Chapter 6:

It's not so bad being a ghost! - Chapter 6

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

* * *

After several minutes, both Hiroki and the little girl were in the same position. She was lying over his body while her face was relaxing on his chest. Usually, touching a ghost would be almost impossible. But this little girl was not only able to touch Hiroki but also to sleep on him.

"mhmm…" The little girl released soft little sounds as she was about to wake up from her sleep. Slowly opening her eyes, she finally woke up, and while sitting over Hiroki's body, she looked around. Her eyes were still a little sleepy even though she wasn't realizing her position or recalling what happened before.

But at that moment, she finally realized that she was sitting on something soft. Directing her eyes down, she saw Hiroki, who was still unconscious. Under her body was a boy with white hair and a barely seen-through body. His face to her looked like a boy with a smooth-like face and gentle looking expression. Her face slightly became red, and her eyes loosened up as she touched her lips with her fingers.

The terrifying-looking ghost wasn't in that room anymore, but a human-looking one. She didn't understand why but she felt really close to the human-looking ghost under her...






* * *

Hiroki's POV


As soon as I opened my eyes, I felt some kind of pressure over my body. It wasn't uncomfortable, but the opposite! It was a soft and gentle feeling. Sitting on me was the same girl, who I did all of those terrible things which I never intended on doing.

"Um…" She reacted as she was looking left and right while she had an embarrassed expression on her face.

I didn't want to say anything to her since I didn't want to scare her again. I would have left if she wasn't sitting on top of me. Does she not see what's down here, or am I actually invisible?

She looked directly into my eyes while placing both of her hands near my chest. She can see me! But why isn't she reacting just like before?

"W-what's your name?" She asked about my name while she had the same look on her face.

What do I do? I can't speak to her, or she will freak out! I don't know what caused her to calm down, but I don't want to risk scaring her with my hollow voice.

I looked at her face and decided to smile at her. She immediately reacted from this, causing her face to become red. Why is she reacting like this? Wasn't she scared a few moments ago?

"You can't talk?" While making an angelic face, she asked me. And as a reply, I shook my head left and right in denial.

"I see... Were you that g-ghost from before?" That ghost from before? What is she talking about? I'm probably the only ghost in this whole house.

Maybe she freaked out because she couldn't see me clearly. I confirmed by shaking my head up and down. I was a bit happy since this was the first time in a while I was talking to someone, even though it's just me making gestures by using my head.

"I'm sorry that I reacted like that." She looked a little sad as she apologized to me.

Oh god! I can't! She looks way too adorable! It makes me want to protect her at all costs.

I gave her another smile as a friendly response. But what was bothering me was the fact that she was sitting on top of me. Doesn't she realize where she is sitting? I pointed my finger at myself while looking at her as a sign of telling her something.

"Eh? I'm s-sorry! I didn't mean to offend you!" She instantly got up from me and closed her eyes as she apologized for the second time.

Offend her? More like, I'm thankful to her for not being afraid of me anymore. Now that I think about it, I still don't know her name... How should I ask her about it?While I wasn't sure about it, I gently pointed my finger at her.

"Huh? What is it?" But it seemed she couldn't understand me. What should I do?

"Do you have a name?" She suddenly asked me. I was going to ask her about her name, but I can't speak in this current voice… I nodded as a response.

"Ah! So you can remember your name from your past life! I thought that ghosts don't remember anything from their past life though…"

But I remember everything from before I was a ghost. I was an ordinary guy who enjoyed manga and anime. I pointed my finger at her once again. Maybe she will understand this time.

"Huh... You want to know my name?" I nodded at her again. She smiled the moment I confirmed her question.

"My name is Aya, Just Aya!" As she answered, it looked like she was thrilled.

Aya? That's a weird name for a Japanese person. Is she from another country?

"I wish I could know your name as well…" She looked down as she said that. I really wanted to tell her, but I can't scare her with my voice. I could have just shown her by writing, but I can't touch anything other than... Aya? Oh right, I can touch her! What's worse, I was even able to possess her body.

But she was in pain during those moments, and some parts of her hair became white because of what I did to her. Was that a side effect of having contact with a ghost?



<Soul bound Acquired!>