Chapter 0:

I'll wake up then I'll sleep

I'm Tired of Being Awake

      When I wake up I want to go back to sleep but I have to wake up because there is school today. At school I wonder why we learn this, we probably won't use any of this for work or for anything in our life except for school. In class I don't get some questions and how to do it but I won't ask the teachers to explain. I go home and try to finish my homework. Then I go lay on the bed and wonder if I'll get class tomorrow. Bookmark here

   "Saturday still is far away. I don't want to be woken up tomorrow"Bookmark here

     Then I wonder when will I be able to sleep in. At Saturday and Sunday I can just sleep. Then after that I have to wake up on Monday, and then on Friday I can go to sleep knowing there is no school tomorrow. Then you repeat that till you finish school. Then you get summer break. But no matter how much breaks you get or how many weekends you get you'll still have to wake up and go to school one day. Then you repeat that till you finish school entirely. Then you get a job and do work for a day then sleep, then work again. Bookmark here

I wonder when can I just sleep.Bookmark here


I'm Tired of Being Awake

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