Chapter 13:

Vol. 2 ☆ Prologue: PHANTASMAGORIA

Scarlet Finale! (Demo)

Where does the world start and where does the world end?

Such were nothing but human concepts.

What is the “World”?

Is it the land where all living beings exist?

Is it the fabric of reality that extends beyond the reaches of the universe itself?

Is it the unique reality inside the heart of every individual?

The truth of the world was not limited to one simple truth.

Rather, it was a collection of individual truths that came together and gave birth to an unseen radiance.

As such, no one could ever see it; no one could ever imagine its true form.

At the very end, we accept our realities to be what is shown within the limits of our own perceptions.

At the very end, we are trapped inside our own unique world.

                                                   SCARLET FINALE! -Volume 2-

A new actor stepped into the stage; it was someone who was not meant to be part of the main cast.

A new player appeared in the game; it was like a glitch that was not meant to co-exist with the once pre-established world.

A new piece had been placed on the chess board; it was a piece that did not belong to that game.

She stood on top of a hill by outskirts of the city. From there, she was able to witness a destructive scene that reeked with the smell of death.

What had been a beautiful mansion, built to resemble a small and proud castle, had been engulfed in flames and fallen apart by the power of a merciless explosion.

The clear skies had been tainted by thick darkness as an ever-expanding cloud of smoke spread more and more, looming closer and closer over that lonely city.

At that moment, the lives of all the people who had remained inside had come to an end.

This is what everyone had been led to believe.

This is the script that the main cast had been led to follow; this is the truth that had remained in their hearts.

And yet, for the irregular one, it was the opposite.

Her long fingertips touched the surface of a cold metal that hung in front of her neck. Her silver pendant had the shape of a dark crescent-moon and yet, the lower half ended with the shape of a bright sun.

It was as if time itself had stopped for less than a second.

The scene before her was shattered apart.

There was no sound, no movement, nothing.

There was nothing that could have indicated something was about to change, and yet, the defilement that covered the skies was nowhere to be found.

The destruction that engulfed the castle was nowhere to be seen.

All that stood before the girl was a peaceful image that reflected another peaceful morning.

Just like that, she had revealed a truth of the world that no one else could have foreseen. 

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