Chapter 7:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

I got asked a really good question on Discord by one of my readers. They said, "If we make fanart, would you post it?"
Answer: YES I will post any and all fanart into whichever novel it was made for. I want the community to participate in this to! Seeing your support will continue to encourage me to give my best on these novels!

I'm titling the chapters for Unholy Crusader 3-4 word phrases because some word combinations sound hella cool and it fits the novel itself. So yeah that's why I'm doing that. 

Also, the next chapter for UC is in the making now, I am at a block because I'm trying to set up for something but I think I got it, and please wait on Withering Sakura Tree, that one will get chapters once I get the UC novel going. That's all for now! If you have questions, please comment under this chapter and I will answer all (just no spoilers)

Edit: UC: Resolve, Hunger and Unbound is out now! Go check it out!