Chapter 6:

The Descension of the Unholy Crusader

Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

This novel is going to be pretty action packed once it gets going! The tags for this one are, survival, thriller, psychological, romance, horror, vampire, demons.

It features our protag, Jean Sinclair, and his heroine <spoiler name>. The duo are trapped in the 9 Circles of Hell and have to escape before this Inferno consumes them forever! Jean Sinclair is a crusader of the 8th Crusade in the year 1270 and he fights to reclaim the land that the muslims expanded upon. During his first deployment, the crusaders begin to win their battle and 6 Grand Magicians enter the ring and cast a sacrificial spell that sends the crusaders into the 9 Circles of Hell. It was an instant slaughter and Jean was later imprisoned in Limbo. He meets a Living Corpse that will go on to becoming his most faithful and relied companion. Jean Sinclair is reborn by this Ancient Corpse and Jean comes up with a crazy idea. He declares that he will form a rebellion against the 9 Sovereigns of Sin and will begin the Unholy Crusade throughout the 9 Circles of Hell. He will conquer and lead his Unholy Crusaders until he has won his freedom and escapes the Inferno! But the story doesn't end there, there will be more to come once he escapes using Dante's Gate!

This story is pretty planned out, I have the entire 1st Circle planned after 2 weeks and I think it's going to be a fun action novel. Much bloodshed and gore as he goes on. I don't want to say too much about this because it's still in the process of making but it will have some cool elements in it. Please continue to follow the development of this novel, it's going to be very long and lengthy!

Joe Gold