Chapter 2:

Vol.1 Ch.2: The Classical Shock

The Ultimate Classroom

School Bell OST

"Having a big brain is better than a smooth brain." ALTaccounti

Shimogyō-ku, Kyoto, Japan (Friday 12:00 AM)

"Is it here?" The man who gave Naibu a ride asked.


"Well, good lord is it massive."


I mean I am from a wealthy family that owns a construction business in Kyoto.

The man parked in front of a giant traditional 3 story mansion type house decorated with black brown and white colors with in front of the main entrance 2 cement pillars with 2 identical youkai standing on top of it.

"I guess this is goodbye huh." The man said.

"I guess so mister, thanks for giving me a ride home." Naibu said leaving the car.

"No problem!" The man said with a smile and left.

Naibu made his way through the garden and opened the door with his keys, his parents instantly greeting him as they were clearly waiting for his arrival.

Hey son!" His father greeted.


"How did it go?" His mom asked.

"I passed the exams, due to mass disqualification of people who cheated." Naibu answered.

"Huh, I guess it's still the same." Naibu's father said under his breath.


"Uh nothing."

"Anyways it's great to hear that you passed, but that means you are probably leaving us very soon." Naibu's mother said.

"Yeah, but I am just really excited to go there, oh I almost forgot. I need to tell my brother the news! I'll be upstairs in my room if you need me!"

After Naibu ran upstairs his parents had a little chat.

"Honey, do you think it was a good choice to let him attend that school?" Naibu's mother asked.

"To be honest Katsura totally changed after he graduated from there and we chose to raise him in a more modern friendly way, but then again its his wish to go there so I will not stop him."

"Hmm that is true, I just hope he stays himself in there."

Naibu was in his room. He pulled out his phone and sat on his bed which was in a white room with a study desk, a walk-in closet, personal bathroom and its own small balcony.

It's been half a year since I contacted him, after he finished high school he was at home for a year. He never told anything of his life in school and didn't like to talk in general. His eyes were filled with some type of anger back then. He finished the private University program a while ago and now has a high position within the construction company.

Naibu called his number and his brother picked up.

Naibu: Katsura?

Katsura: Naibu, it better be something interesting or else I am hanging up. I got better things to do then talk about general topics.

Naibu: I made it to Danshaku High School.

Katsura: Pfft hahaha. You must be a real imbecile, the fact that you even passed, since I damn well know you didn't know about the rates, but then again you only had to not cheat to get in, so it's understandable, anyhow listen here little brother that school isn't for happy go lucky types like yourself.

Naibu: I don't care what you tell me, I will attend that school and I will experience the same things you did, as you never wanted to tell me!

Katsura: You know what? Suit yourself, it only means less competition for me. Call me again after half a year, let's see if you are still normal by then.

Naibu: Why are you always so pessimistic?!

Katsura: Why are you always so optimistic?!

Naibu: Why are always so wannabe realistic?!

Katsura: And why are you always so damn unrealistic?! You know what? I don't have time for these stupid games.

Katsura closed the call.

Even though we ask each other every time we speak, we know that the answer lies within our different way of upbringing and the school too in my brother's case.

Naibu had a normal Friday with playing some games together with his former middle school friends, eating together with his parents, walking around a bit in the garden when bored and watching some UsTube until he fell asleep.

(Saturday 10:00 AM)

Naibu did the usual morning procedure and went downstairs to have breakfast. He had some miso soup. When suddenly the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it dad." Naibu said.


Naibu walked over to the door and opened it, it was a postman with a box in his hand.

"This package is for Mister Naibu Henko?" The postman asked.

"Yeah that is me."

"Then could you please sign here."

Naibu signed the paper and received the box, the postman went back to his car and Naibu closed the door.

"What is that package?" Naibu's mother asked.

"I don't know, let's open it I guess."

Naibu opened the box with a knife he took from the kitchen. A blue school uniform with the letters D.S.H with golden angelic wings were perfectly sewn into it.

"It's the school uniform!"

"Oh let me see." Naibu's father stood up.

Naibu took it out of the box. There was a winter and summer version there.

"They look nice." Naibu's mother commented.


After breakfast he took the clothing and went upstairs again. He was about to game again with friends, but he decided to check his mail.

A got a new mail and it was from the school.

He clicked on it.



Subject: Procedure

Greetings Mister Henko,

On Monday we ask you to bring nothing else, but your uniform and a bag. That means also you must leave your phone at home, as we will give you a new one, because as you know, students will live on campus for the next 3 years. (if you make it that far at least)

You are placed in class 1A at the entrance. There will be various people with a paper that reads your class name on it, please wait until the rest of your class arrives so that you can be guided to your classroom as the rest will be explained there.

We expect you to reach here before 9:00 AM and hope you will have a fun time at our school.

With kind regards,

Dachi Densetsu

Danshaku High School Chairman


The phone part seems weird, but whatever and what am I going to wear there then? Unless they give me clothes there, which is the only possibility I can think of.

Eh too much thinking I will play some games with my friends.

Saturday and Sunday passed in a normal fashion.

(Monday 7:00 AM)

Naibu got his things packed, well more like he has his uniform on and has a bag with him. He went to the mirror in the bathroom one last time.

He had dark gray long spiked hair, brown eyes, pale skin and a rather skinny body type.

Alright I look eh.. decent enough?

Naibu went downstairs and hugged his parents one last time as they wouldn't see each other for at least 3 years. Naibu then waved goodbye as he walked to the bus stop and took line 54 that would take him straight to Danshaku High School as the end destination.

