Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

Bike Hero Volume 1

Now about the Jade Belt.
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How would it function just by using it?Bookmark here

No, how could I use it?Bookmark here

The belt felt a little heavy when wearing it.Bookmark here

First of all, I put my burgundy turtleneck on while I threw the torn white T-shirt away.Bookmark here

I was used to wearing without T-shirts anyway.Bookmark here

Strangely, the burgundy turtleneck fitted perfectly with the Jade Belt, much like how Cinderella could perfectly fit in the glass slipper.Bookmark here

I thought that it wouldn't fit because of the belt's size.Bookmark here

Maybe I could be wrong.Bookmark here

Also, it was shaped like a brick. Bookmark here

My main concern was that I couldn't take the belt off.Bookmark here

Seriously, I couldn't!Bookmark here

The belt was tightened to where I couldn't take it off. Bookmark here

The belt was filled with different buttons and mechanics.Bookmark here

I didn't know where to start pressing them.Bookmark here

Perhaps, I didn't want to make a mistake.Bookmark here

However, I saw a white button and pressed it.Bookmark here

I was just curious!Bookmark here

A black glass in the middle of the belt opened, revealing a fan.Bookmark here

A fan?Bookmark here

Then, a green light on the belt started blinking, meaning that it was functioning, but nothing happened. Bookmark here

But still, why was there a fan on the belt?Bookmark here

Did it have a unique mechanism to it?Bookmark here

I had to find out for myself.Bookmark here

Ah, I see. Bookmark here

I just had to run to make the fan pick up wind pressure, and it would eventually work.Bookmark here

Right?Bookmark here

I mean, it was pretty obvious.Bookmark here

And for that, I ran as fast as I could, causing the fan within the belt to spin at a much faster pace.Bookmark here

I felt my body tingling, feeling numb afterward.Bookmark here

Out of nowhere, my body was then covered in bright white light.Bookmark here

I was transforming into something extraordinary!Bookmark here

Once I had transformed, my body suddenly felt a little heavy.Bookmark here

I took a moment to inspect my body, expressing how awesome it was.Bookmark here

As silly as it might sound, I was wearing cybernetic burgundy armor with a samurai motif sprinkled in. Bookmark here

Did I transform into a cyborg or a robot?Bookmark here

From my point of view, I could see my vital statistics, HUD, and more.Bookmark here

It was like something out of a video game.Bookmark here

However, I was still wearing the Jade Belt that I had received before.Bookmark here

And unlike myself, I hadn't felt as energetic as I was before!Bookmark here

But hang on.Bookmark here

Could I be dreaming, or was it all a reality?Bookmark here

It was the latter.Bookmark here

It was awesome!Bookmark here

To test my new body out, I wanted to find something to determine how strong I was.Bookmark here

I looked around.Bookmark here

There, I found a soccer ball lying in front of me.Bookmark here

I didn't know who had it in the first place, but I couldn't wait to test my strength in this new body.Bookmark here

I picked the soccer ball up, holding it firmly.Bookmark here

Once I dropped it, I kicked it as hard as I could.Bookmark here

And by looking up, I saw it flying to the sky at the speed of sound.Bookmark here

So my new body was of incredible strength.Bookmark here

So it was the latter indeed!Bookmark here

Were there some other things that I could do?Bookmark here

I noticed on the HUD that there was a mode where I could fire laser beams with my hands.Bookmark here

And with it, I entered that mode.Bookmark here

Without hesitation, I looked around for something empty, avoiding buildings with people in them.Bookmark here

Fortunately, I found an abandoned building, a house that was.Bookmark here

I stood facing in that direction. Bookmark here

I spread my fingers, opening up my right palm.Bookmark here

I felt my right hand heating up, charging up to form a powerful laser beam.Bookmark here

Then I fired away.Bookmark here

I felt vibrations spreading throughout my cybernetic body, but nothing strange happened to me.Bookmark here

The abandoned house collapsed upon being destroyed, becoming amazed after it happened.Bookmark here

It seemed that my testing here was done.Bookmark here

But I had fun!Bookmark here

It was as if I could do many things with this new body!Bookmark here

But I had decided to call it a day for now.Bookmark here

By pressing the black button, I switched back to my standard form once I had used the Jade Belt.Bookmark here

And ever since that moment, I had realized that using my power to the fullest could get in the way of life, and I couldn't go on to live in this condition.Bookmark here

Because of it, I didn't return to high school, assuming that the principal and others saw it as me dropping out.Bookmark here

Honestly, I did, but it was a risky resolution.Bookmark here

My paternal grandfather was probably furious at me right now.Bookmark here

But again, I couldn't care less.Bookmark here

Me striving for education wasn't worth it.Bookmark here

And since that time, I had decided to become a superhero.Bookmark here

Why?Bookmark here

Because I wanted to seek vengeance on the Doctor and the Echo Brotherhood for experimenting on me without my permission and to make head and tail of the truth behind my capture.Bookmark here

And to hopefully save innocent lives for the ones falling in the same path as I was. Bookmark here

To make a living of my own, I took on selling scrap metals for profits.Bookmark here

And I have kept working in that position ever since.Bookmark here

In any event, my horrible past had yet to be left behind and to soldier on to a merry future.Bookmark here

And that past would be forever gone.Bookmark here

Five years had passed, and something shocking had occurred.Bookmark here

Under the sunset, I encountered the sibylline girl at the junkyard.Bookmark here

The one I recognized at that lab experiment five years prior.Bookmark here

And my destiny began to take hold of me, for the unforeseen.Bookmark here

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