Chapter 3:


HoloMyth: The World's End

Inside in a traditional Japanese room, A purple haired girl was holding a chalk, Drawing a two layer circle in a table, She then draw a diamond shape in the left and then she draw another diamond in the right. Between the two layer circle, She draw a weird language in the space between the two layer above the circle and then she draw another different language below. Then she draw a octagon in the middle of the circle.
She get two books, The other one was a purple book and the other one is a brown book with no design in its cover. She place the purple book to the left diamond and she put the brown book in the right diamond.
"Cia Ahdt Trahn Ahdt Crou Yoi Duphra" She spoke and the octagon glowed, Same to the magic circle. A huge light, Lit to the diamond she draw. When she get the brown book, She immediately open it. "Now I have a duplicate" She muttered before she erase the magic circle she draw.
She hold the brown book. "Kheb Inth Ag Niu Agth" The brown book glowed and it turned to a purple book and have a spiderweb design in the center and orange below the book.
She get a pen and write in the orange part of the book. She wrote 'Ancient Ones'. 
While looking to the book, She raise it above with her two hands. "Starting today, Your AO-chan. In short of Ancient Ones" She stared, Spending the seconds of the time for nothing. "Oh right" She immediately pointed her palm to the purple book in the table. "Trahn"
The purple book in the table glowed before it disappeared.
"Time to go to school" She spoke before grabbing the purple ribbon in the table and put the purple book inside her bag.
Amelia was inside on a office, With a golden magnifying lens with her hand while she look around the whole room. The room suddenly lit a light, She look where it came from.
The bookshelf lit a strong light, When it disappeared Amelia immediately took a photo from her jacket. She compared the two by looking to the photo of a bookshelf in her hand and the current bookshelf. She compared it and as what she can see, The current bookshelf have a purple book while in the photo don't have.
"Wait, What?" She wondered while looking to the bookshelf.Bookmark here

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