Chapter 5:

Chapter 4 - The Interrogation

The Guardian: An Unfortunate Wish

I found out that Deviion was a city located on a huge mountain. The only possible way to get there was by train. It was a fortress surrounded by a very big and deep cliff. The train station was between Deviion and the beginning of the landscape. It was built in the middle of the cliff. A lot of tracks came from the landscapes to the train station but there were no tracks between the train station and Deviion itself. Bookmark here

A bridge connected the train station with the kingdom. The mountain, the train station and the tracks were all flying above the cliff. I could not see any pier holding or supporting the bridge or the train station. It seemed that the cliff had no bottom. I was relieved that the tracks and the bridge were lighted up with flying, glowing orbs. They reminded me of fireflies. They gave away a warm orange light and looked very pretty. Bookmark here

We had arrived at the train station and were walking on the bridge towards Deviion. The other passengers got off the train too. Three were walking in front of us and the soldier behind us. I looked behind to see the fascinating train station again. The city was made of small white buildings and in the center was a white tower. The roofs were dark green with the kingdom's name written on them in a golden color.Bookmark here

It was strange that only a few people were traveling beside us. In my world, the train stations were full twenty-four hours a day with people travelling to different cities and this world had only three kingdoms. Thus, there should be more travelers.Bookmark here

“Gagan, can I ask you a question?” I asked her. Bookmark here

I heard a groaning behind me. Knowing that it was Ray, I ignored it.Bookmark here

“Sure,” she said. Bookmark here

“Why are there only a few people, besides us, travelling?” I asked. Bookmark here

“Well, all three kingdoms are on high alert of spies from the other kingdoms and therefore only a few people can actually travel between them. Some people say that there is still a cold war going on or something. But peace between the three kingdoms was declared seventeen years ago. It's just a precaution,” she replied. Bookmark here

“So why are we able to travel around?” I asked.Bookmark here

“It’s because of Daiyn. I don't know if grandfather told you, but he is one of the five royal advisors of Deonion. He used to travel for his kingdom but one day he gave his responsibility to Daiyn saying that he was too old for the job. Daiyn agreed and because of our friendship, we decided to help him too. From an early age, we determined him as our leader,” she asserted. Bookmark here

“I see,” I murmured. A smile flashed over my face. I was right. It is not my group, and it will never be.Bookmark here

We reached the end of the bridge and simultaneously the entrance of Deviion. I looked up to see how big the mountain was. The top of the mountain was merged with the black sky and there was no distinct indication of how big it was. The houses were built into the mountain and the streets were lighted with the same firefly lamps. It was somehow welcoming. So, this was the kingdom that represented justice.Bookmark here

A booth was standing on each side on the end of the bridge. Two soldiers came out of the left one. They were wearing black uniforms but with Deviion’s emblem. Other than that, it was the same uniform as the Deonion soldiers.Bookmark here

I saw Daiyn reaching in his pocket, and he took out a badge. I started walking faster to get closer to Daiyn to see what was on it. It was hexagonally shaped. The background was brown, and a black suitcase was painted on it. On top of the suitcase was a black traveler's hat. It wasn't only Daiyn who had such a badge. Every one of the other travelers had one too. I guessed the badge served as proof to see if you are legally or illegally travelling around the country.Bookmark here

The soldiers left everyone through after seeing the badge. Daiyn stopped and let the Deonion soldier go first. We were the last ones. One soldier was looking at the badge and the other one went into the booth to get some documents. When he came back, he passed them to the other soldier with the badge. Bookmark here

“Daiyn Dawson, right?” he asked.Bookmark here

“Yes,” Daiyn answered.Bookmark here

“Are these your comrades?” he asked.Bookmark here

“Yes,” Daiyn replied. Bookmark here

I wondered why they were asking these questions but then realized that except Daiyn nobody in this group had a badge. Bookmark here

“I will call out the names of each group member and you will answer me with a yes if your name is called. Reiker Levrick,” he said. Bookmark here

“Yes,” Reiker answered firmly. Bookmark here

“Ray Eden,” the soldier said. Bookmark here

“Yes,” Ray said. Bookmark here

“Benjamin and Edwin Williams,” he called. Bookmark here

“Yes,” they said simultaneously. Bookmark here

“Gagan Moure,” he called next. Bookmark here

“Yes,” she answered. Bookmark here

“Jasmine Clarke,” he said. Bookmark here

“Yes,” Jasmine replied. Bookmark here

“Good. A group of seven people,” the soldier said to himself.Bookmark here

Well, looks like I was not on their list. Maybe they would not notice it.Bookmark here

