Chapter 6:

Chapter 6

Bike Hero Volume 1

Warning: Graphic violence and tragedy ahoy! If you are sensitive to these topics, please refrain from reading any further. Bookmark here

Once upon a time, Twinkle was a cheerful little girl.Bookmark here

She wore a mango ruffled layers crop top with a violet flower printed skirt and silvery slippers.Bookmark here

Her hair was done in a ponytail with a tincture of black.Bookmark here

Before she became the changed woman she was, her childhood was as average as other ordinary girls like her.Bookmark here

She was born and raised in a working-class family, and she attended an impoverished school because her parents couldn't afford a better one.Bookmark here

Said impoverished school was intended for people of Mexican descent and those who wanted to study English and Spanish. Bookmark here

Of course, she was born into a Mexican environment, and her family primarily spoke Spanish and barely English.Bookmark here

Or, to be precise, Mexican-Californians.Bookmark here

Her family emigrated from a poor village in Mexico and into Chula Vista, a city in the Californian Republic.Bookmark here

Her family had managed to cross over the border unnoticed by the border guards between California and Mexico.Bookmark here

And since then, life there went from unfamiliarity to fitting in with an adventitious environment before Twinkle's birth.Bookmark here

Her father was a carpenter, and her mother was a housekeeper working for a wealthy household.Bookmark here

However, her mother would cook the best Mexican delicacies it had ever existed.Bookmark here

And ever since, Twinkle would fall in love with them, her favorite food being taco salad. Bookmark here

One day, Twinkle's father bought an old television as it was cheap at the time.Bookmark here

When turned on, the television screen was monochrome, unlike contemporary ones like flat-screen TVs and those from recent times.Bookmark here

In addition, her father bought a vintage radio so they could listen to the news and the like.Bookmark here

It made Twinkle thrilled to have access to these devices for her to try out.Bookmark here

She hugged her father tightly, sobbing in joy. Bookmark here

He responded positively in content.Bookmark here

Every night, Twinkle would watch telenovelas on television, reciting songs from memory which would sometimes get on her family and parents' nerves as they were trying to sleep.Bookmark here

Her dream was to become an actress in the hopes of achieving eminence in both Californian and Mexican soil and by taking part in the world of telenovelas.Bookmark here

Every weekend, Twinkle and her family would go to see a rodeo as it had always been a tradition for them.Bookmark here

Her familiarity with rodeo began when she was just a baby. Bookmark here

Every time she went to it, she would be fascinated by it, and it didn't get old from there.Bookmark here

Oftentimes, she would hold onto her mother and father's hand so she wouldn't get herself lost and be separated from her family in crowded areas.Bookmark here

When at the rodeo, Twinkle would cheer alongside her family and the sonorous spectators to the rodeo riders, lifting their spirit.Bookmark here

During that moment, her father would pick her up away from the spectators blocking her view and put her behind his back, allowing her to get a better idea of the rodeo emerging.Bookmark here

The rodeo riders were women who wore fashionable apparel of yellow, black, and purple colors accompanied by a sombrero, and they undertook breathtaking stunts without breaking a sweat.Bookmark here

Their Stygian stallions burst in energy and splendor. Bookmark here

They waved at the spectators, smiling to keep them entertained for long. Bookmark here

Twinkle hadn't had this much fun in her life.Bookmark here

And then, Twinkle's father professed something to her, prompting her to listen in.Bookmark here

He made a confidential promise to her that if he were to have enough money from working, then he would take the family to resettle to Canada to start a new life there.Bookmark here

Needless to say, the family was too busy watching the exhilarating rodeo as they were oblivious to them hearing their innermost conversation.Bookmark here

In revelation, Twinkle nodded apace, willing to take his promise into effect.Bookmark here

And from there, they made a pinky swear, grinning from ear to ear and bearing it in mind for days to come. Bookmark here

Their bond with each other was becoming deeper and refined, and her memory of this momentous event wouldn't be forgotten for years to come. Bookmark here

But an incident took a traumatic turn.Bookmark here

One rainy night, five red pickup trucks approached a degrading villa where her family lived.Bookmark here

