Chapter 5:

The curse skill! - Chapter 5

Summoned as a Ghost in another world



<Curse activated!>



Wait what?!

Before I could realize what skill I had acquired, I felt my body moving on its own. My whole body was aching, and the vision in my eyes became red. It felt like I was being transformed into another being. What is happening to me?

"AHGgAaAaAAHHH!!!! AAhHG!" I couldn't help but scream from the pain my body was receiving.

"EEEEK!!" The young girl tried hiding behind the burned bed. She was even more scared than before from the way I was reacting. But I couldn't help it. My body wasn't listening to me anymore.

"S-stopdaosf AAAGHWG!!!!" I didn't know how to make it stop! But the moment I caught a glimpse of the girl hiding, the pain disappeared.

It stopped?

And at that moment, my body started moving on its own. What is happening? I was getting closer to the girl who was trying to hide from me. Why Is my body moving even though I don't want to!?

"N-no!! S-stay away!!" Even though I didn't want to scare her, my body kept approaching her. She covered her eyes, trying to protect herself somehow. The more I was looking at that girl, the more I felt something inside me burning. I had the urge to do something to her, but I didn't know what it was. I was getting kind of scared because I didn't want to hurt her. I wanted to leave her alone, but at the same time, I couldn't. As I finally was right in front of the girl, I grabbed both of her hands and removed them from her face. She was already crying after experiencing this.

What am I doing?! I need to stop! But I can't!!

"No!" Her eyes were trembling as she was looking at me. And in the next moment, she shut her eyes closed, expecting to die. No! I need to stop this! But my body wasn't listening to me. A burning feeling inside me was the first sensation I felt in this kind of body. I closed the distance between my face and hers until both of our lips touched together.

"Huhm?!" She immediately opened her eyes and looked at me, surprised and scared at the same time. The young girl started resisting even more, but she couldn't remove her arms away from my grip. I continued kissing her until I slid my tongue inside her mouth. I couldn't understand why this was happening, but my mind was filled with images of this girl.

"HMM!!" She tried saying something, but it was impossible since I had her mouth closed using mine. The moment I slid my tongue inside her, I could feel the warmness, her soft parts, and the insanely good sensation of licking her insides. Her cheeks were becoming redder as she was looking at me. I continued licking everything inside her. Even though my body doesn't contain any body fluids, I could feel as I was sucking her saliva. It was the same feeling as drinking something hot and delicious during the winter season.

"No... shtop…" She continued resisting, but her strength was becoming weaker and weaker. I was sucking and licking her tongue nonstop. Her saliva was even dripping out of her mouth as I managed to get her tongue out of her mouth. I started sucking her tongue as if it was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I was losing myself in this kind of situation. As I let go of her tongue, a string of her saliva was connected to my mouth. Her face had become red, and she was looking at me with her big eyes. It was as if she had given up on resisting anymore. At those moments, I thought I had control of my body back... but I was wrong. I started kissing her again. Her soft lips were being pressed against mine. I never knew that a girl's lips could be this soft and warm. Even her tears that had rolled on her cheeks were becoming dry as time was passing by. I placed one of my hands on her face and slid my tongue inside her once again. Her mouth was already wet and juicy. I never wanted this to end... Wait, what am I thinking!? I need to stop doing such things to this girl!

But my body continued doing its stuff. Even the pain my body was feeling some moments ago was already gone. As I continued doing this kind of thing to this girl, I noticed some part of her hair becoming white.

What is happening to her? Am I hurting her? At that moment, I gained control of my entire body back. The girl in front of me looked like she had passed out. The little girl wasn't responding anymore. I tried carrying her body so she wouldn't fall down.

What should I do?!Without realizing what was happening, I felt myself getting dizzy. That's weird... Ghosts shouldn't be able to feel this way. As I was trying to stay conscious, I collapsed on the ground while trying to hold the girl. But luckily, the girl was unhurt, ending up falling over my body. The last few moments when I was conscious, I felt her small and soft body was being pressed against my body.

I was kind of happy she didn't fall on the ground since there were a lot of sharp objects lying around.