Chapter 10:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

Alright! That is the last chapter for Unholy Crusader as of now! I'm going to release some Sakura Tree chapters from now on until I find a good stopping point. I may throw some Unholy Crusader chapters in-between but it's not guaranteed.

These novels are only beginning and there's much planned for them! I'm having so much making them and I cannot wait till I can start working on Blood Moon again as well!

Please enjoy the development of these novels, I think I'm improving as a writer as I do these and I want to keep improving so please keep telling me your feedback so I can expand my passion and hopefully one day write an actual book or series!

This is me just ranting, I usually write these story chapters here at work, I am a 18 year old security guard at a local mall in my city, I really love horror, demon, romance and dementia animes/mangas. I love action and I love pure romance, romance that isn't lewd or impure. All my novel heroines are PURE maidens solely because of that. I'm not too much a fan of ecchi although I love ecchi animes/mangas such as Sekirei, Freezing, Date A Live, High School DxD, Shinmai Maou no Testament, Real Account, and even Tasogare Otome X Amnesia. These are just a few I've seen and could think of, you can check the rest on my myanimelist page

I've always had a strong passion for pure love stories with action and blood. I love the pure innocent maidens who fall in love with the anti-hero protag who cares about nothing other than killing and getting sh## done! Based Sigma alpha males who will destroy anyone or anything without mercy, who also protect their precious and innocent heroine is the types of protags I usually write. As you can probably see loll.

My favorite protags who I use as persona reference are Arata Kasuga, Anos Voldigoad, Basura Toujou, Goblin Slayer, Nobuaki Kanazawa, Toshio Ozaki, Sudou Kaname, Machiya Tomohiro and of course myself (I'm not a protag but I do get sh## done one way or another!)
I will say more in my next journal entry but my shift is about to end and I got to go!! Please enjoy the chapter and I will see you then!