Chapter 2:

Act 1, Scene 2

Team Dark: Sonic fan-script 2


Backup troops, helicopters, and GUN trucks station around the battle-worn facility. Soldiers from the fight are treated. Police tape covers the facility. A media storm tries to get an interview.

A special helicopter lands. G.U.N. COMMANDER, his SECRETARY, and two guard soldiers steps off the helicopter. The media tries to get an interview.

REPORTER #1: Sir, what happened here last night?

REPORTER #2: Is it true that a new battle armor went rogue?

REPORTER #3: Does this have anything to do with the latest incident?

G.U.N. Commander continues on towards the sight.


Soldiers tend to the wounded. Forensics investigate the sight. G.U.N. Commander and his Secretary continue in. The two guards stay on watch outside.

G.U.N. COMMANDER: Are you sure?

SECRETARY: Reports, security systems, the men be treated right now. They all say the same.

G.U.N. COMMANDER: Where were Shadow & Rouge?

SECRETARY: Shadow was on assignment. Rouge was caught off-guard by his sudden “awakening.”

G.U.N. COMMANDER: Where are they now?

SECRETARY: Rouge is being treated in the Hospital section. We have no intel on Shadow.

G.U.N. COMMANDER: Send a message to those two to meet me in an hour. And tell Shadow to go to the practice chamber. He’s probably steaming with rage right now.


G.U.N. Commander continues through the wrecked facility.