Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Bike Hero Volume 1

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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San Francisco, California.
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2025 AD. Bookmark here

My name was George Sugiyama.Bookmark here

I was 24 years old.Bookmark here

I was raised in a wealthy household.Bookmark here

I was of Japanese ancestry.Bookmark here

When I was a kid, my big sister, Elizabeth, and I were neglected by our parents, and we had lived with our paternal grandparents ever since.Bookmark here

I thought everything might turn out well, but it didn't.Bookmark here

My paternal grandfather urged me to train in martial arts that were karate.Bookmark here

I failed.Bookmark here

I failed because I wasn't interested in training my body, and I was more interested in publishing a comic book one day, including drawing.Bookmark here

However, my paternal grandfather didn't like it one bit.Bookmark here

To add insult to injury, my paternal grandfather also urged me to study hard for education, but I couldn't bring myself to be motivated except for my big sister.Bookmark here

My big sister wanted to be a businesswoman one day which she did, and she studied hard for it.Bookmark here

When I refused to study hard for an education, my paternal grandfather said this to me: "If you want to slack off, then so be it! You're a disgrace to your family! I don't want you here anymore!"Bookmark here

I remembered seeing my paternal grandmother feeling helpless, showing some remorse for me.Bookmark here

I also remembered slamming the door upon leaving the house, being angered by my paternal grandfather's furious retort.Bookmark here

But I wouldn't let anyone stop me, let alone not wanting to be motivated to get an education.Bookmark here

I found it to be very dull.Bookmark here

As for my big sister, she couldn't care less for my own good.Bookmark here

Did it just get any worse?Bookmark here

Well, it was.Bookmark here

By the time of high school, what I experienced was unpleasant.Bookmark here

No, what I experienced was very unpleasant.Bookmark here

I was bullied several times.Bookmark here

I tried seeking the teachers and others for help, but they saw it as a waste of time.Bookmark here

Why did they consider it a waste of time?Bookmark here

From what I saw, the school administration was filled with corruption, with students frequently getting away from trouble.Bookmark here

I found it absurd and depressing, but I didn't tell my paternal grandparents about it as I kept it to myself.Bookmark here

If I were to tell them, they wouldn't believe me, making the situation worse.Bookmark here

Despite it being my last year at high school, it was horrible.Bookmark here

I didn't have any friends, to begin with.Bookmark here

The teachers were uncaring and draconian.Bookmark here

And I was the only student at school who was a loner.Bookmark here

I was very lonely.Bookmark here

And with that, I was very depressed.Bookmark here

I didn't think I belonged in this world. Bookmark here

I wanted to end my life and forget everything.Bookmark here

And I did just that, almost.Bookmark here

One day, I went to the Golden Gate Bridge after calling for a Uber.Bookmark here

I attempted to climb off the bridge.Bookmark here

My heart was pounding from the situation that I was in.Bookmark here

I was covered in sweat as well.Bookmark here

And boy, I was shaking badly from the sight of how tall the bridge was. Bookmark here

I closed my eyes and took a long deep breath, trying to forget the past and to start all over again.Bookmark here

I didn't know what I was thinking.Bookmark here

I had to end the cycle of suffering as none of it didn't do me any good.Bookmark here

And finally, I was ready to end my life.Bookmark here

But before I could go any further, a group of men in black roughly apprehended me. Bookmark here

I tried to break free but with no luck. Bookmark here

I fearfully screamed: "Help! What are you doing!? What is going on!? Where are you taking me!?"Bookmark here

They didn't answer my question, ignoring me.Bookmark here

It made the whole situation more questionable.Bookmark here

They then dragged and tossed me into a van.Bookmark here

I had no idea what was going on.Bookmark here

Was I being arrested by the government?Bookmark here

What did they want from me?Bookmark here

There were so many questions spiraling in my head, and I couldn't seem to find the answers to them.Bookmark here

Suddenly, one of the men in black sprayed something close to my face, falling unconscious in the process.Bookmark here

That was when my life went to an unexpected turn and what I experienced was extraordinary. Bookmark here

But why me?Bookmark here

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