“Wait. Who is she?” someone asked. Bookmark here

The other soldier was pointing at me. Bookmark here

“I am,” I started explaining. Bookmark here

“She is a new member of my group,” Daiyn interrupted me. I was relieved that Daiyn took over. Bookmark here

“A new member?” he doubted. Bookmark here

“Yes,” Daiyn said calmly.Bookmark here

“Fine. We will question her to see if she is a spy or not. Afterwards, we will decide if she can enter the Deviion kingdom,” the soldier said who checked the names. Bookmark here

“What?” I asked. Bookmark here

By the looks of my comrades, I should not have said it out loud. Ray gave me an angry look. Bookmark here

“Is there a problem?” the soldier asked me back. Bookmark here

“No,” Daiyn answered. Bookmark here

He turned around and came closer to me. Bookmark here

“You are going to go with them. Answer all their questions and there shouldn't be a problem,” he said to me with a serious look on his face. I did not like it. Bookmark here

“Okay,” I said hesitantly.Bookmark here

“Let's go, Miss,” the same soldier commanded.Bookmark here

The soldiers were waiting for me. This was going to be easy. Only a few questions. I was going to be fine. Bookmark here

While I was passing by Daiyn he whispered two words to me. Don't lie. I could tell he was being serious again, but I was not sure if it would be smart to tell them the truth. Bookmark here

The soldier gave Daiyn his badge back and told them that they were allowed to enter the Deviion kingdom. They entered the kingdom while I was walking behind the two soldiers to a big building which was probably one of the police departments. With every step I took towards that building, I was getting more and more nervous.Bookmark here

As we entered, another soldier approached us. The two soldiers who brought me in started explaining the situation. We were standing in the reception hall. It was simply established with minimal wooden furniture. A receptionist was sitting behind a desk writing on some paper. Behind the receptionist was a painting of Deviion's emblem. Two doors were leading to the inside of the building. The conversation of the soldiers was coming to an end. Bookmark here

“Go and escort her to interrogation room two. We will be there in a short time,” the soldier who still got the list of names ordered the third soldier. That sounded like fun. Bookmark here

“Yes sir,” he said. Bookmark here

“And handcuff her,” he added. Bookmark here

You must be kidding me. Bookmark here

“Yes sir,” the soldier said. Bookmark here

He grabbed inside his pocket and took out a pair of handcuffs and tried to handcuff me but because of my bad shoulder, I was not able to move my right arm. Bookmark here

“Please put both of your hands in front of you,” he instructed. Bookmark here

“I am sorry, but I can't. My right shoulder was injured in an accident and since then I can't move my right arm,” I explained to him. Bookmark here

“Fine. Follow me,” he said in a firm voice. Bookmark here

He started walking and I followed him. We left the two other soldiers behind. Interrogation room two was at the end of a grey hallway with a lot of doors made from steel. Every door had a number from one to twelve written on it. It was a little scary that they needed so many interrogation rooms. He opened the heavy steel door and we entered interrogation room two. Bookmark here

“Sit down on the chair,” he ordered me while pointing at the nearest chair.Bookmark here

I sat down. He handcuffed my left hand to the table in front of me saying that it was a precaution. We waited for about ten minutes for the other two soldiers to arrive. The room was cold and had nothing else besides a table and two chairs in it. The one who escorted me left the room. One soldier stood behind me and the other one took a seat next to me. It was the one who checked the badges. Bookmark here

“What is your name?” he asked without looking at me. It took me a while to respond to him as I was distracted by his very bushy, brown eyebrows.Bookmark here

“Ari. It's Ari Night,” I said. Bookmark here

He scribbled my name on a paper.Bookmark here

“Why do you want to enter the kingdom Deviion?” he asked. Bookmark here

I had to stay calm and focused. Bookmark here

“I need to get my right shoulder and arm checked,” I answered.Bookmark here

He wrote exactly what I said under my name. Bookmark here

“Why in Deviion and not Deonion?” he questioned, this time, raising his head to look at me. I noticed that his head was too small for his body. Bookmark here

“Because I heard that the doctors in Deviion are way better than in Deonion,” I said smiling. Bookmark here

Maybe they would let me go if I kissed their asses but the way he was staring at me it seemed like my plan was not working as well as I hoped. Bookmark here