Twinkle's parents saw them approaching and told the family not to go outside until then.Bookmark here

Twinkle was watching television before then, turning a deaf ear to it.Bookmark here

The family was terrified, worried, and confused, unsure of what would happen to them.Bookmark here

Her parents went outside to address whatever was happening, making the unsureness tenser.Bookmark here

However, the ones that were inside the pickup trucks exited.Bookmark here

A Hispanic man, tattooed all over his body with creepy designs, appeared in front of them.Bookmark here

He wore a black shirt, gray pants, and brown boots.Bookmark here

Athletically built, he had tan skin, black eyes, and his short, curly, dark hair was in a mess.Bookmark here

He also had a scar on his left eye, a scar on his right cheek, and a piercing above his right eyebrow.Bookmark here

However, the scar that he received on his left eye didn't scathe it. Bookmark here

Then, several armed men escorted him.Bookmark here

It may be, they wore masks to conceal their identities except for the man.Bookmark here

Else, they were wearing military outfits. Bookmark here

Twinkle's parents proceeded toward him, in which they had a cursory discussion. Bookmark here

But something angered the man. Bookmark here

Enraged, the man ordered his men to confine her parents, family, and Twinkle herself.Bookmark here

Her parents and family held up their arms, convincing them that they didn't own guns and weapons. Bookmark here

Twinkle, on the other hand, didn't. Bookmark here

She was uninformed of the situation that was happening outside.Bookmark here

Terrified and reluctant to be held captive, she tried to resist it but failed.Bookmark here

She and her family were shoved to the ground, unable to get themselves back up.Bookmark here

It turned out that they were tied up with a rope.Bookmark here

Muddled, she asked her parents what was going on, but they didn't reply to her, looking away in mortification.Bookmark here

The man smiled, seeing that forcing somebody against their will by being held captive was a superlative move.Bookmark here

The family panicked as they had nowhere to get away from this situation.Bookmark here

Even Twinkle felt the same way, albeit having to experience suffering under the hands of an unknown person from what she saw him as.Bookmark here

The man told them to be silent, yelling at them.Bookmark here

He threatened her parents that if they chose to repudiate his contributions, he would order his men to kill her family, including herself.Bookmark here

Or if they chose to accept his contributions, then her parents and family would be spared.Bookmark here

Twinkle didn't know what he meant by it, asking her parents about it.Bookmark here

Yet, they didn't answer her question in fear of not knowing the secret they had been hiding for that moment.Bookmark here

Despite the warning regarding a baneful punishment, her parents decided to go with the former.Bookmark here

Shocked, Twinkle imputed her parents for not telling her about it sooner hadn't they put themselves in danger.Bookmark here

Her father begged the man to spare him and the family's life as they had nothing to suffice.Bookmark here

But without contrition, he turned it down.Bookmark here

Excluding Twinkle, her parents and family broke down in tears as the armed men were carrying fuel containers, causing them to feel more panicked.Bookmark here

She still didn't know what was going to happen to them and her.Bookmark here

Strangely, before they could even do anything to them, the man told his men to spare Twinkle's life, bringing about her curiosity as to why she wasn't going to be executed.Bookmark here

Then, they poured gasoline on her parents and family, except for Twinkle, furthering the edginess of the circumstances.Bookmark here

Corresponding from before, she tried to break free to save them from getting executed but to no avail.Bookmark here

And finally, they pulled out matches to prepare to burn them alive.Bookmark here

From what Twinkle could recall, she heard her father's last words in Spanish: "Nos vemos al otro lado, mi amor... Lamento no protegerte a ti y a mi familia, pero nuestros recuerdos juntos nunca serán olvidados... Lo siento..."Bookmark here

But before she could reply to him, the armed men began setting them on fire.Bookmark here

She could scent a begrimed odor coming from the fire. Bookmark here

Blood-curdling screams could be heard within her earshot, and their skin was blackened from the fire, distressing her mentally from observing it.Bookmark here

Their screaming soon faded away, believing to be gone, and had gone to the heavens but Twinkle.Bookmark here

Their body turned to ash and skeleton-like, and it came out with a macabre appearance. Bookmark here

