Chapter 6:



January, 1999.


I opened my eyes to see my slightly damaged ceiling. I had Star's arm around my neck as she sleeps. It was freezing due to the heating not working properly. I swear If I was a bad person I'd break all five of his fingers instead of four. Star and I were cuddled together, nude due to another night of passion. I barely knew the woman, but I knew she's a monster in the bedroom. I sat up, looking at my taped closed window to see the light snow outside. I dislike the cold, but whatever. My birthday was tomorrow, which was the 9th. I was turning 22. Star was still asleep, wrapping her arms around my waist once I stood up. I moved to kiss her forehead, got dressed in my underwear, and got out to make myself some breakfast. I was a horrible cook, so I only trusted myself with making eggs. I cooked while the radio played R&B  in the radio. I wasn't really into hip-hop and techno as much as everyone in Osaka. I bobbed my head, listing to the soulful song. Singing along to it as I knew almost every word.

The beat was a mellow loop of a guitar and bass, followed by drums. I could feel the mood already, it was going to be regretful, passionate, and reminiscent of better times. The chorus plays. 

I remember the way, you used to love me
I remember the days, you used to love me...

I sang all the words, feeling the hurt. I could feel the memories fading. I knew the feeling, in a different sense of course. I was too busy for love as a child. 

Star came in, wearing one of my dress shirts. She was singing the words as well. Looks like this hits close to home too. 

You don't appreciate the time
I put into this love affair of ours baby
I couldn't let you walk around
Thinking it's alright to let me down...

I smile as I finish the eggs. "Nice pipes."

She rolled her eyes sarcastically. "I get paid to do this, silly. You, however, have no reason to sing that decently."

"I just like rhythm and blues. That's about it. I've been singing songs like that since I was a kid."

"Any reason you know that song word for word?"

I shrug. "I just like the singing. The message was common, I love it. And you? You had a bad relationship?"

Star looked down as I served her a plate. "You don't know the half of it..."

I stop, concerned. "Star, you've been keeping almost everything from me for a while, now. Can you at least tell me what's wrong?"

She met eyes with me, holding my cheek. "My past...Isn't important."

I hold her wrist. "It is to me. Now, who are you?"

She stayed silent. 


My phone rang. 

I gave her a look of disappointment as went over to grab my phone to pick it up. "Hello?"

"Yo." It was Gisei. "We gotta take a patrol, then meet the boss at some fancy restaurant downtown." 

I hum. "Yeah. Meet me at my place. I'll be down. Later."


I hung up and get dressed, this time wearing a light winter jacket instead of a blazer. I stopped at the door, looking at the doorknob. I knew that Star was staring at me. "You're still gonna be here once I get back?"

She says nothing for a moment. "...Kunshu..."

I opened the door. "I'll see you when I get back." I didn't really wanna talk about it anymore. I was just upset at the lack of trust. 

I stood outside as I watched the fall snow subtly. I smoked, hoping to get slightly warmer. Eventually, Gisei came by, wearing a blue designer winter coat with a vest that matched. He also came with a crisp, white shirt with a fancy-looking blue vest. We hugged and drove our way downtown to do our patrol. 

I rubbing my hands as we walked downtown, looking for any trouble. "How's it going?"

Gisei shrugged as he started to smoke as well. "Could be better."

"You still miss her?"

"She's out there, Kunshu. Elin wouldn't just...Die."

"You never really went into detail on how you guys met, and all that."

"Well, I had no time. We were too busy not trying to get our heads blown off."

I nod in agreement. "Once we head back to Golden Boy, you're telling me everything."

Gisei groans jokingly. "Even the shit I already told you?"

"Might as well. Give me a refresher."

"Whatever-"  Gisei was interrupted by a balding, tall, strong man. He was pretty wide, looked like he could punch a tree. 

"YOU GOTA'S BOYS?!" He yelled. I assumed that was his normal speaking voice. I looked at the pin on his gold and gray suit. He was a patriarch, like Gota. "I'M SHUGA MORI. PLEASURE TO MEET YA." 

Giesi shook his massive hand. I just plugged my ears. "I'm Gisei and that's Kunshu. I assume you're the Mori Family that Gota funded."

"YOU BET YA! BORN N' RAISED, FULL OSAKA BLOOD IN ME. SAY, IT'S COLD AS A COMMIE'S ASS OUT HERE! DON'T YOU BOYS WANT TO RELAX? I'LL GIVE YOU BOYS A SESSION ON THE HOUSE!" Mori points to the relaxation parlor he owned. It looked well enough, oddly, the woman wore a nurse outfit on the poster.

I raised my eyebrow. Gisei was into it. I started to speak. "Sorry, we're on pat-"

Gisei pulled me aside. "What the hell?! You don't want a hot girl taking your stress away?"

"Bro, We're working. Plus, I don't want any distractions right now."

"Your birthday is tomorrow! Live a little. What, you want me all to yourself?"

I punched his arm. "God, you're weird. Fine, we get twenty minutes." 

We were let in. Gisei and I were let into different rooms. I stripped, only leaving my chain on, and got a towel on, as per instructions on the wall. I sat at the table, waiting. 

Then came the woman. She was...Busty to say the least. My jaw dropped how a body like that could fit in such a tight, light pink nurse outfit. "I'm here, my little baby~" She spoke seductively. 

"Uh...Hey. Say, is this what I think it is?" I ask.

She puts a finger to my mouth. "Shh...Babies shouldn't talk~ Now, who wants his baba?" 

"My what?"

She went over to a shelf to grab a baby bottle and...


"Woah, Woah..." I stood up and back up, but the nurse was right on me. My back was to the false wall. I knocked it over, seeing Gisei in the same position, surrounded by Shuga and his gang, also wearing diapers. 


I look over to Gisei. "This is your fault."

He rolled his eyes. "I got the first five, you get the other five." 

I nodded as I started to attack the group, giving a front kick to the first diaper boy I see. I duck under a punch from another one then knocking him down with a right hook. A guy from behind grabbed my neck, getting me in a chokehold. The two of the gang punch me in the gut, while the third one grabbed my towel to prevent me from kicking. After five solid hits, I remove the towel to kick the two away, Flip the guy choking me and stomping his face in. The guy who held my towel tried to swing, but I kicked him in the family jewels before he swung. There were two left. I grabbed the stool that held the baby supplies and whacked one over the head with it, breaking it on impact. The other hit my chin, but I responded by grabbing his head and hammering his face in my fists. 

Once he hit the ground, and I see Gisei takedown the last guy with a sleeper hold, it was just us and Mori left. He charged at us, but I grabbed baby powder from the stool earlier and blew plenty in his eyes. "Now!" I yelled as we went for a joint uppercut, knocking the diaper boss on his ass, out cold. As we panted, Gisei looked down at my lack of towel and chucked. "No wonder Star is in love, eh?"

I made a face at him. "I'm gonna kill you."

"Do it later, we gotta get dressed to see Gota."

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