Chapter 2:

Frequently Asked Questions

Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

Here are some FAQ's I've seen on Instagram that I thought I'd share here! Please if you have questions, comment down below on this chapter!

Why are you writing so many novels at once?
A: It's to keep my mind busy and moving, also to keep releasing fresh content for those who do stumble across my novels, and just incase I find a stale or boredom for a specific novel, I can write in the other 2 till I feel motivated again to continue the other one.

Why is the pace so fast in these novels?
A: In short, it may seem fast paced (and probably is) but I do plan these novels out on Google Docs before I begin writing them. I keep track of everything such as important lines, character moments, small details that will play out in future chapters and even small appearance changes. All these novels are planned out, and even the smallest details that will probably even go unnoticed most times have purpose. If I emphasize something in a specific novel, just expect to see it have a huge impact later.

Why do you construct your dialogues and lines like that?
A: I am very new to writing novels and I'm trying to transition from Visual Novel coding on Ren'Py to normal web novels. It's definitely a process and a huge change from what I'm used to but I am learning by reading feedback I see from y'all. The current chapters as of now show most of my improvement, so please keep giving constructive criticism so I can write these better!

I see you like to write a lot of romance and psychological novels, why is that?
A: Honestly, those are my favorite themes in mangas/animes and I always wanted to have a novel or visual novel I create turn into something like that. Of course, it's only a dream and probably will never happen, but it's something that I truly enjoy and find fascinating! Never disappoints me!

What made you want to become a writer/novelist?
A: Well, I've always had a passion for telling stories, at first it started with just short stories in middle school that got some recognition, then people started asking if I wanted to become a writer, I said "that would be nice" but thought nothing else of it. Eventually, I would go onto learning how to code Visual Novels and make mods for pre-made visual novels such as Doki Doki Literature Club and even Kill or Love. One of my Doki Doki Literature Club mods got featured on a livestream and received over 200 downloads that stream and many people complimented the story and overall gave it a good rating. I wanted to keep writing and making more fascinating stories and VN's but starting one was a lot of work and I couldn't do it alone. One night I was searching for something else that was easier than coding a whole visual novel and I stumbled across the MAL X Honeyfeed contest and I started writing the Testament of the Blood Moon novel. It is my first work and I have huge plans for it such as betrayal, strife, blood and romance but I have to wait till after the Contest. I decided to keep the passion going and started writing more novels such as Leaf Amidst the Withering Sakura Tree and Descension of the Unholy Crusader. These novels have HUGE plans for them and crazy events and sub-goals to reach before phasing into the next part of their plan. The main stories of these haven't started yet as of 10/3/21, and they are going to get crazy, Withering Sakura Tree is moving in the direction of something similar to Higurashi and Unholy Crusader is moving in the direction of Dante's Inferno and Arifureta with some crazy things going on in the background. I may have just ranted but that's what this journal is all about, me just sharing my thoughts and things with everyone.
I just want to share my passion with everyone!

Is Testament of the Blood Moon finished?
A: NO! It is not even close to finished yet! I am just waiting for the MAL x Honeyfeed contest to finish! Please stay tuned for that series as well!

That's about it, if you have any questions you would like to ask, please comment down below, I will answer all (Just no spoilers!)