Chapter 1:

Vol.01 Ch.00.5 - A Look Into the Future

Old Memories Grow Anew

A long long time ago, there was a teenager called James, James would do anything for his friends and family, he would kill, steal, fall in love with someone he didn't care about, anything to get his friends and family fed, James was of poor blood, and so were his friends.Bookmark here

But after a long time of struggling young James fell in love with a girl around his age, she was very kind, she acted poor and not special, but everything about the girl James fell in love with would soon reveal, and he would not like what he was going to find.Bookmark here

This young girl that seemed so nice did very bad things, but yet James couldn't bring himself to hate her, it was true love, since his first glance at her.
James can't just let it go and hate her, he tried his hardest to do that but it was impossible.Bookmark here

A lot of things happend during this time, it seems like this young girl that he loved so much wasn't fully unrequited, it seems she was 'interested' in him, but there's a lot more to this than meets the eye, and the story is about to reveal a lot of dark secrets and dangerous moments.Bookmark here

Can you handle all the things about to reveal? Come back next week for a juicy story!
Author's Notice:
Everything that was just posted isn't how the story starts, it's a juicy piece to show you how the story is going to end up, a lot of things will happen in this story. Can you handle the task, do you dare read this story? END
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A.A. James

Old Memories Grow Anew

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