Chapter 5:

Leaf Amidst the Withering Sakura Tree Summary

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Leaf Amidst the Withering Sakura Tree is going to be a psychological dementia, suspense, mystery, romance, harem, supernatural novel. A lot of similarities from Steins;Gate, Higurashi and Honkai Impact 3rd can be seen in this one.

It features our protag Kazuya Sasaki with his small 'harem' of girls, Ichika Yamazaki, Kyoko Sakai, and Satomi Ishikawa. Kazuya Sasaki life was pretty normal in the beginning, he had a stable and loving home and many friends and family, until the day of his fathers passing in the line of duty. Ever since then, tragedy kept striking around him, he saw his family get torn apart, he was separated from his only sibling, lost all his friends and his home. He watched his mother sink into depression and alcoholism and gambling. He wondered why did this all happen, why so suddenly? He doesn't know that there is a reason for all of it, that something supernatural is playing in the background, but I won't reveal it here. He has a dream of his late father and his dad speaks to him and encourages him to fight forward, he presses on, he shapes himself up and decides to go back to school! Upon arrival at the new school, he meets the 3 girls and shares a small but meaningful moment with them, Kazuya was beginning to believe that it was all over, that he could finally be happy. Then it happens, Ichika goes and does the extreme and makes Kazuya realize, that something, somewhere out there is out to get him.

This novel is going to be a ride, when the 'supernatural' element is revealed, then everything will start to make sense. Don't underestimate it, something is always going on behind scenes and all will be revealed under the Withering Sakura Tree. This novel is pretty much planned in the way of it's goals, still have a few things I want to test but overall, it is going to be a trip. Please continue to follow in the development of this novel!

Joe Gold