Chapter 12:

Warmth of a family

The broken bond

Nano was steaming with anger. "I left Lexdon in charge for an hour and I came to find a large pond in the backyard .4 dead animals in the front of the home and the smell," Nano said almost puking with the nasty smell surrounding the area. Bookmark here

He told them to clean up the place and asked Diane to help her siblings. As soon as she sighed Nano glared at her and she quickly helped Luna to clean up the bloody mess made by the corpse. Nano turned his attention to Lexdon. Oh, spirits of the old Lexdon began to pray to save him from Nano's wrath. Nano pulled Lexdon's ears and began to scold him for being reckless and going along with Diane's plan. Bookmark here

Tadashi was observing everything from the porch.  He just smiled looking at the mess the siblings made and how their father reacted to them. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulders from behind. It was Miguel ."Father asked me to prepare dinner, Do you perhaps wanna help me, your highness," he asked with a glow creeping on his face like he was shy. Tadashi noticed how Miguel avoided his gaze. This prompts Tadashi to tease him. "Are you asking the Prince of Helio to make Dinner Mr Miguel," he asked while moving closer towardsBookmark here

He could see how he affected Miguel just with a few words but the fun seems to end when Arna drags them both back to the kitchen. Tadashi who hasn't experienced any warmth felt welcome for the first time. His happiness did not last long when there was a knock at the front door. Bookmark here

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The broken bond

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