The man guffawed from the sight of it, having gone as planned and the glee from seeing somebody suffer.Bookmark here

Feeling wretchedness and helplessness, she cried her heart out from witnessing her family's death, not knowing the dark truth sooner, and failing to safeguard them despite her father, who attempted it as it didn't come to fruition.Bookmark here

He then commanded his men to untie Twinkle, letting her become free.Bookmark here

Nevertheless, the armed men aimed their guns at her to forestall her forethought of ever attacking him for killing her entire family.Bookmark here

As a matter of course, she didn't want to get herself killed, too, as it would be unwise to attack someone out of fury.Bookmark here

Out of the blue, he placed his hand on her left shoulder, giving her the death stare to unnerve her further.Bookmark here

And his words was as followed, presenting her a piece of advice in Spanish before he took his leave: "Si quieres tu venganza, vuelve a mí cuando te vuelvas más fuerte. Estoy seguro de que tu familia estaría orgullosa si me mataran. Ahora que están muertos, eso es. Verás, cuando se trata de traicionar a los Sureños, tienen que enfrentar sus pesadillas más profundas, y tienen que pagar el precio solo por eso. No estoy seguro de cuándo nos volveremos a encontrar, pero lo seremos. Hablar con un niño como tú lo hace extraño de todos modos. Debería despedirme entonces. Ah, y también estamos incendiado la villa."Bookmark here

He had a gentle voice howbeit he had an ominous and inhuman personality. Bookmark here

By proclaiming it, the armed men entered the villa where she and her family lived and razed it to the ground, having Twinkle see it in horror.Bookmark here

Her sublime memory there was starting to fade away as it was brought to naught by someone.Bookmark here

The man gently patted her back, giving her goosebumps.Bookmark here

He then pointed at the burnt villa. Bookmark here

He said in Spanish: "Ese será tu destino. ¿Entiendes?"Bookmark here

As the armed men exited the building, they swiftly managed to get away from it, falling to pieces.Bookmark here

Twinkle kneeled, tears pouring down from her eyes once more while staring at her then destroyed home.Bookmark here

The man tee-heed his way back to the vehicle, waving goodbye to her, and said: "Adiós, chica, y que tengas un día agradable..."Bookmark here

And then, he and his men drove off away from the catastrophe.Bookmark here

At long last, it was the end of it.Bookmark here

Everything that Twinkle loved was gone.Bookmark here

Her family, friends, ambition, comfort, joy. Bookmark here

All of it was no more.Bookmark here

Her dream to be an actress would be ruined.Bookmark here

All because of a mysterious illicit settlement that went horribly wrong. Bookmark here

Nothing couldn't be reversed, changed, and fixed.Bookmark here

Twinkle lost everything.Bookmark here

As luck would have it, she pulled out something pivotal from her pocket.Bookmark here

It was a photo of herself and her family. Bookmark here

It turned out that she had been keeping it all along.Bookmark here

They went to get their picture taken after they went to see the rodeo, and her father would let her keep it to be remembered in case something terrible happened to her and them. Bookmark here

Yet, it did. Bookmark here

She looked carefully at it, crying further as tears began coming down all over it.Bookmark here

She held it very tightly as if it couldn't be unconnected from her.Bookmark here

Her memory wouldn't be irrecoverable. Bookmark here

Her mind being scarred from experiencing the unpleasantness.Bookmark here

Amber-colored blaze filled up the atmosphere, streaming around her.Bookmark here

A sound of sirens from firefighters and police officers came into the scene to rescue Twinkle, having been called by neighbors who saw the tragedy unfolded.Bookmark here

Since that incident, she was placed into an orphanage to be taken care of, but her life there wasn't different from before.Bookmark here

She didn't make as, if not, many friends there, the nuns were loathsome, and everything else wasn't going well for her.Bookmark here

Twinkle wasn't that cheerful little girl anymore. Bookmark here

Her faith in herself plunged into darkness, reliving the horror for many years to come and through maturity caused her to become a reformed woman with a sense of cockiness and infamy but also desired to be freed from that darkness and by representing justice.Bookmark here

And they lived nightmarishly ever after...Bookmark here

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