Chapter 1:

To the Capital


In a dark place, two people were talking, one of them with blood on his hands, while the other was kneeling on the ground.

"We're going to save her" said a voice

''Is it possible... really? Do you have this power?''

''Yes, I do!''


''I need your help for this!


''Trust me......


''Today our daughter turns 16, soon they will come to pick her up in the city''

''Yes dear, our little girl has finally reached that age, right?''

''I hope she becomes the pride of our village''

''She will''

''Yes, she will, she's worked hard these past years, I'm sure she'll achieve great things''

''We'll have a nice party for her today, I'm glad we'll have a sunny day.

''Glad to hear that ha ha ha... speaking of her, isn't it time for her to wake up?''

''Yes, I'll go and wake her up.''

The woman, who was blonde with rather long hair finished preparing the breakfast table and went towards her daughter's room, it was her special day.

''Rynthia... time to wake...''

Before she could complete the sentence however, the mother was surprised to see that her daughter was already awake, and sitting on the floor, fiddling with cards.

Rynthia: ''Good morning mom!''

Rynthia's Mother: ''Good morning, come have breakfast with us''

Rynthia: ''I'm coming

Rynthia packed her letters in a special package and left it on her desk, and went to the living room to have breakfast with her parents.

It was the day of her 16th birthday, it was a special date, and it was the date that she was going to meet Almer, the capital.

Father: ''O Rynthia, good morning, how are you?''

Rynthia: ''Good morning father, I'm fine, just a little sleepy'' Rynthia sat at the table facing her father, her mother sitting next to her husband.

Mother: ''Were you training all night again?''

Rynthia: ''I slept, but I think for about 3 hours only, I'm a little nervous about today so I wanted to train a little more.

Father: ''Resting is also part of training''

Rynthia: ''Sorry''

Father: ''That's ok, let's eat''.

A peaceful and quiet morning at Rynthia's home, the girl lived with her parents, she lived in a small country village, Rynthia was a young girl with blonde hair and green eyes just like her mother, although her hair was not so long.

In the village there was a rule that every 16 year old would be taken to the capital, Almer, which administered the entire region. The reason for this was that the capital needed labor to work there, so young people with potential were hired.

But there were cases of young people who ended up going back to their villages, and these were seen as failures, disappointing their villages and their families.

In the village where Rynthia was born there was a case, Roberto was a 46-year-old man who lived alone in a small house, years ago when he turned 16 he was taken together with other young people to Almer.

But some time after he was taken he returned, when his parents asked him what had happened and he said that he had failed to stay in Almer, Rynthia was not born at the time but what she heard from her parents is that Roberto's failure brought disgrace to his family.

It is a famous case among the villagers, Roberto's parents died some years ago and since then he lives alone and isolated from the rest of the villagers, Rynthia didn't want to be a burden to her parents so she worked hard at developing her skills so she could stay in Almer and bring prosperity to her parents.

It was said that when you got a job in Almer, the village in question would receive a bonus in its rewards, and this is what Rynthia's parents were counting on.

Rynthia's 16th birthday party was held at lunchtime, everyone in the village celebrated and danced with her (except Roberto, who was not invited), it was a birthday party and a farewell party, since the carriage that would take Rynthia to Almer was already there.

''Rynthia my child, you are the pride of our village, go and achieve your goals''

Rynthia: "Thank you chief''

The village chief had said goodbye to the girl, giving her a warm hug, then her parents, and her friends from school, and more and more villagers said goodbye.

The party was over, Rynthia had gotten ready and it was time to get in the wagon, this year she was the only one to go, because she was the only girl to turn 16 that year, usually 3 or more young people always went together, but she would be lonely.

''Let's go'' said the man who would be driving the wagon to Almer ''I need to deliver you there as soon as possible so get on.''

Rynthia: "H-kay

Rynthia climbed into the wagon, she carried with her a brown bag with clothes and her most intimate belongings, one last time she looked at the people in her village and nodded as they got smaller and smaller in her vision.

This was the first time Rynthia had left her village, in these 16 years she had stayed there all the time, she never left, but she would sometimes see the adults going to the capital or people from the capital coming to take the young people turning 16.

Man: ''I'm sorry you have to say goodbye to your parents right on your birthday, it must be tough.

Rynthia: ''A-ah? Ah, yes, but that's okay.''

Man: ''Until a few years ago it wasn't like this, you know.

Rynthia: "Huh?

Man: ''We used to take children like you 4 days after your birthdays, to give you time to celebrate with your families, but today we take them on the same day.

Rynthia: ''Huh? Why this change?''

Man: ''Almer is in need of help, that's why, I heard that in the last few years the situation has gotten worse so they are in a hurry to bring in new people, but to be honest... I don't see that much of a problem.''

Rynthia: ''What do you mean?''

Man: ''I live in Almer, to be honest, the city is fine, the people there are happy, there are no miserable people, I honestly don't know where this rush to get new workers comes from''.

Rynthia didn't think much about it and just wanted to get to the city as soon as possible, the trip would be long and she admired the scenery, the man was driving the cart calmly.

The estimated time of arrival in Almer was two days, by wagon obviously, when night fell, the man stopped the wagon and set up two tents, one for him and one for Rynthia, and they slept peacefully, it was a very peaceful region.

No bandits, no monsters, these were things Rynthia knew only from history books in her school library.


Man: "Hi... Hi ... wake up''

Rynthia: '"Um?

Rynthia was sleeping in the wagon, covered with a sheet, it was the last day of the trip, and the man who until now had not said his name woke her up.

Man: ''We have arrived, this is Almer.

After the man said that they had arrived, Rynthia stood up quickly, her hair a little messy from sleeping on the floor of the wagon, but she wanted to see the city with her eyes.

She was finally in Almer.

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