Chapter 1:

The day humanity died.

Attack on Ghoul!

"On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls. We were nothing more than livestock being hunted by beasts who found their way through our fence."Bookmark here

XXth July 845Bookmark here

"Eren." A soft voice reached me in the middle of a field. "Why are you crying?"Bookmark here

A breeze rustled the grass surrounding me and the light that pierced through my eyelids gets dispersed by a looming shadow. I wiped the water flowing down the sides of my face.Bookmark here

There was a black-haired girl above me as I opened my eyes. I got back up.Bookmark here

"Did you get your lot of wood?"Bookmark here

"Yes." Mikasa replied.Bookmark here

"Let's go back then!" The smell of peonies, the gentle embrace of the cool spring wind, and a swaying plain.Bookmark here

The life inside the walls was peaceful. We walked into the town with a smile on our faces.Bookmark here

"Oi, you rotten old man. Stop drinking in the morning." I yelled at the guard.Bookmark here

"If it isn't the Yeager kids. How've you two been?"Bookmark here

"Tch... stop trying to change the subject and do your job properly."Bookmark here

"Do you mean sitting around all day? I'm doing that just fine."Bookmark here

"I mean protecting the walls. The titans can come through at any time!"Bookmark here

"You're being paranoid again. That'll never happen."Bookmark here

"Ugh. People like you never learn. I don't have time to talk with shitty old men like you." I ran off even though I was the one who started the farce. Mikasa silently trailed behind me.Bookmark here

"Hahahaa. Still as spunky as ever. Well, take care of yourself!"Bookmark here

:::XXX:::Bookmark here

"Mom! We're back!" I announced, busting through the door.Bookmark here

"Wash your hands and come to the table. I prepared lunch." She replied with her usual cheerful voice.Bookmark here

"Alright!"Bookmark here

Mikasa and I washed our hands in a pail of water. Then she went to help mom as I headed outside.Bookmark here

"Dad! Lunch's ready!" I shouted down the long hallway that lead to the basement.Bookmark here

"I'm coming!" He yelled back. He stayed in the basement most of the time for our sake. That's where he treated all the infectious patients.Bookmark here

I went back inside and sit myself down on the table.Bookmark here

Presented in front of me is a hearty meal. Gratin, bread, and stew.Bookmark here

"What's the occasion, honey?" My dad asked while heading to the pail of water to wash his hand as well.Bookmark here

"You should really remember your son's birthday!" She said with a happy smile.Bookmark here

"Oh, is it his birthday? Happy birthday, Eren!" The old man came down for a hug and lifted me up.Bookmark here

"Put me downnn..! I'm not a kid anymore! I'm already sixteen." The gesture of affection was embarrassing for me at the time.Bookmark here

After heeding my call, he sat down at the table and gestured as if to say 'let's eat'.Bookmark here

I started chowing down on the food.Bookmark here

"Mhmmm... so good!" I exclaimed as mom wiped my mouth.Bookmark here

"This really is good." Dad commented. "Marrying the daughter of a pub owner was the right move after all."Bookmark here

"Haha." Mom punched Dad lightly on his arm.Bookmark here

Mikasa is just eating silently, but I could tell she found the food good too.Bookmark here

This was a happy family. The quintessential familial joy you would expect from any walk of life.Bookmark here

I wanted to savour the food as much as I can, but I really didn't have the time.Bookmark here

"Mikasa hurry up! The scouts will be here any time now!"Bookmark here

"Nnh." She nodded her head and scarfed the food down at an alarming rate.Bookmark here

"You still haven't given up on that? I'm telling you to learn from me and become a great doctor. Your life will only get better once I prepare the pox cure. You are already old enough!"Bookmark here

"Nooo, dad. Working like that is just boring. I want to head out and fight titans!"Bookmark here

"But it's not sa-"Bookmark here

"It's fine, dear. Let him dream until he grows up." Mom comments. This is not a phase, though? And I'm already an adult. These people took my dreams too lightly.Bookmark here

