Chapter 4:

Supernatural Investigation

HoloMyth: The World's End

3 weeks later.
Amelia can be seen walking normally in the sidewalk wearing a white uniform with a red ribbon in the neck of her uniform. But actually, Her mind was not in her body since her thoughts were too far away that reached her past achievements.
The door was harshly slammed as a figure of a matured Japanese guy was standing in the door in hurry. "I seen a weird light here earlier, What happen!?" The guy asked in a loud voice.
"Magic" Simple words come out from the female's figure, standing and confronting the bookshelf. It was simple but unbelievable. It was no other than Amelia Watson.
"Magic?" The guy tilted his head out of his confusion.
Amelia get the purple book out of the bookshelf and showing it to the guy without getting close. "What kind of book is this?" Amelia asked.
The guy stared in disbelief "That's the one!" The guy just yelled out of nowhere.
"This what?" Amelia asked while reading the front cover with only her eyes.
"That's the book I'm trying to make you find!" The guy yelled again, Happily.
"What's with this book anyway, Appearing out of nowhere?" Amelia asked while flipping the book to its back cover.
"'Ancient Darkness', From its name, Its Ancient and Darkness. Its a grimoire type of book, A magic book of darkness"
"Magic Book" Amelia muttered as she started to flip the front page.
"What?" Amelia asked.
"Its dangerous"
"Its no problem reading it right?"
"Well yeah but, Read it silently"
Amelia just nods.
"You can continue your tale" Amelia added before sitting on a chair.
"Its not a tale though. Anyway, Its a forbidden book, Its really dangerous. It is said it can forcefully take out people's soul, As a result, Instant Death" The guy spoke while standing beside the door.
"Root. The beginning of such disaster?" Amelia asked while reading the book silently.
"Mostly, When people try to chant the magic. It will only chose the people who's sorrowing, Also can lead destruction to the world since its a person who have blazing heart, In other words hatred" 
"When people who's not sorrowing, Is there a survival chance?"
"Actually, No" 
"I see" Amelia just smiled a bit with her eyes closed before looking up. "Anyway, What's with the back page why its purple unlike the others?" Amelia asked.
"That's, The one that can lead destruction" The guy answered. "Is there something wrong?" He added.
"Yeah, A big problem. The girl able to use the magic Transport. The transport spell is close to the back page, Its only a little time until she might plan to destroy the world. I just wish she wont encounter a problem. If she will, Its the end" Amelia just grinned while looking to the ceiling.
'She able to use the Teleportation spell and then after using the spell she still able to use the Transport spell, I found out her appearance and the use of the Teleportation spell since I asked the neighborhood to try a look in their camera. I've been searching for you in the Art school in Shibuya so I'll make sure to find you in the Shibuya high school. Ninomae Ina'nes' Amelia thought while looking to the purple notepad in her hand.
She hold the notepad to her side before she stop in front of the school gate. She take a deep breath before entering.
She walk, Exploring the whole place also finding her classroom and her own locker. While walking to the hallway, She cross path with a familiar appearance that wearing same uniform of her and purple haired. She immediately turn around. 'Black Haired?' Amelia thought while looking to the black haired girl that she just cross path earlier that she thought a purple haired. 'I'm probably imagining things' She thought and just continuously walks.
Ninomae Ina'nes was walking in the hallway normally. 'That was close, Thankfully I learned the spell change color that I able to change the color of my hair to black' She thought before hiding to the edge for the stairway and changing her hair color to normal purple. 'Looks like I'm in big trouble' She thought before going downstairs.Bookmark here

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