Chapter 4:

The young girl and the ghost! - Chapter 4

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

I tried greeting this young girl who came to this room, but she immediately fainted. What did I do wrong?I wasn't trying to scare her. Does my form as a ghost terrify her that much? That wasn't my goal at all! I feel awful for scaring her like that! I need to make up something for scaring her like that. But what can I do to help her? I'm just a ghost. The only thing a ghost can do is just being a ghost.

Do I just go and "BOOOO!" here and "BOO!" there? Now that I think about it, I would sound really stupid… I came near that girl and started wondering what I could do... But now that I'm taking a closer look at her, she is adorable. She had a small body and a cute face. And her small delicate hands, which looked really soft to touch. Also, why is she wearing those kinds of clothes? Is she a cosplayer? As I tried placing my hand over her face, I felt a sensation I never expected I would.

HUH? I... I can touch her? I can feel her soft face? I can't believe this!


Wait! I got distracted! I need to help her! If I can touch her, maybe I can lift her up and place her in the bed over there, even though it's a little burned. But it's way better than letting her sleep in the dirty ground. As I made up my mind, I tried carrying her body using both of my hands. But this time, after placing a bit more pressure on her body, my hands started sinking inside her skin.

Huh? Wait... What is going on?!

I started freaking out a little since I didn't want to hurt her. I tried pulling out my hands, but I could feel as if I was being sucked inside even more than before. It wasn't letting me go! Wait, stop! I don't want to hurt her! That's what I thought as I was trying to pull out my hands.



<Possessing acquired!>



Huh? Another skill? Right now? Wait... don't tell me...

As I thought that, my whole body was sucked inside the young girl. Everything around my eyes had become really dark. I couldn't see anything. Did I kill that girl? No, that wasn't my intention at all!

While I was trying to understand what happened around me, I could feel my eyes slowly opening. After completely opening my eyes, I saw the same room I was in before.

Huh? Why am I on the ground? When I was trying to get up, I could feel that my perspective of my vision wasn't as it used to be. My back also hurts for some reason.

Wait... My back hurts? The moment I looked at my own hands, I noticed that I had the same little hands as that girl who collapsed.

Don't tell me... Am I possessing her? I tried gripping my hands a little. I can feel them! I actually can feel and see just like any normal human being. But I celebrated too soon. At those moments, I felt a terrible headache! My vision was spinning around, and I could feel as I was about to collapse. I need to lay this body on the bed before I collapse.

"Hmm, please, no more bread…" My mouth moved on its own as I was on my way to the bed. It was a calm and soft voice of a cute girl. The girl was waking up from her sleep. Maybe that's why I felt like I was about to collapse. The moment I laid myself in the bed, I felt myself flying out of the girl's body. All of the skin pressure, the feeling of being alive, disappeared from me. I was a little sad about this, but I didn't want to cause any trouble for this girl. Also, that was the first time I experienced the feeling of possessing someone. Now, I kind of understand why ghosts in different stories would want to possess someone. But I'm not like them!

I want to help this little girl, and who knows, maybe she will help me back as well! That was my plan right now! All I need to do now is to wait for her to wake up. Maybe this time, she won't freak out just like before. This time I will try to be a little more gentle and explain to her that I have no plan on hurting her. Maybe if I try and make a joke, that would tell her that I'm friendly.

No... Using my voice would terrify her. What If I make a peace sign with my fingers?

"Hmmm…" Her eyes started twitching a little. She slowly opened her eyes and looked directly at me. I was floating above her this whole time to make sure she wasn't hurt anywhere.

"huh…"She stared at me for a second. If I stay still, maybe she won't react...

"A g-g-g-g-gOHST!!" Her voice was stuttering a lot. She started pushing her body away using her legs.

"P-please d-d-don't hurt me!!" Her face became pale once again. Now I feel really bad about her. I never meant to scare her this way. Maybe I should just walk away and leave her be...

As I was staring at her whole body shake like crazy, I made up my mind about staying away from her. Maybe this was the best choice.



<Curse activated!>



Wait what?!