Chapter 5:

Shibuya High School

HoloMyth: The World's End

Amelia walk around the school silently without a single word coming out from her mouth.
She wandered while the students is on class. When she found the class 1-B, She stopped and never take a look to the class, If she will, It will distract the students and also prevents her target to get out. So instead of going inside, She goes away and waited for lunch.
It was 11 am and Amelia is sitting beside the wall, Unconscious like her soul left from her body due to boredness. So instead, She go to the school canteen and get a lunch first, She have the authority to do what she wanted since the school principal says so.
In the cafeteria, She goes to the food displays and buy.
She coughed. "Can I get a Steak?" Amelia ordered.
'[だからこれは教師が話している外国人探偵です] Dakara kore wa kyōshi ga hanashite iru gaikoku hito tanteidesu <So this is the foreigner detective the teachers are talking about>' The female Japanese who guarded the Cafeteria stared to Amelia.
"..." Amelia tilted her head as she watch the woman who stared at her.
"[あ、ごめんなさい!]A, gomen'nasai! <Oh, Sorry!>" The female bowed before going back to her work.
"Also please put it in the bowl please!" Amelia requested.
The female who guarded the cafeteria almost put the steak in a plate so she immediately get a bowl.
Amelia eat in the Cafeteria peacefully, Alone. In the hundreds of tables around her, She's alone eating. Now she's eating while her hand shaking due to the awkwardness she felt with teary eyed.
Later again
She is the edge of the wall close to the stairs. She can be seen peeking. More precisely, Spying.
She's following the purple haired girl who walked alone, Holding a lunch box, Hid in a colored eco bag.
She followed but not getting noticed. 'A detective will never get lose in hide and seek' She thought while hiding to the edge of the walls. For the purple haired girl, She cant be seen. But for the students, She's too obvious spying, Other thinks she's stalking even the readers of this story find it too obvious.
The purple haired girl walked and look around before entering the bathroom.
'D- don't tell me, T- this girl... EATS LUNCH ALONE IN THE BATHROOM!!' Amelia thought while looking to the girl with a teary eyed.
After a while, The purple haired girl get out from the bathroom with wet hands.
'Oh, Seems she's just washing her hands' Amelia thought again while watching the girl going upstairs.
Amelia followed until the girl opened a door, From how it looks, The girl will take her lunch in the rooftop. She realize if she follow, She will be found out.
Amelia is sitting on a bench looking outside to wait for the students to go out. She close her eyes and take a rest.
In a tiny minute, She open back her eyes and the sunset met to her pupils that she end up covering her eyes by her hand. 'Its... ALREADY AFTERNOON!!, WHAT WILL I DO, STUPID AMELIA!!' Amelia panicked while looking to her watch.
'[ちょっとペイントガール]Chotto peintogāru <Hey paint girl!>' Amelia hear a female but boyish voice from a distance. She look where it come from and she can see a purple haired girl, painting while being surrounded by some tall girls.
"[私たちの領土に足を踏み入れるために、それのために支払うだろう]Watashitachi no ryōdo ni ashi o fumiireru tame ni, sore no tame ni shiharaudarou <For stepping in our territory, Pay for it would ya>"
"[申し訳ありませんが、私はこれを持っていないので、これから家に帰るので、これを終えさせてください]Mōshiwakearimasenga, watashi wa kore o motte inainode, korekara ie ni kaerunode, kore o oe sasete kudasai <Sorry, I don't have it with me cause I'm going home after this so let me finish this>"
"[これを見てください]Kore o mitekudasai <Look at this>" The brown haired girl that have dark brown skin get the color paint in the purple haired girl's hand and pour all the paint to the girl's face. "[これを見てください、ペイントの女の子は今本当にペイントです!]Kore o mitekudasai, peinto no on'nanoko wa ima hontōni peintodesu! <Look at this, The paint girl is now really a paint!>" Laughter echoed from their mouths before they walk away. "[私たちはいい人なので、今回はその場所を無料で利用させていただきます]Watashitachi wa ī hitonanode, konkai wa sono basho o muryō de riyō sa sete itadakimasu <Since were good people, We can let you use that place now for free, this time>" Laughter echoed again after they disappeared.
Amelia can be seen watching but with blank face, She didn't understand anything but she only understand one thing, Those are bullies and they bully the girl that is now covered with paint in her face and head. She can't understand Japanese after all.
Amelia stand up from the bench and walk, Approach the girl covered by paint. As the girl covered by paint find something from her pockets, Amelia Watson hand a white handkerchief from her chest pocket in her uniform.
The girl covered by paint hold the handkerchief before she look up.  "[ありがと-]ariga- <Thank->" She stopped and shaken after looking to the girl that have a short blonde hair and blue eyes, Smiling while looking to her.
'Even they are my target, If they need help, I will help' Amelia thought smiling with the handkerchief in her hand.
'The person I'm trying to avoid is, Right in front of me!. AM I GONNA GET ARRESTED!!' The girl shaken with her hand in the handkerchief and dripping some hundred sweats as her eyes and Amelia's eyes met to each other.
That time, The game of tag from the Detective Amelia Watson and Artist Ninomae Ina'nes is over.
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