He picked a seat next to the back next to the window as he looked at all the people walking on the side of the street and saw the cars racing through. After another bus stop a boy stepped in. He had dark brown spiky hair till his shoulders, bronze eyes and a semi trained build, wearing the same blue uniform as Naibu. The boy noticed him and sat next to Naibu.

"Hey dude!" He called.


"I remember you from the day at the entrance exam."

"Oh, I barely remember anyone as everything went so fast."

I mean I was busy with the test and that lady said something really strange to me, so I couldn't really focus on the people around me.

"Yeah my name is Tenshi Keiken, Class 1B!" He introduced.

I have a urge to ask why he knew about the cheating rates, but I feel that it is dangerous territory, so it's better to just not mention it.

"Well, I am Naibu Henko, Class 1A. Nice to meet you."

"Oh different class from me huh? But that doesn't matter, we can still be friends right?" Tenshi asked.

"Sure, I wish I could have added you on Bine, but we had to leave our phones at home."

"At least we are getting new ones." Tenshi added.


After an hour and a half the bus reached the massive open school gate, both Naibu and Tenshi stepped out of the bus and looked around. There were a lot of students wearing different school uniform colors and they were either conversating, being lost or just alone.

"I love the liveliness around here already!" Tenshi commented.

Naibu nodded. After they passed the school gate there were 5 different people with each a plasticized paper with the Class 1A till 1E on it.

"I guess we have to separate here bud." Tenshi said.

"Yeah, but I am sure we will have another chance to meet."

"Right, see you around."

"Bye." Naibu waved.

He went over to the man holding the Class 1A sign, it seems Naibu was the last one who arrived as the rest was already waiting for a while.

"Follow me." The man said.

Everyone followed the man into the school building when they reached the main entrance, they turned left where 5 classrooms were located. They were let into Class 1A.

"Okay everyone please sit down as your assigned homeroom teacher will come very shortly." The man left.

Hmmm where should I sit?

The rest already sat down and there was only one seat left.

Well, never mind in the corner against the window it is.

After Naibu sat down a boy stood up.

"How about we introduce ourselves before the teacher comes in." A boy proposed.

"Sure, but let's just keep it short. We have plenty time to get know each other." A girl sitting on the first row in the left corner replied.

"Alright then I will start, I am Fujimura Sora." He introduced.

He had short black hair, red eyes, pale skin and a tiny scar on his left cheek with a semi trained build.

All the people stood up and said their names in turn.

"Shigeru Sugimoto"

"Jin Yuudai"

"Obara Matsume"

"Kyoko Murayama"

"Hinata Furuya"

"Hiroko Yasui"

"Yuure Sasao"

"Ai Umemoto"

"Sayuri Ozaki"

"Minori Oishi"

"Naibu Henko"

"Sato Akiro"

"Bito Serato"

He had a black curled hair, yellow eyes and pale skin with a birthmark above his left eye; he also had a loop in his left pocket.

The rest looked at a girl that has yet to say her name while she was reading a book, she looked up, quite annoyed and introduced herself.

"Fine... I am Sawada Gina, can you all stop staring and let me be now?" She asked while she went back to her book.

She had light blue long hair which had a fed flower hairpin in it, blue eyes, pale skin with 2 freckles on her left cheek.

"Sure." Fujimura replied.

Suddenly the door opened. It was the homeroom teacher alone with 2 men that put 2 boxes down and left.

Everyone sat down.

"Hello students, my name is Mizu Jigoku and I am your homeroom teacher." She introduced.

She had long blond hair wrapped in a ponytail, black eyes, pale skin and wore a white dress shirt along with some white jeans.

"Before we start with class I will explain to you some things that you need to know, in the first box are your new phones, since you are not allowed to contact anyone outside unless it's an emergency, the phones automatically block outside numbers. All of them are already personalized, so you don't have to worry about setting them up. Your phone also holds the info of your Room number at the dorms and in the back of is a keycard in order to enter your room, you can keep it there or hold separate whatever you desire. There is also a box with basic clothes in your room, but of course you can always buy new ones at the stores. Now this school is based on real money, but until mid term everything will be free. Oh and do not think that just because your Class A means having a better experience as every class is equal, at least for now."

"Wow, that is awesome!" Sato said.

The class started to smile and cheer.


The class quieted down.

"The 5 students with the lowest midterm grades averages will get expelled, so enjoy time here while you still can, oh and do not think that just because your Class A means having a better experience as every class is equal, at least for now."

"Welcome to Danshaku High School." Mizu laughed.

Holy crap, that is so cruel! And what does she mean by that last sentence?!

"What this is ridiculous!" Jin shouted.

"Yeah what kind of school does that!" Ai added.

"We have to protest!" Kyoko slammed her hand on the table.

"If you all don't calm down right now, might as well send you all back home. How about that?" Mizu said with a deep tone.

The students said back down with clear anger and confusion on their faces.

"Now, one by one take your phones and in the other box are the books."

Everyone grabbed their new phone and books and sat back to their seats.

"Alright, let's begin with our first lesson!"


Well holy crap! The 5 lowest averages on the test will be expelled, but at least 6 weeks of free stuff am I right? XD

Mizu seems to leave her students in the dark regarding certain info, I wonder what that could be lol.

Also you may have noticed that not everyone's appearance is described, but the reason why I leave up to you.

Anyways I hope all of you enjoyed this chapter and until next time.