Chapter 5:

Vol. 1 - Reverie 1.4: I want to meet you again!

Limerence Somnium (Demo)

Class please end already! Class please end already! Class please end already!

Vanilla, the beautiful blonde ponytail student was growing so impatient. Luckily this was her final class for the day but it was taking too long to end! Every single second felt like an eternity! She didn't understand what was happening to her body today at all. It was all because of that girl she met early! There was no other explanation! Just who was she?!

After bumping into her the first time Vanilla was so embarrassed that she had to run and hide in the bathroom until she could calm down a little but... she was supposed to have calmed down but... she was the exact opposite of calm right now!!

The sounds of the classroom were all drowned out by her thoughts. Why did she feel like this? Her heart wouldn't stop beating, she was certain her face was so red right now, but it would have been easy if that was all. Why did she feel so absurdly sleepy?! It all happened the moment her eyes met with the eyes of that girl, it was only for a split instant but Vanilla's beautiful green eyes had made contact with the demon's deadly pink eyes.

Vanilla rubbed her eyes once again, trying to fight back this sensation. This was the middle of class! Unlike certain sneaky demon, Vanilla took classes really seriously. People were always surprised, given her looks, it looked like she spent hours styling her hair and choosing a new fashionable outfit every single day.

♡ Vanilla fact #1: She was lucky to have an easy to tame hair! Even her bed hair looks nice! Contrary to expectation the time she spends styling it isn't longer than 10 minutes! And it's a natural blonde!

She couldn't care less about protecting her hair. Do you know what she loved to protect however? Her perfect scores! Missing class wasn't an option! But... this was bad. How was she supposed to concentrate like this?! What was the teacher even saying?! Sure, she was taking notes that she could come back and check later but this was distressing.

How much longer until the class ends? Five minutes?! Alright! Almost there!

God... those five minutes felt like five years. Vanilla stared at her cell phone while counting down to the very last second. The instant the teacher dismissed her, she picked up her stuff and escaped the classroom with the speed of a demon -of course, she was still just a human, but she was desperate to get some sleep!

Screw going to rest in a bench or in the cafeteria! She was going straight home!

Just who was that girl?! This mix of sensations was something else. Embarrassed like crazy and sleepy like crazy at the same time! Calm down beating heart, why do you have to keep going so fast?!

Finally, she made it to her home. The academy wasn't too far away but she was so scared of passing out in the middle of the street, this kind of sensation wasn't normal at all. Well she did stay up a little longer than usual last night watching some magical girl shows but that's the same as always, isn't it? So, why now?! 

Sigh, it doesn't matter. She was too tired to care, let's just sleep. Vanilla reached for the handle of the door. Her house was just another average house, it only had two floors. It wasn't too big but it wasn't too small and it was painted with a nice clean white. A few colorful flowers decorated the garden outside, it was really nice and peaceful. 

Unlike what awaited her. 

❣ ❥

Wait... Wait!! What just happened?!

Vanilla found herself standing in the middle of a really long field. Wait, what was all this noise? There was a lot of people cheering at the sides of the road! It was an insane crowd all with signs that had her name on it!! What?! W-What is this?! 

Huh? Wait, it feels colder. What happened to her clothes?! They changed too?! She was now wearing a white tank top and matching shorts with sports shoes. What is this...? 

Okay Vanilla, let's see. 

After class you went back home, that much happened without trouble. 

She then opened the door, stepped inside and... she was now here?! 

Huh? For some reason, Vanilla wasn't sleepy anymore, she was now full of energy!!

Come to think of it. She had forgotten all about it but this was just like her dream last night, that's right, this isn't the first time she stood here! The long winding road before her, the lime green skies, this cool breeze, this sweet smell, it's the same as last night!

If she recalls correctly, if this is the same as her dream then... this is a race?!

It wasn't a simple road, it was divided by lanes by a white line and Vanilla found herself standing on the one on the far left. Huh? So the race last night... that's right! She lost the race?! She lost to this incredibly pretty girl she had never met before in her life. What was her name? Risa...? Yeah, it was Risa! There was no way she could forget the cheering crowd after Risa got ahead of her the very last instant! 

It was so frustrating!! 

Alright, it was time for round two then! Now that it came to this it meant they would get to race again, right? There was no way Vanilla would lose! 

And so! Her opponent stepped into the road, taking the lane to the right of Vanilla. This time her opponent was... wait! The girl from earlier?! W-Why was she dreaming about her?! 

"Let's have a good race, princess." Ichigo spoke to her with a seductive voice. Vanilla could almost see sparkles and blooming flowers appearing before the gorgeous demon.

"Y-Y-You too!!!" What kind of response is that?! Keep it together, Vanilla!

"My dear and precious public, thank you for coming to the grand finals of the ultimate galactic super race! Who will be the winner to get all the fortune in the universe? Vanilla or Ichigo?!" A presenter stood in front of both girls, it was a fluffy talking bunny with a hat and a mic who had appeared out of nowhere. It was so cute! Vanilla really wanted to give it a hug!

Wait... did that talking bunny just say this was the grand final?! Of some universe level race?! Even if her opponent was a big cutie there was no way she could afford to lose this! Vanilla really hated losing after all!

"In your marks!!"

It's okay Vanilla, you got this! 

"Ready, set!" 

Calm down, calm down, you got this!


You aren't ready!!!! You didn't even get in a good position!! Wait... that girl is already getting ahead! Just run for it!!!

Vanilla dashed forward with the speed of a jet. Gosh, this felt incredible. She was shooting forward without a care in the world! There was no way her human body would have been capable of doing this under any normal circunstancie, but this was a dream, anything was possible! 

The young human with a blonde ponytail became so immersed in this sensation that she had forgotten all about the crowd around her, she did not even realize how the road under her feet had become a rainbow that extended into the vast galaxy and towards the sun. That was the goal!

Wait! The sun?! No, no, no, no, no way!! Even if this is a dream isn't that too scary?! Wouldn't she burn to death in there?! Ahhh no good! Thinking about this is already making her skin feel like it's burning, at this rate- Ahh!!

Thanks to her hesitation, she tripped against her own leg and fell with her face into the colorful road. This was just like last night, this is why she lost the race. No way... she was going to lose again? Because she got scared in a dream?! This was the worst!!

"Are you okay, princess?"

Wait... this isn't the same as the dream last night. Last night Risa continued to run towards the goal without hesitating, but this girl waited for her? She went back to check if she was okay?

"But you could have won the race!!"

"Foolishness, your safety matters to me the most above everything else." Ichigo took Vanilla's hand and helped her get back on her feet. "There is nothing to be afraid of, let us get to the goal, I will accompany you every step of the way."

"I...Ichigo..." Vanilla's face was red as a tomato. That's right, there was nothing to be afraid of! The two moved forward once again, this time, while holding hands. Just like that, their figures were engulfed by the blazing sun and all the crowd went crazy, chanting her name as confetti rained from above.

"Vanilla! Vanilla! Vanilla! Vanilla!"

❣ ❥

"Huh?!" Vanilla opened her eyes. She was lying down in the middle of her living room this time. Did she fall asleep? Right... this was all a dream after all. But that warmth still remained in her hand. 

"I want to meet you again." Vanilla closed her eyes, wondering if she could see her again like this. "Ichigo."

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