Chapter 4:

Dream Of a Nightmare

Dating My Sister's Crush's Sisters!

I could still remember the pity in the voice of every one of our guardians. But no matter how much pity they had, they didn’t hesitate to pass the responsibility that was us, to someone else.Bookmark here

“Your cousin has a nice house. I’m sure you’ll like it.”Bookmark here

He did have a nice house, a large house with many things unnecessarily made of marble. Spacious yet cozy. Would’ve been nice if it wasn’t because he also used to beat us whenever we disobeyed in the slightest, and sometimes for no reason at all.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“How many times did I tell you to not leave the light turned on!” he screamed at Keiko with his hand raised.Bookmark here

I immediately stepped between them and yelled, “IT WAS ME!” his hand stopped for a moment. “I left the kitchen light on.” I lied.Bookmark here

Without a second thought, he slapped me across the face, hitting me hard enough to make my nose bleed.Bookmark here

“Keizou!” my sister screamed. She wrapped her arms around my trembling body. My tears of anger and pain spilled onto the marble floor.Bookmark here

“Do that shit again and I will punish both of you!” he stormed off.Bookmark here

Like that, he’d leave us there without a care.Bookmark here

We stayed with him for a month or two until he got sick of us and sent us off to someone else. Not before leaving us both with some sort of injury.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Then there was our grandfather. A nice old man living alone in a small house.Bookmark here

Once again…Bookmark here

“Where the hell have you two been?!” he yelled as we closed the front door behind us.Bookmark here

“Our teacher kept us longer becau—”Bookmark here

“I don’t want to hear excuses!” he grabbed us by our arms and dragged us to the living room, digging his nails into our arms as he did.Bookmark here

…he was no good either.Bookmark here

“You will stay in your room, you hear!?”Bookmark here

““Yes, sir.”” We timidly answered.Bookmark here

“As punishment, you won’t be having dinner tonight!”Bookmark here

We both flinched at his statement. Not only had we not been able to eat breakfast that morning because of him, but he also didn’t give us any money so we could buy anything for ourselves either. With that, that meant we wouldn’t eat anything all day. But even then…Bookmark here

““Yes, sir.”” We answered appropriately.Bookmark here

Then he closed the door in our face and stormed off.Bookmark here

We’d been less than fifteen minutes late. It wasn’t the first, and it wouldn’t be the last time he reacted that way.Bookmark here

Every time it happened, he would do the same. Lock us in our room and there would be no dinner. We had learned to eat as big of a breakfast as we could, just in case we didn’t get to have dinner for that day, and it worked for the most part.Bookmark here

We didn’t have friends with who we could ask to share their lunches or to let us borrow money, so we simply kept to ourselves during lunch breaks. No one talked to us, and we didn’t talk to anyone.Bookmark here

All we could do was silently cry into each other’s arms when we were locked in our rooms. Well, I say we, but it was only ever me who did the crying. Keiko always stayed strong and comforted me…Bookmark here

I owe her a lot for that…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I woke up in a cold sweat.Bookmark here

The dream—or nightmare—was one I’d have a lot when I was younger, but it hadn’t happened in a while. Yesterday’s conversation most likely had something to do with the sudden return of that nightmare.Bookmark here

I took a deep breath.Bookmark here

That was all in the past. Keiko and I were now so close to being free from this cycle of pain. Like she’d mentioned, our current guardians seemed nice enough, but I wasn’t going to blindly trust them. I would keep one eye open for just a while longer…then we would…Bookmark here

We would…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Live normal lives…”Bookmark here

Yeah, that’s all that I wanted for us…Bookmark here

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