Chapter 4:

Welcome to Brimstone

Missing Reel

Welcome to Brimstone; The sign came into view as the girls reach the end of Carmilla's directions. Beyond the sign were rows of lavish houses. Each one marked with lines and a triangle.

“I thought this was a place old businessmen went to hang out.”

Jules pulled next to one of the houses. Syd noticed something in the dirt. She hopped out of the car to dig it out.

“This looked nothing like I imagined.”

“This is the reason.”

Syd showed Jules what she dug out of the dirt. It was a pamphlet that had a naked girl blowing a kiss. Next to her was the bolded words: Red-Light District.

“Wait, the entrance into this place is the red-light district!? That's wild but expected.”

“Now I get what Carmilla meant by enjoying assets.”

Jules looked puzzled at Syd. Syd hadn't told her everything that happened in the gas station. Especially about her failed flirty attempt. Syd looked around the houses to find one that looked clean enough to stay in. Her eyes locked on to a house a ways down, near the end of the Red-Light District. It had a special marking on it that resembles a sort of crown.

“How about the crown house? Maybe the head girl stayed there, so should be free of discharges.”

“Don't know. I feel like more discharges would happen there. Check the pamphlet. See if it has a map of the girls/ houses, just in case.”

Syd check the pamphlet to see. It revealed that there were multiple red-light districts, and they were in the first one. The crown on the door symbolized the queen of the district(King in one of them). The crown room was for booking entertainment and keeping track of the money. Bold letters under this said No Fun Actives ALLOWED.

“It's clean. They were used for booking girls and rooms.”

They hopped into the car and Jules parked in front of the crown house. Up close, there was a service window on the right of the crown door. In it, you could see the register and a fancy recliner chair. Syd open turned the knob and the door was open. Inside was less dusty than she imagined. There was a large brown couch near the desk attached to the window. Just behind it was a large bed that looked untouched since the last person was here. Jules looked around with a smile, noticing the lack of windows in the room. She then rushed to her car to grab her suitcase. Forgoing the clothes in there, Jules started setting up a project cloth on the wall in front of the couch.

“I don't get why you brought all that when we're not even sure this place has electricity.”

Jules finished setting up the cloth, then walked to the nearest lamp. She pulled the cord and the light came on.

“This place was run by the wealthy for the wealthy. Obviously if no one comes here anymore the bill is going to be like pocket change for these people.”

Syd brought in the snack boxes while Jules continued to finish the movie setup. After Syd finished bringing in the boxes, she immediately started rummaging around the desk. It was best to start looking for clues now rather than later. She spent a few minutes opening each draw and throwing some documents on the desk, She sat in the recliner chair. It had a comfortable but sinking feel to it.

“The chair is that good, huh?”

Jules spoke over the beeping of her car locking. She then joined Syd at the desk to see the papers in front of it.

“The look on your face tells me the chair is awesome. So I guess it's research now, movies later?”

“Of course! We came to work. Work first, then movie time.”

“But what language is this stuff in?”

Jules flipped through some papers that were out on the desk. Various glyphs were on each of them. The glyphs, neatly written as if it was done by some machine, on some parts then violently scribbled, as if done by hand, in other sections of the paper.

“There's some in English. Here, look at this.”

Syd pulled out a paper that listed Adam Thomas. He had ordered a room with Girl 15 for an hour.

“$300 an hour? Sheesh. Nice find! Where did you find it?”

“In this draw right here!”

Syd opened the second draw on her right. In there was more orders in written in English. There was a circle in the draw that caught Jules attention. She pointed to it, which made Syd flip the pages to grab it. It was a red poker chip with a demon head on the front side of it.

“A poker chip? You think there is a casino here?”

“Maybe. Gambling with a red-light district? Seems just about right.”

They studied the chip some more before Jules clapped her hands together.

“Let's see if we can find a detailed map of Brimstone, not just of the districts. That would be better than trying to check each of the rooms.”

Syd flipped through massive amounts of papers trying to find a map, while Jules stared at the random writing on the other ones. Her face seem lost in the glyphs. Syd stopped to look at Jules. She was shocked to see a sad look on her face. Jules' face soften the longer she stared at it. Tears started to well up in her eyes.

“Are you okay?”

Jules quickly wiped away the tears and cracked a soft laugh. She put the paper down and stood there for a bit. She took in small but deep breaths that made her Baphomet choker move. Each breath made it spin around in a hypnotic motion.

“Yeah. I'm fine! It's just I don't know. I feel like I've seen this writing before. Don't know where.”

Syd resumed looking through the papers. The sad look of Jules burned into her thoughts. It was a rare sight to see Jules that sad. Syd peaked up to see Jules walk back to the pile of movies she had in her bag. She flipped through them, trying to find something to put on. The only thing Syd wondered at that point was if Jules would make that fave again when she tells her the news. Syd shook her head and began to look at the draws on her left side. She didn't want to think about that just yet.

It stood across the street from the crown door. It stared at the sight of the girls struggling to open a drawer. Years have passed since new meat showed up, the figure couldn't help but drool. The figure was glad he decided to come to check out the sounds he heard. The rough sounds of a car that hasn't been checked up on in months. He began to walk slowly towards the window. Eyes locked on the silver hair of the girl.

The curls moving roughly as the girl struggled. The girl popped up fast as she yelled out a victorious cheer. The figure quickly crouched down to the floor. He used the car to shield his body.

“I found a map!”

The girl yelled out to someone. Did she bring a friend? The drool intensified for the figure. Not one but two meats? This was his lucky day. More than enough to feed him and the master. He crept until he reached the gated window. The silver haired girl held up a map of the town. She gazed at it happily. Her purple eyes almost resembled stars as they raced across each location on it.

“Great! Do you see a casino on there?”

The sounds of another girl tickled the ears of the figure. He whiffed in the aroma of them to see if the other girl was just as ripe as the one in front of him. After the sweetness of the silver hair finished dancing in his noise, a harsh smell hit him. This smell made his back curl up as if there was an enemy nearby. Tainted Meat. The figure's shoulders began to sink until the sight of the silver hair's chest came into view. 

The extreme size of her chest relaxed his back. The drool flooded back with extreme force. He wiped the lime green fluid from his mouth. He started to lose control. Before he realized, he was at the gates of the window. Eyes furiously lock on the movement of the flesh trapped behind the plaid shirt. He willed himself to look away. Suddenly he saw the Silver Hair's purple eyes move towards him. He dashed to his right. Making sure his feet remained light. He stopped at the house next to it. Knowing the limited view from the cage, this was the perfect place to stop.

He struggled a bit to catch his breath. Pulling the air deeply through his noise to limit the excess sound. Being out when the sun out was dangerous, so he scaled the house. His hand clawed in perfectly as he made his way up the house.

"What's wrong? You see something outside?"

"Nah. I thought I did, though. It's probably a bird or something, since I don't hear anything."

He smiled, knowing he wasn't caught. When he reached the roof, he plotted the route of houses he had to travel on to get back home. After finding the route, he stood there. The sun revealing his true form as a monstrous shadow spread out behind him. He lost that much control that he could maintain a silhouette anymore. He peeled his lips back. Razor teeth dripping green fluid as the sight of the Silver Hair's chest came into his mind. He knew he had to plan this out carefully. He couldn't screw this up.  

With large leaps, he made his way back to his home. He couldn't wait to tell the master what he saw. His excitement didn't let up until his home, The Lost Pluto Casino, came into view.

Missing Reel