Chapter 4:

Testament of the Blood Moon Summary

Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

Testament of the Blood Moon is going to be a psychological thriller survival and romance novel that I've been cooking up for 2 years already. It has been planned out all the way and I have some exciting things and ideas I'm ready to reveal, but all will come in due time!

It features our protag, Yamada Katsura, and his heroine, Setsuna Asami who go from normal teenage lives into a life of horror and tragedy.. and of course... lots and lots of bloodshed. Some words in the novel like Fresh Blood, Bloodshed and Hexer are quite often used but that's because they all mean something. Yamada is learning these things as he goes on and he will continue to develop and become stronger as he goes on. Right now he is the lowest of the low and has much to learn. His heroine on the other hand, is a kind and gentle hearted girl who will stand by his side no matter what! It doesn't matter to her that he isn't normal anymore, they made a promise and they will keep it through everything. The only person Yamada truly cares about ever since he gained the Heart-stone is Setsuna, she melts the ice that cages his heart and she will continue to help him grow into the strongest Hexer alive. Yamada will someday stand above all of them! 

There's 3 Organizations at work
- Anti-Hex
- B.L.O.O.D
These organizations are resistances to the Hex with similar goals and similar characteristics. Yamada is part of Bloodline, even if Bloodline is the smallest and least powerful of the 3. They stand almost no chance against the Government and the Rebellion. With odds stacked against them, how will Yamada be able to keep his Promise to Setsuna, wait and find out how it all plays out when the MAL x Honeyfeed contest is over!

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