Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

Bike Hero Volume 1

I woke up feeling lightheaded.
Bookmark here

My vision went blurry.Bookmark here

Eventually, it cleared up a little.Bookmark here

I saw a silhouette of people dressed as doctors.Bookmark here

However, I couldn't make it out of what it was.Bookmark here

I felt my body being paralyzed.Bookmark here

I couldn't move my body at all.Bookmark here

Looking down as my shirt was being ripped open, exposing it.Bookmark here

I heard a robotic voice, and I noticed something was scanning me: "Undergoing identification. George Sugiyama. Male. 19 years old. Unmarried. No friends and family. Japanese. Black hair. Olive skin. Brown eyes. Burgundy turtleneck. Jeans. Green tennis shoes. Torn white T-shirt. White socks. Processing. Scanning completed."Bookmark here

Wait, how did that voice know everything about me?Bookmark here

What was going on?Bookmark here

It was not right at all.Bookmark here

I later saw one of the doctors approaching close to me.Bookmark here

Again, I couldn't tell if they were doctors.Bookmark here

I heard a male voice speaking to me: "Hello there, Mr. Sugiyama. Are you ready to see yourself starting a new life?"Bookmark here

A new life?Bookmark here

What were they talking about?Bookmark here

I questioned him sluggishly: "A new life? I don't know what you are talking about. Where am I? Who are you? I can barely see everything."Bookmark here

The Doctor just grinned, ignoring my essential question: "Don't worry, I'm going to make you a masterpiece. A masterpiece!" Bookmark here

A masterpiece?Bookmark here

What in the world was he talking about?Bookmark here

The Doctor continued: "You are going to be our first specimen for this lab experiment! Isn't it amazing?"Bookmark here

A lab experiment?Bookmark here

Wait, did I hear what he just said?Bookmark here

Was I going to be killed?Bookmark here

This wasn't good!Bookmark here

All I could do was wait.Bookmark here

Because, well, I was paralyzed. Bookmark here

From what I could remember, the Doctor was wearing spectacles.Bookmark here

Perhaps, I could remember him if I were to survive the lab experiment.Bookmark here

I didn't even get a chance to know his name. Bookmark here

Once again, my vision wasn't as great as it used to be for some reason.Bookmark here

So it did get worse for me.Bookmark here

Out of misfortune, that was.Bookmark here

Grandfather.Bookmark here

Grandmother.Bookmark here

Elizabeth.Bookmark here

My death might be unexpected.Bookmark here

I bid my family, teachers, and bullies my goodbyes.Bookmark here

I didn't deserve this life anyway.Bookmark here

What I was about to experience was the most terrifying in my life. Bookmark here

The Doctor gestured to the others to get something.Bookmark here

Once they did so, I saw a gun-like machine aiming at me.Bookmark here

The Doctor grinned once more, laughing hysterically.Bookmark here

He said: "Well now, this won't hurt you one bit. It is going to be fun! Isn't that right, guys?"Bookmark here

The others nodded along with the Doctor.Bookmark here

Just what was going on?Bookmark here

Was I going to die?Bookmark here

What was going to happen to me?Bookmark here

Without warning, the Doctor activated the machine, charging it up before firing toward me.Bookmark here

And it was a bright green laser beam. Bookmark here

I felt a sharp pain piercing my stomach.Bookmark here

It was a burning sensation.Bookmark here

I hadn't felt this much pain in my life.Bookmark here

It was as if the iron was burning my abdomen.Bookmark here

I closed my eyes tightly, feeling the intense pain.Bookmark here

I clenched my teeth as well. Bookmark here

How long would I endure this pain?Bookmark here

Finally, the machine stopped working.Bookmark here

Why did it stop?Bookmark here

The Doctor laughed once more while others were clapping for him.Bookmark here

I assumed that they were applauding for his successful but cruel act.Bookmark here

He then waved to the ones who were applauding for him.Bookmark here

To my surprise, I saw green sparks flowing through my body. Bookmark here

Could he be considered a doctor?Bookmark here

I didn't think so.Bookmark here

He shouldn't be called a doctor.Bookmark here

He should be called a torturer.Bookmark here

Why could he do such a thing to a patient?Bookmark here

I meant a specimen. Bookmark here

No matter.Bookmark here

He didn't deserve to be a doctor!Bookmark here

I despised him very much!Bookmark here

And from this point, I planned a payback.Bookmark here

But this was just the beginning.Bookmark here

The Doctor spoke: "Now then, the green energy is now inside of you, coursing through your veins. Now, I have to place a belt around your waist."Bookmark here

A belt?Bookmark here

What kind of belt?Bookmark here

I was curious to know more.Bookmark here

But I was so in pain to even speak.Bookmark here

I saw one of the Doctor's assistants giving him a belt.Bookmark here

It was green and bulky.Bookmark here

Why did the belt look so special?Bookmark here

It was as if it might be an answer to my destiny.Bookmark here

And that destiny was yet to come true.Bookmark here

Perhaps, I was thinking out of nonsense.Bookmark here

The Doctor approached, putting the green belt on me.Bookmark here

I tried to resist it but I couldn't.Bookmark here

Shockingly, I realized that my body didn't leave any marks or burns from the laser beam.Bookmark here

