Chapter 9:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

I haven't wrote in this in a few days but I wanted to give some minor updates!

1st: The Novel Cover for Leaf Amidst the Withering Sakura Tree is on the way, my artist has contacted me and told me that she is getting the order all ready to go! It's going to look good and I'm excited!

Next up is that I'm debating whether I should release more chapters on Unholy Crusader or publish some more chapters on Sakura Tree?
I will let y'all decide in the comments and on my social medias!

Next up is me wanting to rant about Blood Moon..
I know the dialogue is confusing!!! Ahhh I wish I could fix it but I can't change anything about it until the contest is over!!! I would ask everyone to read the Unholy Crusader novel to see how I write as of now! My style has completely changed over the time I've been writing! Please don't think thats how I normally write!! It was my first novel loll and it will definitely change once it gets running again!

Also Slash, Freeze and Rally isn't the best chapter, it has a ton of important things happening and it happens quickly but don't worry, I will go into more in the next chapter. I have something special planned for the next chapter so stay tuned!!! Thanks for reading