Chapter 4:

Vol. 1 - Reverie 1.3: Sweet Cotton Clouds!

Limerence Somnium (Demo)

Ichigo's best friend, Risa, stood before her. She was now in her demon form. Nothing much had changed from her original appearance but she was a demon after all, her very presence exuded terror in the hearts of anyone. Well, Ichigo was a demon as well, it's not like this was all that surprising to her. What was surprising to Ichigo is that it was her fault that Risa had swapped into her demon form so suddenly. After making direct eye contact, she had snapped Risa into Daydream Mode. 





"Oh no." Ichigo already knew what her only options were before Risa would even do anything. 

Option 1: Run for it. 

Option 2: Run for it. 

Option 3: Run for- 

THIS ISN'T THE TIME TO BE THINKING ABOUT THESE OPTIONS, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME ANYWAY, THIS IS THE TIME TO RUN!!!! And so, Ichigo dashed away with all her might. Except, there was a little problem with those three options. They are currently atop the academy's roof. Sure the place was quite big, at least she would have some space to run but... this was big for a human, not for a demon. 

❧ Demon fact #1: These being posses 20 times more physical abilities than any regular humans, this included both strength and speed.   

Ichigo forced her legs to move fast, the wind created by her dash made her long hair sway from side to side... only for like a second. She had already reached the other edge of the roof, it was a dead end. What was she running from though? Oh right! Risa! She was giving chase while moving just as fast. 

But there was still a ray of hope! A new path had opened for Ichigo, one that had taken the shape of... a road of clouds?! 

Daydream Mode had started. This was both her salvation and the reason she was in this situation in the first place. 

Exposition time!!

So what do we know about dreams? It's something almost everyone experiences, some people might remember some things, some people might not remember anything at all. But what is one common knowledge about dreams? That they are always weird! They never follow any real logic or the laws of nature. 

And why do we need to know this? Because it links right back into Daydream Mode! 

Unlike regular dreams, Daydreams are created from people's imagination. They can be like a conscious dream or delusion that people have control over. 

Well, that's for regular "people."

❧ Demon fact #2: Demons are able to amplify any supernatural occurrence by 100 times more than any regular humans. (Yes, they can see ghosts and aliens too!) 

To a demon, a dream is a supernatural occurrence and a daydream is just an extension of that. So by amplifying it, that "daydream" merges with the real world and starts to alter the very laws of nature! 

And Daydream Mode doesn't cause a regular daydream either, it snaps the other person into a regular dream-like state.

Of course, even as demons, this is an occurrence outside their powers. Meaning, they can't control their own daydreams while in Daydream Mode! 

Meaning... the current Risa isn't acting rational because her mind is locked into a haze, just like in most dreams. 

But why was Risa chasing our poor little Ichigo? Simple. She was seeing her like a giant pink cotton candy!! Sadly, this wasn't the first time Ichigo ended up in this situation with Risa, she knew what was coming right away thanks to that. 

Damn, is Risa really planning to try eating her alive again?! Plan, plan, gotta think of a plan! Of course, Ichigo could just fly away but Risa would easily give her chase. It was easier to explain two girls running across a path of clouds rather than two demons flying across the skies... wait... it was?! Either way, she had to put a halt to this as soon as possible, without looking into Risa's eyes again... without letting herself getting eaten alive and... without letting many more people see them AND without doing something that would permanently damage this world such as letting Risa eat the sun. (Anything is possible in a dream!) 

Yeah, that's all Ichigo had to do. No worries. 


"I-chan don't run!!" Risa called out to her, drool leaked out of her mouth. "I just want a tiny bite!!"

Ahhhhhhh, think Ichigo! Think!!! 

Wait, where did the cloud path go?! 

Ichigo realized she was now standing in midair, and well, that didn't last for long. She fell down across the skies immediately. Only to land on... a long table full of cotton candy atop the skies?! 

"I-chan! I-chan?! Don't leave me!!" Risa flew down and stood next to the table. But then she saw it.... a giant pile of cotton candy. 

Ichigo opened her eyes wide while buried inside all of the candy, she wouldn't put it past Risa to eat it all in one go... herself included.

"Time to dig in-!"

"AHEM." Ichigo jumped out of the pile of candy, wearing some of it like a pink afro-wig on top of her hair. "Greetings young lady, it is I, the miracle cotton-king!"



"Is the reward I-chan?!"

"NO!! I mean... cough, COUGH. Yeah, yeah! It is!! All the cotton candy you see in this table, it's an all you can eat of I-chan!!"

"Really?! Hm... but I feel bad eating all of this by myself. I know! I challenge you to a contest! If I win then I can eat you too!!"


"You are a talking cotton candy!! Wouldn't the king taste the best?! It's on!!"


At the very end, the one to win the contest, just barely, was Ichigo. She felt full and dead inside. Thankfully this counted as "goal accomplished." Whenever one was accomplished in a dream, it was likely for people to wake up. It was the same here, once a goal was accomplished, Daydream Mode was over and the two remained atop the roof once again.

"I-chan? Why did we fall asleep here?" Risa stretched out and yawned. She turned around to see an Ichigo was remained half dead on the solid ground. That was close but she now had a new concern. 

"The boss..."

"The boss?"


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