"If you say so." Dad replied dejectedly.Bookmark here

I put the last piece of bread in my mouth and headed out. Mikasa followed me.Bookmark here

We ran through the streets and towards the main road that the scouts usually returned through.Bookmark here

By the time we arrive, they were already passing through on their horses. A few battered men, in a state that can only be described as sorry.Bookmark here

A blond-haired commander was getting shaken down by an old woman.Bookmark here

"Guess many died this time around as well."Bookmark here

"It's such a shame, Marc was young too."Bookmark here

"That's why you have to work hard and join the military police." A man told his kid.Bookmark here

'What's going on here? Why are Eldia's heroes getting treated like this?'Bookmark here

"If they can't handle the outside, they should just stop going."Bookmark here

"We are perfectly safe inside these walls."Bookmark here

'What's wrong with them?Bookmark here

Are these people satisfied with the lives of prisoners? How can they say stuff like this to our land's only hoping of being free?'Bookmark here

I couldn't stand by and watch it anymore.Bookmark here

I pulled in as much air as I could and blew it out in the largest noise I could muster.Bookmark here

"STO-Mmph!"Bookmark here

"Eren!" Mikasa grabbed my mouth and pulled me back away from the crowd.Bookmark here

"Let me go! What are you doing? I need to tell the-"Bookmark here

"Armin." She pointed at a riverbank.Bookmark here

A small blond boy was getting attacked by four other boys. My attention shifted completely.Bookmark here

"Not those guys again! Mikasa, stand back." I grabbed a stick from the side of the road and ran towards the boys. "Hey, you let go of him!"Bookmark here

"Oh look it's Eren again."Bookmark here

"He came back to play the hero."Bookmark here

"Guess we have one more plaything now."Bookmark here

The boys jumped at me. The first one swung his punch in and I dodged. An older kid came straight at me, but I bashed his face in with the stick.Bookmark here

"You little-" The second punch landed in my gut and I prepared myself for the third one. I get knocked back and kick the abdomen of whoever is in front of me.Bookmark here

I tightened my grip on the stick and hit the boy who was holding his groin.Bookmark here

All of a sudden, another boy pounced on me and pinned me to the ground.Bookmark here

One punch, two punch, three punch, there was blood.Bookmark here

"Stop." A voice came from behind me and the punches stopped.Bookmark here

"Shit it's Mikasa. Run!"Bookmark here

I got let off after one more punch. Guess I got saved again. It wasn't exactly how heroes saved the day.Bookmark here

"You really didn't have to, I almost had them." I let the rock in my hand loose.Bookmark here

"Sorry."Bookmark here

"No, it's fine."Bookmark here

I got up and wiped the blood off my face.Bookmark here

"Armin, are you alright?"Bookmark here

"Nnh!" He nods furiously. "I'm sorry I needed your help again. I'm sorry you got hurt trying to save me."Bookmark here

"What are you on about? It isn't you who should be sorry, it's those jerks!" I wiped the bottom of my nose. Mikasa nodded behind me. It sure came out cool.Bookmark here

"Let's get you fixed up."Bookmark here

I turned around and start walking. Unable to support my body properly, I called in Mikasa for support. She gladly agreed. We walked along the cloudy midday.Bookmark here

Our third step on the main road-Bookmark here

That's when hell began, and the world got purged with a shattering light and a rain of blood.Bookmark here

Thunder roared and red lightning struck. It was as if flames started rising outside the wall. Burning the rest of the world as a whole. A large red hand, dripping with blood, grabbed the wall. Little pieces of rubble started falling as the hands' grip tightened. A skull ascended from behind the wall.Bookmark here

And that's how we livestock got acquainted with the impossible fear of doom. The grim reality of having a being stronger than us. The reality of being at the mercy of beasts who can only look down on us.Bookmark here

It was the day humanity died.Bookmark here

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