Chapter 10:

Vol. I Ch. 3.1: Her break is up!

Limerence Aestus

Ah, what a long day! Lilith walked into her office, a small and cozy office with a desk in the middle, a spinning chair, a tiny couch and... walls full of framed pictures of Ichigo?! Maybe it was best not to question that.

Lilith plopped down into the couch. Now that she was back into the world of succubus, she didn't need to remain in her human form anymore. As such, her clothes faded away, fully revealing her beautiful voluptuous body. That was the boss of the succubus alright! Bigger breasts and wider hips than everyone else, she was even much taller than anyone else, a real sight to behold!

It looked like Ichigo was the only one who changed the most between her succubus and human forms, for Lilith the only difference was that her platinum blonde hair had now turned into a platinum silver. Well, she had a cute tail now as well of course.

The succubus boss stretched out while letting out a cute voice. Maybe it didn't look like it, but her job was very time and energy consuming. It didn't seem like she had too much time to relax just yet, after knocking on the door twice, someone let themselves in.

Two succubus walked into her office.

"Lilith-sama our preparations are ready." The first one spoke. She was tall and had short hair of bright red color. Giving a quick glance at her she looked like the calm, cool and serious type.

"Lily-chan! We were waiting for you to give it a test run!" The second one looked identical, except her hair was tied up into a really tall and long ponytail. She looked like the sporty and energetic type.

Wait, they were twins?! So succubus can also have twins huh. Come to think of it, how did they reproduce?

It wasn't too different from the way humans did. Even though all succubus were female, not all of them had the same anatomy. Looking at these sisters, the energetic one had round C-sized breasts. The sporty one was slightly smaller, she was only a B-size but that wasn't really her charm point! Her charm point was something a lot more delicious~ It was a really big and thick cock. The best part is that since she was a succubus it was always erect! Just how many inches was it? Lilith knew the answer easily, it was 7 inches!

"Good girls." Lilith got right up and licked her lips. She materialized a phone into her hand and opened the new app they were developing. "Well then, let's get this started~"

There are a few important things to take notice of here! When visiting humans, Succubus made them experience extreme sexual situations in their dreams. But as you've seen before, they can do things "in real life" as well so to speak. How does that work?!

Let's think of the world like this! Take three sheets of paper and overlap them between each other, then glue them together! Actually no... that's boring! Let's think of a hamburger! The bread on top was the succubus world, the one at the bottom was the human world, and the meat and vegetables in between was the dream world!

See? The human world is still below the dream world, isn't it? Succubus can easily split their consciousness, almost as if there were two of them who remained connected in body and soul! But they could only split it to the world that was a level below the one where they currently were.


Lvl 3 world - Succubus World

Lvl 2 World - Dream World

Lvl 1 World - Real World

That should be pretty clear right? Let's move on!

Succubus were full of surprises, weren't they?

And this was the succubus world! This meant their magic is stronger here and the app had a lot more options too.

But wait! Didn't succubus lose the precious energy "Amare" if they had intercourse with each other? How are they going to test it then? Aha! I found a plot hole in this story, checkmate!!

Not so fast!

Don't underestimate succubus technology! Just like humans have "love hotels," succubus have "amare inns." Amare inns provided them with special rooms that saved up any released energy, preventing them from losing it.

Of course Lilith made sure to add that feature into this app, with this she might even get lucky with Ichigo hehehe.

So it was simple! Using the app, the office changed into an amare room. Now it was much bigger and it was illuminated by a pretty pink light. There was a very wide bed at the center, and using some more options, Lilith made some fun toys appear before them as well.

"Are you ready~?" Lilith spoke seductively into the face of the cheerful twin, and gave the serious one a pat on her head. Lilith knew both were trying to stay calm, so she activated her power, looking at them in the eyes and unleashing their desires.

Let's begin.

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