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Bound by Chains

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This story started as a web novel idea I had. I loved Milk Morigana's manga Girl Friends so much that I had wish more yuri novel/manga/anime/visual novels like that would exist and that people would actually love them like the way most people seem to have for yaoi (nothing against people that love it, it may not be my thing but hey we are all different and that is completely fine) that I wanted to see these stories that were deep and had meaning. Of course, fetish-y scenes are always nice too from time to time.Bookmark here

If you are wondering why this says Created by: はりゅみ見れいク (Haryumi Mireiku) it original started out as joke between me and my editor that I would have a pen name for every new story I released, so I wrote down a huge list of names, and used one at random...then I started doing it for other stories until now this joke has actually became true. Every new story I create I use a different name like how my Hidden Lies novel is under the name of: 娘好きアリア (Kozuki Aria)Bookmark here

As a side note, people may believe the title of the novel is meant to be about BDSM, and while yes I love to write yuri/erotic scene (seeing as how it is the only thing I can actually write...) the true meaning is a metaphor for being bound to something such as life, depression, work, a lover, abuse, fear, any thing you can think of. In the case of this story, being bound to what the world views as right and wrong.Bookmark here

I should probably state this in my Hidden Lies novel but it should be noted that these stories are not meant to down the idol industry and make them out as evil people that care nothing for the talent they manage. It is merely meant to shift the perspective a bit and to see it from where the idols are coming from, and to maybe think a bit more about what they have to go through just to try and make their fans happy. Do not takes these works as true to life, they are merely fiction.
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