“What happened to your arm?” he asked me, glancing over to my shoulder. Bookmark here

Daiyn said I should not lie. Should I tell them the truth? Should I tell them I visited with the others no man's land, and we got attacked by weird creatures that tried to eat us in an abandoned laboratory? I could not. It sounded absurd and I did not even know if this kingdom had something to do with those experiments. It looked like I had to come up with a believable lie which was not an easy task for a girl who came through a mirror into this world. Bookmark here

“I was attacked by an animal,” I answered. Bookmark here

“What animal?” he asked. Bookmark here

What animal? I did not even know if animals in this world exist or not and even if they did, would they be the same ones as in my world? I had not seen any animals since I came to this world. What should I do? Then I remembered what Ray told me when I picked up that one flower. Did he not say it attracts animals? So, there were animals in this world. Yes. Now, what animal would attack people? Bookmark here

The soldier was getting angrier by the second. He started to tap his pen on the table impatiently. Bookmark here

“I asked you what animal?” he asked me again while suddenly raising his voice.Bookmark here

“A panda!” I shouted in panic. Bookmark here

Why on earth did I say a panda?Bookmark here

“A panda?” he asked slowly. Bookmark here

“Yes. You know, they look like bears but are black and white,” I answered as confident as I could.Bookmark here

“I know what a panda is,” he said annoyed by me explaining. Bookmark here

Yes. I did it. Bookmark here

“Why did it attack you?” he asked me, scribbling down panda on his paper. Bookmark here

“Excuse me?” I asked. Bookmark here

“I asked why it attacked you?” he asked me again with one of his eyebrows raised. Bookmark here

Seriously? I lowered my head to hide my face. I was freaking out. Bookmark here

“Well... I was in a forest and,” I started. Bookmark here

“What were you doing in the forest?” he interrupted me asking his question. Bookmark here

Why was he asking me so many detailed questions? He started to annoy me. The next thing I knew he would be asking me when and where I used the loo the last time. Bookmark here

“I was collecting mushrooms,” I answered, and I already knew what his next question would be.Bookmark here

“Why were you collecting mushrooms in a forest? And don't tell me that there aren't any in the kingdom Deonion,” he said smiling. Bookmark here

There it was.Bookmark here

“I needed special mushrooms for my grandfather,” I explained. Bookmark here

“For your grandfather?” he questioned. Bookmark here

“Yes, and please don't ask me why. He just likes them more,” I said frustrated. Bookmark here

“You seem to be on edge because of my questions,” he murmured.Bookmark here

Shit. I had to calm down, but all these questions were making me anxious. Bookmark here

“No, I am not,” I told him as calmly as I could. My hands were sweating. Bookmark here

“Fine. Should we carry on or do you need a break?” he asked me politely. Bookmark here

“Please carry on,” I said and raised my head and smiled to show him I was not stressed out, even though I was clearly losing my mind. Bookmark here

“Very well then. Why did the panda attack you? Panda attacks are not very common,” he clarified. Bookmark here

I sighed.Bookmark here

“I was walking and tripped over the panda. It was sleeping on the ground, and I guess it got angry that I woke it up,” I explained. Bookmark here

“I see. What happened next? How did you get your shoulder injured?” he demanded to know.Bookmark here

“It bit me,” I answered. Bookmark here

“Bit you?” he asked surprised. Bookmark here

“No. What I meant was, it scratched me with its claw,” I corrected myself.Bookmark here

I was dead meat. For a while, he did not say anything. He was writing his report and finished it.Bookmark here

We're done here,” he said spontaneously. Bookmark here

Finally, I was relieved. Bookmark here

“Can I go now?” I asked him. Bookmark here

“Oh no. You're not going anywhere. Did you really think I would buy such an immature and ridiculous story of yours? You were lying through the whole interrogation and the only fact that is true is that you hurt your shoulder,” he explained. Bookmark here

I could not believe it. Even if I had told him the truth, he would not have believed me. I was in a really bad situation. Bookmark here

“Soldier, arrest her immediately,” he ordered the other soldier.Bookmark here

“Yes sir,” he answered. Bookmark here

“Wait. What are you saying? I didn't do anything wrong,” I declared.Bookmark here

“I am saying that you are going to jail and yes you did something wrong. You lied to me. A soldier who represents and enforces the law of this kingdom. Until we don't find the truth behind your injury and trespassing, you are going nowhere,” he explicated.Bookmark here

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