Chapter 3:

Abandoned House! - Chapter 3

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

The house was completely dark, and the only way for the girl to see around was by using the glowing white ball which was floating above the palm on her hand. She was taking light and small steps since she didn't want to trip on anything. Broken objects were all over the floor, and a slight mistake would make anyone fall down. The floor was made of rotten wood, and it could break anytime from heavy objects. This was another thing the girl feared when taking her steps. The cracking noises created by that kind of wood weren't that loud, but to that girl, it was the opposite. She was looking around for something. Directing the glowing ball towards the walls, she noticed different creepy paintings, which were spattered mainly by something red.

"EeEe..hh—" She covered her mouth the moment she noticed that those red things on this painting were blood. The eyes of that picture felt as if it was staring at that girl. Even though she knew this was an abandoned house, she didn't want to scream or make any sounds. Her mind was filled with an uneasy feeling like something was here. Something was watching her! But she knew that her mind was playing tricks on her. That was the only reason why she kept walking forward until she found the staircase to the second floor. While being careful with her steps, she went to the second floor of this house. As she continued walking, she found four different doors in the hallway. The whole floor was filled with dust and broken glasses. She directed her sight a bit further and saw clothes stained with blood lying around.

"Eeek!" She couldn't control her voice but let it out in fear.



* * * *


Hiroki's POV


Eeeeh… I'm bored… I'm really bored! I have nothing to do!! If I stay like this for any longer, I might go crazy!! I have tried everything! There is nothing I can do around here except float around. I've always wished that someday I could fly like those characters in manga, but this feels weird. Even though I can't feel my body, me floating just doesn't feel alright at all. In fact, it feels mentally uncomfortable!


What am I supposed to do here? Do I just float around this room forever?! Am I supposed to die here alone? Wait! Do ghosts even have a lifespan?

I looked at my own hands once again. I could see through them without a problem! Even if I tried touching my hands together, they would just go through as if I never had hands. The same result goes for my body. I can't touch any part of my body at all! At any moment, I still hoped for this to be a dream, and I would wake up in my room. I already miss my family! My friends! And everyone else! I wish at least I had a girlfriend before dying like this! I also hope that my family won't be sad about me dying! I hope they are happy even without me.


It's so painful! I can't even cry in this kind of form, no matter how sad I am.

"…" The only thing I can do now is to stare blankly forever.



<Hearing acquired!>



Hearing? Another skill? Wait, does that mean I couldn't hear anything until now?!

*Creak* *Creak* *Creak*

From the outside of the door, I could hear creaking noises from a distance. What is that?! Is someone here?! Will I finally meet someone?! But what if they aren't friendly? Or maybe it's just a stray animal?!

No! No! Don't be so negative! If someone comes here, I will greet him just like my friends and everyone in my class! I have confidence in my communication skills, and I'm sure that person wouldn't be upset with me.


Huh? A high-pitched voice was heard near the door here! It must be a girl! Okay! Okay! There is no need for me to be nervous!

The creaking noises were getting closer as each second was passing by! From the small gap underneath the door, a white light was coming through. That must be her flashlight she is using to look around. I hope she comes inside this room first!

Wait! What if this room is locked and she decides to go to another room, or even worse...leave this place! The white light was getting closer until the creaking sounds stopped in front of the door.

She's here! She chose the room I'm staying in! I noticed the door's handle moving down until the door was slowly opening!


A long creaking sound came from the door opening slowly. Inside the room came a young girl. She had long brown hair and a small body. Her clothes were kind of weird, but I didn't pay too much attention to that. Floating above the palm of her hand was a glowing white ball. That's a weird flashlight.

She seems to be looking around while trying to avoid all of the objects on the floor. Once she noticed the burned bed, she started smiling in excitement.

"I-its here!" Her voice was so soft and sweet! It made me want to protect her!

Okay! Since she didn't notice me, I should approach her and say Hello. There's nothing wrong with saying hello! I came towards her and with a smile on my face-

"HeEeE-EeL-l-ooO!!" She turned towards me with a terrified look on her face and her mouth open as if she was trying to say something.

"Eh?! A-a a G-g-g-gHoost!! N-n-nOOO!!" Her reaction was way different from what I was expecting. Her voice was trembling, and she was looking at me as if I was a terrifying monster!

"I-iii Wo-OooOn't HhH-hUr-t Yyou!" I tried telling her that I wouldn't hurt her, but her terrified face became even more terrified! Her face became ashen!

"Eeeek!" She fell down unconscious...

What did I do wrong?