Chapter 2:

Understanding my situation! – chapter 2

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

I was freaking out. I couldn't touch anything! I couldn't get out of this room! I was seeing too many details in this room, making me realise that this wasn't a dream.

What happened to me?

The more I was looking around, the more I realized that this wasn't a dream! Where is my computer? My house? My family? This isn't my house! I've never been to a place like this before! And I don't watch horror movies! I was freaking out, but at the same time, I wasn't! It's hard for me to explain this complex feeling I was having!

I need to calm down first! Let's breathe in!

"" Huh? I can't breathe at all?! Am I going to die from suffocating? No, wait! It doesn't hurt! I'm not breathing, and it doesn't hurt at all! Why am I not breathing?!

Calm down 'me'! First, look at your surroundings and find anything that might help me get out of the situation! Cobwebs, pieces of broken things, dust, burned bed… Alright... it seems like I am in an abandoned room, I don't know what the whole house looks like. It seems I am not able to get out of this room… What about the window? I rushed towards the broken window, but in the end, the results were the same. I couldn't even get my head out of the window.

This confirms it… I have been trapped in this room by a particular thing. Now next is this… I looked down at my own hands and body... My hands and whole body were transparent. What happened to my body? I can't touch anything… My body is almost transparent… I can't get out of this room… I can't talk properly...

Did I become a...ghost?

Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! It's impossible! I don't believe in ghosts, and I never will… That's what I have been telling myself this whole time.

Did I...die? Am I dead?

I kept yelling inside my head to wake up, but nothing was happening! It was real! I died, and now I have been turned into a ghost!

What do I do now? I can't get out of this room. Does that mean I am a bounded ghost? What am I supposed to do? Do I scare people now?! Are there any people around here? There don't seem to be any signs of people here… Is this a curse? Will I have to spend eternity as a bounded ghost? ...Alone?


As I kept wandering around the room, I finally accepted reality. I was a ghost! I couldn't touch anything, and I wasn't able to get out of this room. This was the first time in my entire life where I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I don't have a physical body anymore. I won't have the feeling of eating something delicious anymore! The feeling of having a good night's sleep. The feeling of having an actual body. I no longer could feel anything physically. There was nothing left other than my spiritual form and my own memories...

"Aa-ghb aah-hg #@$#@" I couldn't even talk properly anymore! My voice sounds as if I was trying to curse someone!



<Curse acquired!>



Huh?! This window again?! What is this thing? I tried touching that game-like window, but my hand went through… So I can't touch this either… I tried reading the words on the window.

Curse acquired? Is this a skill? Usually, in a game, when a window pops up like this, it means something related to gaining or losing a skill. Does that mean I can curse someone now? Maybe If I try this skill now, something might happen!!

"Cc-cC-uuUurRrr-s-S-ssSeeeeEe!!!" Since I didn't know how to use the skill, I tried calling it out.


But in the end nothing happened… I don't even want to know what my voice sounds like from another person's perspective. I even tried sounding like a real ghost. Do ghosts even talk? I've never seen one, so I'm not sure… If I had my computer now, I would have g*ogled something about this kind of situation! But there was one thing I was curious about… How did I die?

The last thing I remember was me falling asleep after having a stomach ache. Did I die from that? Is that even possible?


I can't even find something in this room that could help me!! Just what kind of people used to live here?! I'm sure it must have been some old people!

This place seemed like it hasn't used for many years.


Haaa… I'm bored. There is nothing I can do here. Is this how the other ghosts feel when they are alone? Maybe if there was another ghost here with me, it would have been great. It would be even better if that ghost was a girl. Wait, why am I asking for a ghost friend and not a human? Is the fact that I'm a ghost influencing my mind?! But even so, at this point, I wouldn't mind if she was a ghost… Even though I wouldn't be able to touch her, I would be happy to have someone I could spend time with. Or at least, I wish I could have had a computer to kill some time. There were a lot of games and mangas I haven't finished yet!


I can't even sleep in this form.



* * * *

From the outside of this house, a certain person was coming inside without Hiroki noticing it. Her whole body was trembling as she was walking to the main door of this house. A small white glowing ball was on the palm of her hand, lighting her way around.

"hnnnngh!!" She pushed the main door with a bit of trouble since it had been too long since that door was used. Some part of that wooden door fell apart as she opened it. She entered inside of that place and started looking around. Cold sweat was running down her face while looking around this old house.

"Gulp" A gulping sound was heard from her. On each of her steps, creaking sounds were coming out. Her eyes were looking around at high speed in fear that something might be around this place.