Chapter 2:

The Daily Life of the Detective

HoloMyth: The World's End

In the United States of America, A huge earthquake hit the city.
In the middle of the huge earthquake, Watson Amelia was sleeping comfortably in her bed, Even everything around her is shaking. Her alarm clack rang, Giving the sign that its already time for her to wake up. She peek her eyes, She can see a clock approaching to her. A clock... approaching to her.
"Eh?" She immediately open her eyes widely.
"Ow ow ow ow" She get up and hold her head. She immediately reach her hand to the mirror in her right side and take a look in her forehead.
"Look's like fine, As long it didn't bleed, Its fine" She muttered while flipping up her bangs, Looking to the reflection of her forehead from the black small mirror that have the same size of her palm.
She look around 'shaking?. So there's earthquake that trigger my alarm clock to fall. I put a drawer above my head for my alarm clock so I can't reach it. But looks like its a bad idea though. That's what they say, A disaster is unpredictable after all' She thought before she get off from her bed.
'I should wash this then' She thought as she held her forehead before she grab a bandage and head out from her room, Without changing her sky blue pajama that have little white stars design in it.
When she made it in the bathroom, She reach on her faucet and wash her face. Put a soap and wash it again before she put a bandage on it. 'The cleaner the damage, The better. Its not like it bleeds so its not a big problem like a wound from a bullet' She thought before she take the upper part of her pajama, As she take it off, Her chest bounced. Before she take off her lower part, She glanced at the door. "I forgot to close it" She muttered before she closed the door.
Amelia opens the faucet of her shower. When she open it, Smoke from her body arise while getting hit by the water that covered her naked body. While she made her body wet, She thought. 'That earthquake earlier, Its pretty strong, I wish my house didn't crack'
After showering, She pour a toothpaste in her toothbrush and start brushing her teeth, She flip her bangs up and take a look in the mirror. 'Yep, It didn't bleed' She thought and continue brushing her teeth before she get a water to wash the toothpaste off.
She reach to her hanged pajama "It doesn't smell bad, I should reuse it since it smelled good instead of stink"
After she put on back the pajama, She walks while drying her hair with the towel. She boiled a water and grab the bread above in the cabinet for her plates. She put her bread to the toaster and waited same to the boiling water in the pot.
After a while, She was out of the kitchen, She was holding a white cup, Filled with a hot coffee and a bowl with toasted bread. Wait... A bread... in a bowl, Seriously?.
She sit in her white sofa and reach the black remote in the wooden round table in front of her and opened the TV. As a TV news played, She just soak her toasted bread in her coffee and take a bite.
'Today, The biggest ship in the world, Symphony of the Seas, Mysteriously disappeared. Total missing of people is 6730, The area where it disappeared is under investigation. Sub-Marines are launched for the investigation" The reporter in the television news reported.
'I bet its a supernatural type of case' Amelia thought while chewing her toasted bread before taking a sip of her coffee, She take another bite again.
Her phone that placed in the top of the table rang and vibrated creating a melody ringtone.
Amelia reach her hand. 'Boss' She thought before answering the call.
'Watson, Are you free?' A matured male voice can be hear from her phone.
"Wyeth, Umm Fwree" Amelia answered.
"Are you eating?, Empty your mouth first, I cant understand you"
Amelia immediately get a deep sip in her coffee and emptied her mouth. "Yes, I'm Free. If you want to have date, Sorry I will go to work... Just kiddin. Another emergency case?" Amelia asked after her joke.
"Hahaha, Seriously Amelia. Anyway, Yes, It is another emergency case. Just be careful, This is really dangerous since it involves-"
"Supernatural right?" Amelia interjected.
'I see, This is another problem. I wish its not something like vampires and ghosts' She thought.
"Head to Shibuya, Tokyo Japan. I'll pay your passport when you arrive" The call stopped.
Amelia put back her phone to the table before looking to the ceiling.
'I'm in big trouble, I can't speak Japanese'
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