Chapter 1:

Ancient Darkness

HoloMyth: The World's End

A heavy rain, fall to the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. Cars moves around as always. In the side walk, A purple haired girl ran, Challenging the heavy rain that wet her bad. She was running as she hug tightly her notepad, making it safe from the heavy rain.
She stopped in a nearby building where there's only a bit roof in it. She look around and saw nothing to rest by, Until she found a basement. She approach it and its not lock. She nock "Please let me take a shelter a bit, Anyone!?" She called but no one answered her.
She look around before entering the basement. When she closed it, She immediately sat in the stairs. "I'm exhausted" She muttered looking above.
She look to her flat chest. "I'm wet, Thankfully I'm flat chested so this wont be look like a R17+ story. Just kidding, I better change my clothes or I'll catch a cold" She stand up going downstairs. She tilted hear head, Looking around to the wide basement, She is not interested cause what she intend is shelter and not trespassing. She just entered a one room, Checking every corner if there's a hidden camera. A single hidden camera can be a huge trouble.
'Looks like things are clear' She thought before she started to take off the button in her uniform. 
Anyway, Lets stop here. Its R13+ part.
She finished changing her clothes, Now she wore a purple cloth, It was clothes for painting.
She sat into a chair, Before taking off her socks that soaked in water. She grab the bucket near her before twisting her wet clothes to take its water.
She hanged her cloth up to the wire above that crossed the room. She sat back to the chair and look above the ceiling.
'Now what to do, I cant just walk outside and confront the heavy rain again, I can't just stole an umbrella either. I mean there's no one here and I'm totally a stranger. Maybe I should stay here for a bit time. Since I hear from the news earlier that the heavy rain will last in 3 hours. Its 6:00 pm so it will stop in 7:00 pm since the rain started in 5:00 pm.'
She just roll her eyes to the surrounding, Waiting the time when the rain stops, until she found a book. There was bookshelves with many colorful books.
'Reading is the perfect choice for waiting. Umu' She thought and nodded before she stand up and approach the bookshelves. There was so many books, At the same time no title, She just pick randomly. She found a purple book in the top so she suspected it as astronomy book due to its color.
It was on the top shelf, She reach it but only the tip. She raise up her heels, Trying to reach the book. "Finally" She smiled as she able to take the book out but, The book slip from her finger and the book fall.
"Ow" She squatted after the book hit her forehead.
She glanced and she found the book and reach it, In the front cover, A Octagon shape was placed while the center of the octagon was a word.
"Ancient Darkness, Probably a Novel or Story Umu" She spoke and nodded before picking up the book and stands. She goes back to the table and put the book.
She opened it and start reading the book.
"Erase, A dark spell that can eras- wait a minute, Is this some kind of magic book and there's even a spell and how to cast it" She hold the book and stands, Letting the book open so she can read it. "Lets try it. Concentrate to your target and point your palm to it" She open her hand wide and point it to her school uniform. "Like this?" She tilted her head and glanced to the book. "Dwhel oir Reisk Fraul Thest Wournd!" She made her voice loud.
The book glowed and released a black shadow and gathered to her hands. The place sparked and when she opened her eyes, Its like nothing happen but looking closely to her uniform that she hanged in the wire, It was dried.
"ITS REALLY MAGIC!!" She raise her voice loudly in surprise. She covered her mouth and look to the place before she approach to her dried uniform. 'If someone hears me, I'm in big trouble umu' She thought.
She sit back and read more about the book.
An hour later, The splattering of water droplets stopped. "Looks like the rain stopped" Ina muttered looking up the ceiling. 'I still wanted to read more about the book, Borrowing a one book isn't a problem umu' Ina thought and nodded in her own resolution.
She put her dried uniform in her shoulder bag, And also the book. She raise her hand in the mid air and started chanting "Trion Mieku Ast Corl Kio Wusto".
The whole place was covered to light, When she opened her eyes, She's in front of a wooden Japanese house. 
'The spell worked again, I'm now in front of my house in a blink of an eye umu' She thought and nodded before she ran to enter the household.
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