbelief* s-sona..!?Bookmark here

Mysterious male : *crink! Weild his blade to the side as its then suddenly glowing with red light and transform into a giant red scythe... Big enough to cut any human in half*Bookmark here

Joseph : Y-YAMERO...!!! D-DONT DO IT!!!Bookmark here




*The screen stay dark for a few moment....until its slowly reopening again this time as white room with lightBookmark here

Aori : *opening her eyes slowly as she regained her consiouness once again*
U-ugh...?Bookmark here

Aori : w-where.... Am i...?? *Confused of where she is as she has lost track of time until chi were to suddenly hugging her from the side*Bookmark here

Chi : CAPTAIN!!!!!! Bookmark here

Aori : !? Bookmark here

Chi : you finally awake!!! I am so glad!!!! I-i thought you have completely gone!!! Huwahhh!!! *Crying loudly to express just how much worry she is*Bookmark here

Aori : c-chi...? W-whats wrong ? Why did yo-Bookmark here

Chi : whats wrong!? You were badly injured! Have you forgotten about it!?Bookmark here

Aori : !?Bookmark here

Chi : t-things were completely out of control and i...i was..!Bookmark here

Aori : *slowly remembered of what happened as she was reminded* thats right...back then...i was...Bookmark here

Chi : huwehhhh!!!!Bookmark here

Aori : c-calm down now...chi...try to fill me in whats has been going on... I need to know what actually happened..Bookmark here

*Screen to aori bit later on alone on hospital rooftop as the wind breeze blewing her hair away*Bookmark here

Aori : *looking away into the distance blue sky far at the edge of horizon*Bookmark here

Aori narrator : after i fell unconscious...a search team dispatched by magnia find us all...Bookmark here

Aori narrator : most of us were found safely including chi...Bookmark here

Aori narrator : chi stated that, she would have been die if she havent been saved during the last moment by one of those mysterious people....Bookmark here

*Screen to what actually happened as a new squad was dispatched and come to the harbor and save everyone else including aori herself and chi was in trouble until the mysterious girl come to her aid and killed off the dark alliance that surrounding her before taking her leave herself without saying anything*Bookmark here

Aori narrator : in a sense... If it isnt because of those mysterious people..all of my subordinate and including me would have die by now...Bookmark here

Aori narrator : but due to the lack of information..the upper side decided to deem the duo to be dangerous... At least until its confirmed of who they actually are and what their objective is...litch will seen them as but a threat and need to be exterminated...Bookmark here

Aori narrator : and for the same reason...the upper side decided to call those duo as "GRIMSON" to address them bothBookmark here

Aori : (grimson....) *Remembering how brutal they killed joseph and the aura coming from them*Bookmark here

Aori : (they completely dangerous people.....i am maybe own my life to them..but it was my duty to capture them...)Bookmark here

Aori : (and when i do i will expose all your identity!)Bookmark here

Aori : (you have my word for sure, grimson!)Bookmark here

*End of chapter*
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