Chapter 6:

Alert Observation

HoloMyth: The World's End

'Today is Thursday, July 18 2019. A month has passed since I teleported the book 'Ancient Darkness' to its place'
Ninomae Ina'nis is looking to the gate through the window. She can see a girl with a blonde hair standing in front of the gate, Wearing a detective outfit. She shows her black wallet and the guard let her in. At first, Ina thought it was just a cosplayer but, When the guard let her in, She have a bad feeling its a real detective.
Lunch time has reached, Ina immediately get out from the room to investigate. She goes inside to the bathroom and sat to the toilet.
"Leiwn Miyke Eiymth Seik Tang Woulnd" Ina muttered as she look around. Her vision goes through anywhere she wanted and reached to the principal's office. In the principal office, The blonde haired girl detective can be seen talking with the school principal. Ina just get her lunch box and take a bite while observing.
"Leiwn Miyke Erth Heirng Tang Woulnd" Ina muttered and now she can hear everything.
'Ninomae Ina'nis is from class 1-B, Is there a problem?' The voice of the school principal can be hear.
'No, Let me handle this case. Its a detective work so, You guys don't need to get involved from this' The detective smiled before walking out from the door.
'So they speak English. Thankfully, I can understand English' Ina thought while continuously observing Amelia. As she observe, She goes through to detective's jacket, She can see its bouncing chest.
Ina immediately step back her vision while flustered and just find the detective's wallet.
'Amelia Watson huh' Ina thought.
Tomorrow morning, Ina is peacefully listening to the class while feeling all people's presence. She immediately drip a sweat after knowing that, Amelia Watson's presence just stop to their classroom.
'Crap, Is she gonna go inside or is she gonna wait for lunchbreak?' Ina thought in panicked.
Amelia's presence pass by in their classroom and stopped again in the staircase.
3 hours later.
Amelia is still in the staircase. 
'Looks like, I'm gonna eat lunch here in the classrooom' Ina thought while writing. But she feel relieve when Amelia's presence is slowly fainting.
'Does that mean she's leaving!?, ALRIGHT I WIN!!' Ina have a wide smile from her face and sparkling from happiness.
"[一伊那尓、なんで笑ってるの?]Ninomae , Nande waratteru no? <Ninomae, Why are you smiling?>" The teacher called.

"[N- n-何もない!]N - n - nanimonai! <N- n- nothing!>" Ina answered with a flustered expression before writing back to her notebook.
A minute later.
'S- she's back' Ina gave a huge terror expression in her face while having a thought.
The bell rang that can be hear to the whole school.
'Looks like its lunch break, If I stayed in the room, She will observe me, I don't think she have the authority to arrest me. If I ate in the bathroom, Nah, Its a weird personality to show I think. I should go to the rooftop then, Cause rooftop is a wide place, Means she couldn't follow me cause if she will, She will be find out that she's observing me. Too bad Amelia Watson, Magic is tricky after all.' She thought and smiled again before going outside.
As Ina walk outside, Amelia is following her, She just act like she didn't know and walks straight but her heart beats like a bass drum due to her nervousness. Detectives have sharp eyes, One wrong move, Your dead.
She just head to the bathroom and wash her hands.
After a while she get out and just like her plan, She goes upstairs. When she reach to the rooftop, Just like her plan, The detective stopped following.
Ina was listening to the class, And now she noticed the detective's presence just disappeared.
When the class ended and time to go home, She goes to the school backyard. She look around and still didn't feel the Detective's presence. She just cancel her magic and start drawing. She saw a girl sleeping in the bench and she couldn't see its face because of the leaves in the plant that block her face.
'The detective I'm trying to avoid is right in front of me kindly treating me!!. Did she plan all of this?, Did she wait to make my guard down?' Ina thought while holding the white handkerchief in Amelia's hand.
'Actually, I don't have a single idea how did I get here. Looks like I'm just lucky to met her, Since I felt a sleep' Amelia thought.
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