Chapter 12:


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Another chapter published for Sakura Tree!

Okay guys, we are moving closer to the main story of the novel. We haven't gone into it yet, I'm still setting up somethings and establishing other things, but once that's finished, then you can see what I really have planned for this novel.

I'm really excited for some future chapters of it to! And the novel cover is incoming so be ready for that! Anyways let me rant a little!
I've been thinking about the Unholy Crusader novel and the next chapter is going to be weird for it, well the next few chapters are actually. Once I get it going though and set up some things, then it will become the novel I want it to be.

This is why I enjoy writing novels so much, I can create my own little world and characters, and set up things like a board game so future things can happen. It makes me think and it adds some spice to the plot!

I want to hear your thoughts though in the comments, not too many people read my novels anyways, and that's fine because I write because I simply have a passion for it, but I want to know which novel concept so far is your favorite!

Do you like the survivor slaughter Testament of the Blood Moon where they use blood powers to fight, and protag protects heroine

Do you like the Unholy Rebellion of Hell where a fallen crusader and royal vampire form an unlikely army to combat the forces of Hell in attempt to escape and gain freedom

Or do you like the light hearted romance novel where protag has 3 really cute girls who he tries to get close with, but something always happens because of the <-----------------insert MAJOR spoiler here------------------->
and attempts to break the Endless Cycle of Withering so he can finally receive "the happy ending" with  <---MAJOR SPOILER--->

These novels have tons of things happening in the background that haven't been revealed yet. Time will tell and things will happen.
Anyways do you enjoy these concepts? Let me know your favorite one in the comments