How was this even possible?Bookmark here

Was it the work of magic?Bookmark here

There were countless questions to be answered.Bookmark here

But not one of them couldn't. Bookmark here

Once the Doctor was done putting the belt on me, he spoke: "With the second process, I will give you more green energy as a second dose. During that, your mind will be influenced by us to become part of the Echo Brotherhood! Say hello to a new era, George!"Bookmark here

The Echo Brotherhood?Bookmark here

I would remember that from now on.Bookmark here

A new era for me?Bookmark here

Wait, no!Bookmark here

Anything but that!Bookmark here

I tried to break free again, but still no luck.Bookmark here

Would it be my demise for sure?Bookmark here

My breathing, my lungs, kept getting faster because of my fear.Bookmark here

I was petrified because I didn't want to forget everything. Bookmark here

From being brainwashed, that was.Bookmark here

You know, I wasn't expecting my life to end for having someone plaguing my mind with nonsense.Bookmark here

If I were to lose my memories, I should've gotten a chance to fix my mistakes, and I would've remembered the ones I loved. Bookmark here

Would there be someone who could take me out of this situation?Bookmark here

Heck, I couldn't even get out of this situation!Bookmark here

Well, it was no use anyway.Bookmark here

The Doctor prepared to activate the machine once again, adjusting it to make it accurate this time.Bookmark here

But he had something else to say to me: "Oh, I almost forgot! As a reminder, the belt you are wearing is called the Jade Belt. It will turn you into something extraordinary! Believe me; you are going to love it!"Bookmark here

Transforming me into something extraordinary, huh?Bookmark here

And the Jade Belt?Bookmark here

I found it quite interesting.Bookmark here

But I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing.Bookmark here

All I wished for was freedom.Bookmark here

The Doctor said: "Are you ready to be cured, George? Let us begin the process! You will be cured of depression, logic, and hatred! You will be part of the family!"Bookmark here

This was it.Bookmark here

My demise was yet to come.Bookmark here

Goodbye, cruel world.Bookmark here

But wait.Bookmark here

The machine suddenly stopped working.Bookmark here

The Doctor felt confused, looking around in awe.Bookmark here

Then, I heard a loud explosion in which lights were also switched off, making it to where I couldn't see anything at all.Bookmark here

What was going on?Bookmark here

The Doctor nervously exclaimed: "What is going on? What was that explosion? Why are the lights turned off? Investigate it immediately!" Bookmark here

From what I remember, the police officers, no, soldiers went out of the lab to investigate the sound. Bookmark here

Could this be my chance to escape?Bookmark here

I may never know unless I see the events unfolded. Bookmark here

One by one, the soldiers were knocked unconscious.Bookmark here

They seemed to be stunned.Bookmark here

I even heard some groaning as well. Bookmark here

I was confused from the sight of it, pondering what was to come.Bookmark here

The Doctor started sweating, feeling nervous.Bookmark here

He commanded: "Open fire to whoever is trespassing our lab! Don't even miss a bullet! That's an order! Do it now!"Bookmark here

His assistants were armed with pistols, making me terrified.Bookmark here

They opened fire on the stranger, firing barrages of bullets until it ran out.Bookmark here

Without a trace, they were affected by the stunning effect except for the Doctor.Bookmark here

They collapsed one by one.Bookmark here

The Doctor went speechless, planning for a hasty escape to get himself out of the situation.Bookmark here

During it, the lights were switched back on. Bookmark here

He said: "You all are pathetic! I'm outta here! You're fortunate this time, George! But I will make you ours no matter what!"Bookmark here

As soon as the Doctor fled the lab, a mysterious figure came into the scene, attempting to rescue me.Bookmark here

Well, I wasn't sure if she was, but yeah.Bookmark here

My memory was quite vague, but it was a girl.Bookmark here

She appeared to be of the same age as me.Bookmark here

Indeed, she was attractive.Bookmark here

Why did I think of that anyway?Bookmark here

She could be of Hispanic origin.Bookmark here

Her clothing consisted of a red leather jacket over a white T-shirt, checkered pants, and black boots.Bookmark here

She was armed with two stun guns, so it seemed. Bookmark here

Her hair was dyed blue.Bookmark here

Her eyes were brown, and her skin was olive, similar to mine.Bookmark here

Obviously, I didn't recall her name, nor did I know her.Bookmark here

She didn't say a single word.Bookmark here

I saw her injecting something into my right leg.Bookmark here

At first, I thought she was going to drug me to death.Bookmark here

I gasped from my realization.Bookmark here

I tried to move my toes to see what happened. Bookmark here

I was able to move again!Bookmark here

Before I could say my thanks, the girl disappeared.Bookmark here

Just who was that girl, and why did she save me?Bookmark here

No matter, I was so focused on trying to escape the lab.Bookmark here

I got up, grabbed my burgundy turtleneck, and left the building.Bookmark here

I was free at last.Bookmark here

But wait.Bookmark here

Why am I still wearing this "Jade Belt"?Bookmark here

I tried taking it off, but it wouldn't.Bookmark here

Was I going to wear it for the rest of my life?Bookmark here

I had to look into it.Bookmark here

And that girl?Bookmark here

I had to find her.Bookmark here

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